Idea #2 Ramadhan Bazaar @ Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, Sabah : 60 Sungkai/Iftar Ideas for 2017

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Known for its extensive buffet spread in the Ramadhan Bazaar, spending some of your hard-earned money here is DEFINITELY one decision that will make you and your family/friends happy. There are countless of food and beverages being served on their buffet tables not to mention their alluring and delectable Satays!

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60 Sungkai/Iftar Ideas for 2017 :Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia

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Iftar is a fast-breaking meal, a daily ritual during the holy month of Ramadhan. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting is not only about abstaining from food. There are more requirements in the fasting process. When the time comes for Muslims to breaking fast, they will have meals, simply put, Iftar. In Sabah. Malaysia, Iftar is better known as Sungkai. There are many eateries in Sabah itself that offers amazing and great dishes, to be served in either ala carte or buffet style. For each day throughout the Ramadhan Month 2017, we will be suggesting 60 ideas on Where or ‘What to have for Iftar/Sungkai’ in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia.

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Fish Market Restaurant @ Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu : The first to offer Sauna Steamboat in North Borneo

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Thought of the day-“Food is a great way of communicating.”-Jan Karon

(Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia)

Kota Kinabalu city is abundant with Seafood Restaurants. While each is uniquely different, the newly-opened Fish Market Restaurant at Warisan Square is proud to be the first to introduce Sauna Steamboat in North Borneo, a pioneer, so to say, in giving the customers a new dining experience. Gone are the days when Steamboat fans in Kota Kinabalu need to heavily depend on their ‘Tom yum Soup’ to boil their preferred seafood items. They now have the choice to consume seafood items that is cooked in healthier method.

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Eating Putu & Lato @ Filipino Market, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Thought of the day-“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”-Miriam Beard

In the east part of Sabah, particularly in Semporna, the Bajau people, Putu and Lato are inseparable. Some of them have moved to Kota Kinabalu city bringing along their tradition which includes, Putu and Lato. Both are staple food of theirs, a must in their diet. There’s only one way to know what Putu and Lato tastes like, eat em’! If you are an adventurous person, gastronomically speaking, head to Kota Kinabalu’s Filipino Market. We went. We consumed that Putu and Lato. This is our story, in regard to that particular experience.

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The Halal/Muslim Friendly/Healthy Kota Kinabalu Food Trek 2017-2018 : Introduction


Thought of the day-“You are what you believe yourself to be.”-Paulo Coelho

It’s a long stretch, that route we saw from above, from Papar town to Tuaran Town. In the middle is Kota Kinabalu City. This particular route is about 88 KM long with so many amazing eateries here and there. There is no list whatsoever, a complete and updated one that pin point exact location of Halal and Muslim Friendly eateries located along that long stretch. It’s making Muslim Visitors having to google for information and will always end up with something outdated, a list of 10-12 eateries. That was it. The writer don’t even bother to verify by visiting and dining, giving a clearer picture. This is our initiative. Creating that list which will be updated yearly. A project that we named as Halal/Muslim Friendly/Healthy Food Trek for 2017-2018..

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Kampung Nelayan Seafood Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu : Our Dining Experience in the Puteri VIP Room

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Thought of the day-“I love food, I love eating.”-Robin Gibb

We both love seafood and we recently had this opportunity to visit Kampung Nelayan Seafood restaurant. There’s nothing else to do there, of course, other than to enjoy the delicious food served by the talented Chefs. Kampung Nelayan Seafood Restaurant is located about 8.3 KM from Kota Kinabalu City Center. There are 2 main dining areas here namely the Main/Common Dining Hall and the Puteri VIP Rooms. In the main/common Dining Hall, customers are to choose either having that ala carte servings or to indulge in their generous Buffet BBQ Steamboat. We had both and for the ala carte, we had it in our comfy Puteri VIP Room, with full privacy, away from the crowd!

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Preserving Cultural Identity through food : Florence Tan’s Chicken Pongteh of Nyonya Cuisine

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Thought of the day-“Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. And we nourish all things when we eat well.”-Micheal Pellan

Thanks to Chef Florence Tan, I’ve expanded my culinary range. It’s not that I’ve not tasted food of Malacca’s Nyonya before. I had some, years ago but cooked by someone not of Nyonya’s. The experience was lacking of good memory as food was not cooked with soul, lacking that magic touch. Chef Florence Tan cooked some of Nyonya’s delicacies. One of that many dishes was Chicken Pongteh. She mentioned about the 600 years old heritage, the starting period and origin of Nyonya’s amazing food. Something that’s old is definitely a culture, I say. Recipes being passed down from the first generation to many generations in order to preserve Nyonya’s culture.

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