Sutera Harbour New Year’s Eve Non-Stop Mega Party 2019: As seen and experienced by us

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(Featured Image: Credits to Sutera Harbour Resort)

More than 3,000 guests ushered in the New Year at Sutera Harbour New Year’s Eve Non-Stop Mega Party 2019. The annual event is said to be the hottest and biggest new year party  in Kota Kinabalu. The party featured state-of-the-art festival style sound, lighting and laser displays. Indeed it was a great party and we couldn’t agree more! We were privileged to be at this party and experience everything from start to end.


Staycation at The Pacific Sutera Hotel
A convenient way for Party-Goers

Since we started our journey in Kuala Lumpur and off to Sandakan on 1 January 2019, we decided that it’s best to spend the night at The Pacific Sutera Hotel; the venue for the New Year’s Eve Party! It was a wise decision that we highly recommend party-goers on 31 December 2019 to do the same thing, especially if you are coming from outside Kota Kinabalu. For locals, it will surely be a great staycation for you and your family members. The kids will be absolutely thrilled!

We stayed in one of Pacific Sutera Hotel’s Deluxe Sea View Room. The room comes with amazing views of the South China Sea, Manukan Island and the other islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. We did stay at this particular hotel in 2016 and readers may read our reviews of the facilities at this hotel by clicking, HERE.

The party’s venue was just down there at the Swimming Pool area and we were able to see how the hotel’s awesome team collectively working together to put things into one big piece, preparing everything for the party-goers. We were glad that we stayed at this hotel given how easy it was for us to go to the party and return to the room at 2am!


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If you are planning to come to the Sutera Harbour New Year’s Eve Non-Stop Mega Party 0n 31 December 2019 and looking for a convenient place for a staycation, The Pacific Sutera Hotel will be your best choice. Click HERE for information/reservation.

While waiting for the party to start in the evening, we chose to spend an hour lounging at The Lobby Lounge. It is located on the same level as the reception area (Level 2). The lounge itself is tastefully furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs for guests to enjoy the magnificent ocean views of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. It’s indeed a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and have some casual meetings. In the evening, it is a great place to unwind to live band music.

Sutera Harbour Resort is really a big resort, 384-acre in size to be exact. It has beautifully landscaped swimming pools, a 12-lane bowling alley, a mini cinema, snooker rooms, covered and open tennis courts, badminton and squash courts, safe and modern playgrounds, fitness centres, karaoke lounges, luxury spas, watersport facilities and secure Kiddies Clubs for children’s activities. Should you be staying here for the New Year Party on 31 December 2019, countless activities and facilities are available for you and your family members to choose from; great way to spend the day before going to the Party! For more information, click HERE


New Year’s Eve Non-Stop Mega Party 2019

It’s truly a great party. Those who are looking for a great way to celebrate the coming of 2020 on 31 December 2019, we highly recommend that you start planning and bring along your family members as well as friends. Again, we highly recommend that you stay at this hotel; enjoying the facilities in the resort and most importantly, eliminating the need to drive home.


The venue, dining area and stage

The hotel’s organizing team strategically placed all important stations for party-goers and we do think that on 31 December 2019, they will sure to do the same thing but with more interesting programs. The ticket counter was located on the lobby level, not far from the stairs going down to Level 1 where the entrance to the party was located and where security screening was carried out.

The first thing guests were able to see was this Party-Pack station where each guest was given a bag full of party items as well a raincoat. It was thoughtful idea as it did rain a bit but that did not stop party-goers from enjoying themselves right up to 1am!

Party-goers were ‘greeted’ by this awesomely and specially erected arch meant for the party, complete with LED lights. Guests were taken completely for surprises as when they entered through the arch, dancers greeted them followed by spectacular fire-eating performance. The fire-eating boys were everywhere up to a point that they did the performance in the swimming pool!

The Fire-Eating Boys in action

Spectacular Eating-Fire performance in the swimming pool! (Credits: Sutera Harbour Resort)

Some guests were seen in their best dresses as we met two with Kimono!

Guests spotted with their party packs!

There were many tables prepared for guests and it’s free-seating. Most guests opted to be seated for dining purpose and after that they headed to the main stage where performances were held.

The main stage was perfectly erected with perfect lighting. A wide open area was also prepared for party-goers to stand and enjoy the performances by various artistes. Sean Lee was the emcee up till midnight. It was here that the emcee and party-goers did the 2019 New Year’s Eve Countdown!

Free flow of food and beverages were served during the entire duration of the party. There were 3 food stations and many beverage stations in the party area. Food served were of delectable starters, main course and desserts in buffet style. Alcoholic and non-alcohol drinks were served continuously. Selected premium alcoholic beverages were on the menu for party-goers to buy.


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Guests were free to move around at any food/beverages stations; eating and drinking the whole night long. We do think that RM288 entrance fee was way reasonable as party-goers gets to enjoy free flow of food, beverages, performances and spectacular fireworks show.

Friendly staff were all around the venue, helping party-goers in getting tables, directions as well as serving continuous beverages of all kinds!


Main Performances (At the stage)

DJ Sabrina

First up was DJ Darling Sabrina from Kuala Lumpur, the finalist of the Astro SpinMaster – a reality television DJ competition who spinned top 40 hits, EDM, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll music.

Reverie Band

Reverie Band presented various numbers of great songs that made party-goers danced all the night!

Singapore Wonder Girls

Absolutely crowd’s favourite. Everyone were pleased with their performance, singing along while dancing to the beat. Taking turns to entertain the crowd was also Headhunter troupe with their Disco Fever stage.


Countdown 2019 and fireworks

It was time to say goodbye to 2018 and at 11:59:50 pm the emcee, Sean Lee together with party-goers did the 10-seconds countdown to welcome the year of 2019! Exactly at 12am, 1 January 2019, the spectacular fireworks show started.


Stage Performance after midnight

It was nice to see Mr.Gerard Tan, Sutera Harbour’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer performing together with the invited artistes! There was also fantastic dance performances by sizzling 10-piece hot and sexy dancers. The party continued way up until 1 am and party-goers were seen happy with their experience.



We had wonderful conversation with some party-goers and overall they were pleased with their experience at Sutera Harbour New Year’s Eve Non-Stop Mega Party 2019.

“Though it rained a bit, we enjoyed ourselves the party. We had fun, the food was good, happy with the free-flow of  beverages (love it!), crowd was great, great environment and for next event on 31 December 2019 we look forward to more great performances.”-Jain and partner

I was here last year and every time there will be new interesting programs. The food was nice thought it was almost the same as last year, I still enjoyed eating those great foods! Entertainment was nice as well. I am satisfied with the experience. Surprise me more on 31 December 2019, please!” -Octavian

“The party was awesome. A lot of dancers, singers and there was free caps, last 2 years was T-Shirts! This is my 4th time here. Maybe in next event, more interesting stuff being thrown away from stage as goodies (apart from caps or T-shirts) for the crowd. The food was alright but I hope to see more great foods in the next event.”-Colvin Teoh

” The party was fun. We’re pleased with the experience though it rained for a while but we still enjoyed every minute of the party.-Mr.Ho and Family

“It’s my 2nd year here. It’s truly a happening party. I love the pasta and my friend had 5 rounds of pasta! I am pretty sure to be here again on 31 December 2019!-Boy

“The party was very nice, happening, I enjoyed myself so much. Please get more artistes for the next event on 31 December 2019. Free-flow food was indeed nice!-Ruby


Bottom Line

Personally speaking, we were amazed with the experience at this party. We love everything about this particular party from the food to drinks, performances and especially the fireworks show. It was pretty convenient to stay at this hotel as we had seamless movement before, during and after the party; something that we would recommend for party-goers on 31 December 2019. Same as others, we hope to see more artistes in the next event. We are to welcome the year of 2020 on that evening and perhaps the hotel’s management can think of something unique for the crowd.


Till then..

We slept like babies in our comfy Deluxe Sea View Room and woke-up at 9am! We had buffet breakfast at Cafe Boleh before returning to our room, took a nap before checking-out from the hotel. Overall it was a pleasant experience, killing two-birds with one stone; staycation and New Year Eve’s Party! We look forward to be here again on 31 December 2019.

Amazing crowd at Sutera Harbour New Year’s Eve Non-Stop Mega Party 2019!


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