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Graduated from a local University in Shah Alam, Selangor, @joehairie works full time as an IT expert in one of the main Telecommunication Service Provider in Malaysia. He is an avid traveler and joined curiostraveller.com as the Chief Editor and writer. He is in charge in looking after our contacts beyond Malaysia. He led the team in our first international project in Surabaya, Indonesia (October 2016).



Lan Ining is a person who love to indulge in culture, food and travel activities and later relay his experience in a form of an in depth writing, in curiostraveller.com blog. This blog is mainly about Food, Culture, Places & Events in Malaysia & beyond. At times, we do travel beyond Malaysia thus posts about such experiences will be posted in this blog as well.  Graduated from a local university in Malaysia, Lan speak and write in 3 international languages-English, Thai and Malay. Been to most part of the world but we prefer to stick to our Country as our main topic/coverage for this blog. Follow our journey throughout Malaysia & Beyond, discover and see what the world has to offer, the cultural diversity and more.


@Lan is the Borneo Ambassador for @kulafoods. Kula Foods aims to be one of the world’s most innovative, fastest growing, multimedia, tech start up company in the health and wellness industry based in Sydney, Australia. Kula Foods passion is focused on sharing great conversations around food and wellness through our videos and online multimedia content, which helps people live and eat healthier everyday. To know more about Kula Foods, please visit (click the link):



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