Savoring The Best of Latest Recipe @ Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu: New À la carte Menu

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Latest Recipe, Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu new menu booklet

We recently had lunch at Latest Recipe, Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu and honestly, the dining experience was indeed much better than what we have expected or previously experienced. We thought that we’re going to see the same À la carte menu as in the previous visit. We were wrong. The friendly waiter proudly presented an impressive new menu, with thick cover and most importantly; wider choice!


Latest Recipe, Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu is of course well known for its great buffets; but now, they are indeed proud to have wider choice in their new à la carte menu.

While there are more Western Selections being added into the menu, we paid attention to dishes that are infused with local elements or at least influenced by Nusantara characteristics. We’re so into foods that are full of local flavors; foods that are much associated to our root. In this particular visit, we ordered an appetizer, two mains and one dessert.


Appetizer: “Latok” Seafood Salad


With poached seafood, shaved fennel, orange sacs, quinoa, pomegranate and green salad leaf, this appetizer is priced at RM45. The elements; well-presented in layers and it’s actually inspired from Sabah’s Bajau Ethnic traditional food. While the elements and presentation are a bit off-course from the original dish, it has the required acidity.


Though some might think it’s a bit strange to elevate the dish, giving a total revamp to its look, we on the other hand think it is necessary; as to create classier dish for international diners. The right way to consume this dish is to mix every elements in order to properly spread the flavors. It’s not to be consumed layer by layer or you will end up having a bland dish. Sourness is the main flavor of this particular appetizer.


Main Course 1: Nasi Goreng Ibunda


Priced at RM40, the elements of this dish are fried rice with water spinach, prawns, anchovies, fried egg, crispy chicken drumstick, fish crackers and acar mentah. This dish is obviously of Nusantara characteristics and in the menu, it’s dubbed as “Mom’s” spicy fried rice, maybe to describe the origin or source of inspiration; the chef’s mom! The fried prawn, coated in sauce was our favorite followed by the crispy (but tender inside) chicken! Both complemented the spicy fried rice.


Main Course 2: Oxtail Assam Pedas


One of the best Assam Pedas dish we had! They boldly and bravely use eggplant to complement the dish but it’s a clever decision, we say.  It gave that added texture to the whole dish. The oxtail’s meat; tender and most importantly, flavorful. This dish is about Malay style braised oxtail in sweet sour spicy sauce and served with steamed rice. Priced at RM40, this option is definitely worth trying especially for those who love Assam Pedas dish. It’s a bit spicy but absolutely delicious!


Dessert: Rice Tapai


It’s a dessert with Nusantara influence as the main element is fermented rice found throughout much of Southeast Asia. As there is a need to cater for international diners, this dish is elevated in terms of presentation and taste. Priced at RM22 per serving, this homemade preserved rice is served with vanilla ice cream and fruit, on top of ice in circular shape. It’s sour and sweet at the same time but it’s indeed a delicious dessert.


Bottom Line

The dishes that we had are just few of the many options available in Latest Recipe’s new all-day dining à la carte menu. It certainly offers extensive options for everyone. The management team at Latest Recipe, Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu is certainly aware of  international diners increasing demands hence the introduction of the new menu. We’re pleased to know that from now on, we have more menu options when dining at this restaurant.

All the dishes that we had were equally above satisfactory level and most importantly, delicious. We however, must say that the Oxtail Assam Pedas was our most favorite, thanks to its taste, texture, presentation and affordable price. We’re a bit surprise to learn that though this is a 5-star hotel, the average price of food at Latest Recipe is way affordable.

Service, as usual, way superb. Staff were amazingly attentive, friendly and polite thus making the dining experience into something absolutely memorable. It somehow gave us a long-lasting good impression about this restaurant and we look forward to dine here again. The exceptional service also complemented the already delicious, high-quality food that we had for lunch at Latest Recipe, Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu.


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