Witness the circle of life as turtles return to the beach at Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu

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For Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu
The resort’s conservation efforts are supported by guest activities like hatchling release, egg planting and turtle watching


Getting ready to release turtle hatchling

The sight of a mother turtle – ambling up the beach to ensure that her next generation are safely deposited in warm sand – is one to cherish. As the turtle watching season on Peninsular Malaysia’s East Coast reaches its peak in September, Resorts World Kijal in Terengganu remains one of the best places in Malaysia to spot and appreciate these majestic creatures on their annual return to the shore.


The 7.6km beach at Resorts World Kijal

Turtles usually arrive on Terengganu beaches from April to September, mainly consisting of the common Green Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) and the occasional rare Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys Imbricate). Returning by instinct to the very area that they were hatched, the 7.6km beach at Resorts World Kijal is one of these hallowed places.


Encik Roslan demonstrating the correct way to plant turtle eggs

For about three months, the eggs will lay incubating in the sand, only for the hatchlings to emerge during a full moon and speed their way to the ocean. In the years to come, many will return to the very same beach, completing the cycle of life. And Resorts World Kijal will be there waiting to welcome them back.


Egg Planting

Being a high-trafficked area, Resorts World Kijal has a conservation programme in place to ensure the safety of both the turtles and their eggs. Regular cleanings are done to ensure the beach is safe for both turtle landings and guest activities, and the resort is also working with the Terengganu Department of Fisheries to seek official protection for its beach and to certify its guest turtle conservation programme.


Turtle hatchling ready to be released

For the ecologically inclined and curious, guests can participate in turtle hatchlings release or egg planting sessions (RM49 per person), as well as night-time turtle watching (RM70 per person) held at the resort or at the Turtle Sanctuary Ma Daerah Kerteh or Pantai Teluk Mak Nik Kuala Kemaman, transportation included. The latter two are popular turtle watching sites, supported by Resorts World Kijal via the Department of Fisheries’ annual beach cleanup.


On the way to freedom…!

Guests eager to participate in conservation efforts and get a glimpse of these majestic marine creatures can opt for the resort’s 3D2N Sea Turtle package (RM682 per room per night for 2 pax, valid for stays between 1-30 September 2018), where they can frolic in the sea by day and keep watch for turtles at night.

But the sand is far from the only focus at Resorts World Kijal. There is plenty to keep adults and kids busy at the resort – from water polo in the swimming pools to an archery range and tennis courts. Guests at the resort can also hop on a bicycle to explore the idyllic surroundings, or venture further out on one of the resort’s exploration tours to the local fishing village and night market in search of some local flavour, firefly watching in nearby mangroves and the tantalising taste of a (seasonal) durian trip.

For those who want to relax by swinging clubs, the Palma and Rimba Nines – an 18-hole championship golf course – is right next to the resort, providing a unique challenge with its sand-based course. Come for the turtles, stay for the long list of exciting things to do.


Room rates at Resorts World Kijal start from RM410 per night. The resort also offers a number of stay packages, including the 3D2N Sea Turtle Package (RM682 per night in a Premier Seaview room, including a buffet breakfast for two at Restoran Kampong and a choice of turtle hatchling release or egg planting) and the 2D1N Golf Package (RM426 per night in a Premier Seaview room, including a buffet breakfast for two at Restoran Kampong and golfing session for 2 pax, including insurance).

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