Malaysia Delicious 100 : Satay at Lobby Lounge, Hotel Jen Penang

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100 Great Dishes in Malaysia

The Satay at Lobby Lounge, Hotel Jen Penang is listed by at #97 in Malaysia Delicious 100 2017-2018


There is no shortage of Satay in Malaysia. It is widely available across the country but not all are of high quality. We had Satay, delicious skewered candied meat (Beef of Chicken) in almost all places we’ve visited. One of the great places that we had satay was at Lobby Lounge, Hotel Jen Penang. If you are in Penang and wish to have delicious satay in a relatively comfortable eatery, without the queue, noise and heat, this is the best place to go.


The satay here are served in a set of 6 Sticks; beef, chicken or both. It is beautifully presented in a basket and with condiments; peanut sauce, nasi himpit (compressed rice or rice cubes), cucumber cubes and crackers. The peanut sauce is the main star as it elevate the taste of Satay. When it comes to quality, we have no doubt in saying that the Satay here are much better than what being served to premium passengers of one famous airline.


It’s one of the best peanut sauce (kuah kacang or sambal satay) that we have ever had. It unleashed appetite and at the time of writing, we are still craving for it. It’s not that spicy and had perfect texture. Most importantly, it’s delicious! We were served generous amount of peanut sauce, more than what we need. It’s perfect as well for the cucumber, nasi himpit and crackers.


The meat; juicy and tender. It’s marinated much earlier and grilled to perfection. The charred meat gives diners that distinct texture and taste, a little bitter but that’s what satay is all about. Grilling it to perfection produce that needed ‘smokey flavor’. The satay at Lobby Lounge , Hotel Jen Penang has all that supposed characteristics and for that we highly recommend it to those looking for delicious satay in Penang.


Lobby Lounge @ Hotel Jen Penang
Magazine Road, George Town
Penang, Malaysia 10300
Phone: (6) 04 262 2622
Email: Click HERE
Website: Click HERE
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