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Being writers, we both spend most of our time; online. We have to prepare reports and so many things are done at the office’s desk, at times at home; on the living room’s desk! Hunching is a norm which pretty much causes neck and back pain. Well, no longer; as our ErgoSilver Laptop Stand by Primero Singapore that we ordered online (SGD 49.90), was efficiently delivered to our office in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Gone are the days that we had to hunch just to be closer to the laptop.


@Lan’s indeed happy with this ErgoSilver laptop stand. He’s comfortable enough with his shoulder’s position and he no longer feel tired as there’s no hunching needed. Since he started his career as a full time writer, he always complains about his neck, shoulder and back pain. Having to spend time of more than 10 hours per day sitting on the chair and constantly drafting and completing reports, his back started to develop sudden pain.


With the ErgoSilver Laptop Stand, he’s comfortably seated and those back pain gradually disappear. According to him, the stand really clear up some space on his desk. His table has now become pretty neat. We asked one of our colleagues, Jue, to demonstrate the two distinct positions; with and without the ErgoSilver Laptop Stand (as shown below).

Without ErgoSilver Laptop stand (Left) & with the stand (Right)

It’s obvious that with the laptop stand, there’s no need to hunch. One can sit down comfortably with the back being supported by the chair. Such position allows one to be more organized and productive. We tried the same thing at home as well. Most of us love to casually work in the living room as there are times that we need to watch some TV programs while working.


In the living room, most of us just love to casually sit on the floor and do two things at the same time; working online (or browsing) while watching TV! This particular stand raise the notebook height to eye level by 15 cm. It’s the same thing if working on a proper office desk. Such height eliminates the need to hunch thus making back pain a history!

According to Primero Singapore website (Link):

“Ergosilver is an elegant aluminium laptop stand. It’s made of premium aluminium alloy, silver anodized and sandblasted so it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a beautiful accessory to place your computer on. It fits all sizes of Macbook and most 14″ standard PC and 15″ widescreen PC with keyboard depths of less than 27 cm.”

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(Images by Primero Singapore)

Here are some specifications and features of this ErgoSilver Laptop Stand:

  • Dimension L x W x H : 26 x 24 x 15 cm
  • Material: Silver anodized Aluminium
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Raises notebook height to eye level by 15 cm so you will not need to hunch and feel back strain
  • Rubberized silica gel pads on the top surface and bottom surface to increase friction and to prevent scratches on laptops
  • Its aluminium panel acts as an effective heat panel to cool down your laptop ten times faster than plastic or wood
  • Cable organizer behind routes wires neatly
  • Keyboard stash clears up desk area when not in use
  • A 20 degree tilt that brings screen closer and improves airflow around laptop ( prevent overheating)
  • Single piece aluminum design provides solid stability 

When we received the laptop stand, we immediately tried it at three places; 2 office working desks and at home. In all three places, we felt extremely comfortable using the laptop stand. True to what the website specified, all specifications and features are exactly same as described. There’s no single flaw that we can think of. It’s one simple design but it brings unexpected benefits.


There’s no serious installation or whatsoever set-up needed to use this ErgoSilver Laptop stand. All that one need to do is to place the laptop or notebook on the surface and start working! When not in use, simply store the stand and laptop in a different place and that should clear up the desk!


Since duplication is inevitable globally and in case you intend to get this particular laptop stand, do know that:

There have been some duplicates made by other retailers after the success of the Ergosilver. However, Primero have found that none of them even come close to the quality of their stand. Primero suggest asking for a close-up photo of the stand. If the stand is made by Primero, the surface will appear extremely even, as it is silver-anodized. Silver anodization is a process where the silver is electrically spread over the surface of the stand, giving it a consistency of 99.9% across the entire surface. This is similar to the process that the Macintosh goes through.

Apart from this beautiful ErgoSilver Laptop Stand, Primero Singapore do have other products that you can actually order online, eliminating the need to visit various furniture shops. Visit their website (Link) and have a look at their amazing design of furniture. Primero Singapore is now looking forward to expand their delivery service to Malaysia.

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(Images by Primero Singapore)


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About Primero Singapore

Primero was founded on the vision that everyone deserves to have beautiful, high-quality furniture at affordable prices. Primero custom-made furniture is designed to be bold and inspiring. Keeping their prices affordable is something they are proud of and take very seriously. Big furniture retailers work on the traditional model of bulk-producing furniture. The result is a piece that’s common, and sometimes bland and boring. By utilizing the latest technology and a unique design philosophy, Primero involve themselves in every step of the production process. Their dream is to be able to bring you one-of-a-kind furniture that you won’t find elsewhere.

Primero Singapore believes that purchasing furniture online should be a worry-free, enjoyable activity. Forget about fighting the crowds, travelling from one furniture showroom to another. Primero Singapore try to make shopping for furniture online an enjoyable experience for everyone! The team at Primero knows that with every piece of furniture that is purchased from them, there is a lot of trust and responsibility behind it. Their sofas, TV consoles and office chairs will be sitting in your home for a long long time. That is why their philosophy is first and foremost to ensure that every one of their customers are satisfied when they receive their products. Just as importantly, they want to make sure that every piece of furniture you purchase from them online lasts for a long time.


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