At Adya Hotel Langkawi, they bake Croissants for front of you!

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Croissants for breakfast? That’s common for guests in any hotels worldwide. There are times when you get to see only few people will be visiting the pastry section, as not only croissants, other type of breads were chewy, or maybe not that fresh. Well, not at Jelapang Restaurant at Adya Hotel Langkawi. They bake croissants in front of guests, batch by batch. Once a batch is ready, people will be lining up for that freshly baked and piping hot croissants!


Let me warn you that it will not only be you who will be planning in advance to have that freshly baked croissant at Jelapang. All guests staying at Adya Hotel Langkawi will know how good the croissants are at Jelapang. Even non hotel guests will come here for breakfast. Breakfast session at Jelapang is something that people wouldn’t want to miss. Thinking of coming soon as the door open? There will be some people lining up already. I saw that.


Freshly baked croissants is the main reason why people try their very best to come early for breakfast. The Chef will bake croissants until breakfast session is almost over but when there’s bunch of ‘loyal fans’ of his product lining-up, three trays of croissants will be emptied the moment you blink. Some people will have 3 to 4 croissants on their plate as there’s no rule in regard to the quantity allowed for each person.


Well, don’t give up. Just keep waiting and be sure to line up when you notice that the baking time is almost over. When you see the Chef or his assistants starts to bake, make note of the timing. It will take about 16-17 minutes for them to properly bake that awesome croissants. Wander around picking-up whatever you like from Jelapang’s breakfast buffet spread but keep your eyes close to the oven.


Coming to 8 minutes, you will get to smell something nice, coming out of the oven and it will be this moment that you will be in dilemma, thinking of how you would consume that croissants later. Having it with scrambled eggs or jam and butter or simply plain with your hot coffee? That will be up to you but as I said, make sure you are not far from the oven.


See that empty basket? You will get to see that most of the time and the Chef with his assistants will work harder to bake more croissants. Whenever the Chef starts to refill the basket, make sure you are at least the top 5 in the line! Wait a minute… don’t they have anything else here at Jelapang apart from Croissant and Croissant and Croissant? They do actually. All right, let me skip the queue for a while just to show all of you, Jelapang’s entire breakfast buffet spread.

Psstt.. Chef keep some croissant for me, will you?

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Located at the outdoor dining area is the Roti Canai Station. Skillful and beautiful Chef will be there to showcase her talent in preparing crispy and delicious Roti Canai for you. It took me about 10 minutes lining-up to get to the front, enabling me to take some photos of this station. I have to say that this is the 2nd famous buffet station at Jelapang. Curry gravy is available but if that is not enough for you, do visit the main buffet station where you get to mix-match Roti Canai with Rendang and so on.

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Next to the Roti Canai Station is the Egg Station where similar length of hungry diners will be lining up for their preferred omelette, scrambled, sunny side-up or just anything as long as it is about eggs. The Chef will ask that standard question..”How do you want your eggs?”..the answers are infinity..hard scrambled, soft scrambled, Over easy, Over Medium, Over Hard, Basted, the list goes on and on but the Chef will patiently fulfill all requests. “Can I have extra extra extra Cheese in my omelette please?” I asked. The Chef smiled and gave like 5 spoons of cheese into the half-cooked omelette.

IMG_9131’s your sunny side up with bits of over easy with the yolk…??

@Lan is one radical person during breakfast. He will ask for eggs according to his exact preference, as he would enjoy at home. While I was lining up, he texted me..”Please tell the Chef to cook sunny side up but with bits of over easy with the yolk please?” I didn’t understand a word so I showed the text to the Chef. Smiling, the Chef said..”You mean flipping it but make a film on the top of the yolk as your friend need the yolk and some white to be runny?” Oh dear, what’s with these Egg masters already? Did I miss any ‘eggs course’ in college?


At the center of indoor dining area is the main buffet station where main courses such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Beriyani, Fried Noodles, Proteins, Greens, Beans are generously served. It’s buffet so it’s eat all you can…as in Langkawi, Tourists as in Hotel’s guests will eat a lot during breakfast, getting that momentum a.k.a energy, preparing for long tour the whole day.


Oh well, let’s have scoops of that delicious Nasi Lemak..I am pretty sure there will be plenty of croissants waiting for me later. Maybe, a bowl of yummmm porridge after this with anchovies, egg and other condiments on top of it? Why not. I am hungry anyway.

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@Lan, who religiously looking after the table with our belongings on the other 2 chairs, texted me again..”Please, I need that Chicken Rendang mix with wedges and tomatoes”…seriously? You’re weirdo, mate!

Not that very far from the main buffet station are the healthy corner and dessert stations. There are pickles, salad, fresh greens, fruits, yogurt and many more things can be found here. These 2 stations are just next to the bread station where the croissants are served. I am almost there now and will be getting my freshly baked croissants! But wait…


The oven’s empty. 4 people lining up for the croissants, well not that proper line up anyway and the basket..empty!!! Each of them went to their respective table, smiling sarcastically, looks satisfied as if they have just won a battle, with at least 3 croissants on their plate! Where did I go wrong? Oh dear, another 16 minutes I guess, waiting for a new batch!


Lucky for me, just when I was about to give up, the Chef’s assistant came with 2 trays of Croissants, to be baked for 16 minutes and 30 seconds. Fair enough. I will come when it’s 8 minutes left on the timer. Gotta get some coffee first. Just when I reached our table, @Lan asked me, “Dude, did you get some croissants? I need 3 please.”

At Adya’s Jelapang Restaurant, they do bake their own croissants for breakfast, in front of lining-up ‘fans’ and my only but important advice is, wait for your croissants, patiently and diligently as getting a plate full of freshly baked croissants is like winning a big war, that 16 minutes wait is worth for that buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry, and it’s piping hot that your butter will melt soon as you smear on and inside the croissant. 


Jelapang Restaurant
Adya Hotel Langkawi
No 1 PT, 4001, Persiaran Mutiara 2 Mukim,
Langkawi, Kedah, 07000, Malaysia
Phone: (60) (4) 960 8000
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The Halal Certified Jelapang Restaurant is the only 24-hour restaurant opens in town with  24-hour in-room dining service. This restaurant is an open concept dining area that serves local and international cuisines. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are available at this restaurant.


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