Steamboat Grill Dinner @ Jelapang Restaurant, Adya Hotel Langkawi

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It was our first dinner in Langkawi, specifically at Jelapang Restaurant in Adya Hotel Langkawi. We opted to have that Malaysia’s version of fondue, well-known Malaysian Chinese way of dining, using hot pot. Diners are expected to cook their own food, done at the table. Chosen vegetables and meat are dipped into preferred stock to cook, followed by dipping into selected sauce(s). Some prefer to pour the broth into soup bowls and consuming it like soup.


Steamboat Grill at Jelapang Restaurant is available daily from 12 PM to 11 PM. It is a set serving of selected ingredients with choice of Chicken or Tom yum Soup. The set is priced at RM35 per adult and RM20 per child with minimum booking of 2 pax. It is said to be the best Steamboat Grill in Kuah Town and for that we did not hesitate to give it a try. Our table was prepared in advance and we came in to Jelapang exactly at 8 PM.


We opted for Tom yum soup, our favorite. One thing that we’re amazed at was the determination of staff at Jelapang. They insisted to help us to go through the cooking process. We were shown the proper way to have steamboat grill and only when we said that we’re all right to handle things on our own, the staff excused himself but insisted that we summon him whenever we need something. Now, that’s what top-notch service is all about.


The soup was purposely left until perfectly boiled. Meantime, we did have a close look at all the sauces and ingredients. Steamboat Grill is common in Sabah, the place we both are living, but rarely we see butter being used to grease the grill’s surface. Other condiments are the common ones, such as cooking oil, soy sauce and Thai chili sauce.


Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, capsicum and many more were neatly arranged on a plate. There were 2 chicken eggs that are meant to be boiled or as we preferred, at a later stage. Yellow and rice vermicelli noodles were served as well.


There were also proteins; chicken and beef as well as fresh seafood (Prawns and Crab) followed by selection of processed seafood items such as fishcake. The entire set served to us was for 2 pax. Should you come in a larger group, the quantity served will be based on the actual number of pax.

There are two sides that are served in the steamboat set, fried rice (served during cooking process) and cut fresh fruits (served at the end of the meal). We did not order any beverage but we were served complimentary free flow of Chinese Tea. A staff then came to our table and ask for our permission to start showing us the proper way to cook the ingredients. We’re indeed amazed by the way he demonstrate the cooking process.

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He showed to us the right way to grill and boil every single ingredients until he’s confident that we’re able to handle the cooking by ourselves. He mentioned to us that he can actually do everything and the only thing that we need to do is to eat. Since we sincerely do not want to ‘work’ for us, we told him that we’re in good shape to continue the process on our own.


We patiently did things on our own after the staff left our table and were eager to consume the whole lot of grilled and boiled ingredients!  The Tom yum soup was delicious, neither salty nor bland. Staff kept coming to refill the soup whenever they noticed that we drained out all the liquid in the pot!


We actually finished the whole thing that were served to us. We cooked every single ingredients to perfection and what a feast it was! To make things more interesting, having a ‘fiery’ feast, we asked for bird eye chilies and the staff was happy enough to get it from the kitchen.

Our Thoughts

Though this is one common style of eating in Malaysia, people will never get bored of it. It is a communal dining, a way to have feast of delicious grilled and boiled foods with friends and family. In our case, there were only two of us. Yes, we did not talk a lot during this particular dinner but we had an awesome dinner!

Staff at Jelapang are indeed well-trained to entertain even the most discerning guests. They have the sharpest eyes and will do things accordingly without any delay. Used tables were immediately cleaned, prepared for the next guest. In our case, staff appeared immediately, literally, to help us with things.

The restaurant is spacious with two dining sections, indoor and outdoor. There were some guests opted to have their Steamboat Grill at the outdoor dining area. Entire restaurant was immaculate during our visit. Obviously, cleanliness is the staff priority.

Ingredients served to us were fresh and the Tom yum soup was spectacular. The fried rice was delicious as well. Overall, we enjoyed the experience, dining at Jelapang, having a feast of grilled and boiled food. Simply put, a common way of dining out but indeed a stellar experience!


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About Adya Hotel Langkawi 


Inspired by Moroccan architecture, Adya Hotel Langkawi is proud with its unique characteristics and features of elegance glass exteriors with the touch of contemporary Malaysia culture. Opened its door in 2015 and on the same year, the Hotel was awarded The Best 4 Star Accommodation in Langkawi during LITA (Langkawi International Tourism Awards).

Parallel to its slogan of ‘Islamic, Friendly and Hospitality’, the hotel recently won The Best 4 Star Hotel in Asia Halal Brand Award. As the hotel is located at Kuah Town, it gives easy access for guests to reach their desired places. Langkawi Parade Mall, banks and restaurants are in within walking distance from the hotel while Langkawi’s Ferry Terminal and Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is just 5 minutes’ drive.

The Halal Certified Jelapang Restaurant is the only 24-hour restaurant opens in town with  24-hour in-room dining service. This restaurant is an open concept dining area that serves local and international cuisines. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are available at this restaurant.