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Happy birthday Mia! Me and Joe would like to say “Selamat Ulang Tahun Kelahiran dan Semoga Sentiasa Dimurahkan Rezeki.” Happy 10th Anniversary for your amazing blog as well! We hope to see you producing more and more great blog entries in years to come!

We both started to know about your blog exactly on June 17, 2017. Found you via Instagram and that day you posted about a group of Sabahan Bloggers attended an Iftar function at Bies Kitchen. Since we are always into the idea of expanding our network, we immediately say Hi!

That was when we started to read your blog, initially as passive readers. Gradually, we do think that your contents are amazing. Though we don’t really put our comments under blog entries (occasionally, yes), be assured that we are one of your fans.

We believe that God must have plan things accordingly as we were destined to meet you during one event at Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu. My first sentence was “Hi, are you Mia?”. And you smiled, indicating that you are Mia. It was there that we get to meet Liza as well, another great blogger.

You added us in the WhatsApp group, a group that currently joined by 46 Sabahan Bloggers. It was from that moment that we have become friends with the other members. We met you in another function and the latest one was at Grandis Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Amazing meet-up we say, as we met some members of Sabahan Bloggers as well!

All this while, we mostly read blogs of non-Malaysian bloggers. You inspired us to actually start reading (in full!) and become fans of bloggers from Malaysia, specifically Sabah. We admit that we did give little attention to the local bloggers. Your blog was an eye-opener for us, that made us realize the importance of reading contents and thoughts of local bloggers. is a blog that not only portrays her own thoughts and experiences. She shares some great tips, recipes and product reviews as well! Her readers are 65.4% from Malaysia with the remaining percentage of International readers. She writes in her blog for 10 years already and that’s impressive for us as is much junior to her!

Personally, we enjoyed her posting of ‘Resepi Pais Jagung‘ (Link), a local delicacy, perfect for breakfast or tea time. I love Pais Jagung so much and honestly Mia, we tried your recipe. Joe did the cooking and I did the eating, it was so yum Mia! Thank you so much for the sharing.

We believe in your capabilities as a blogger and that is why we have always recommend your name to some organizations. We believe in your blog’s ability to deliver the contents to the right market. It is our hope that one day we will be able to officially collaborate in some projects, with other Sabahan bloggers as well!

Mia, keep up the good work, produce more great contents and one day you will be one of the Top Bloggers. You have been writing for 10 years now, so don’t ever give up, you are almost there Mia! It’s great to know that you have already upgraded to dot com, a sign that you are about to become a professional blogger! Amazing!

To our International Readers, Mia Kassim is one of the members in Sabahan Bloggers. She is celebrating her blog’s 10th year anniversary and her birthday as well! She is kind enough to organize her own Giveaway, generously rewarding winners with cash prizes! Amazing!

Our main intention in joining her giveaway is not about winning actually, we just need to properly wish her Happy 10th Anniversary and Happy Birthday! If it is our fate that we are to win that awesome RM100 cash, well, me (Lan) will be having my Birthday on 18 November! Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate Belated Birthday by eating Satay? Yum! Fingers crossed.

Mia, again we wish you Happy 10th Anniversary and Happy Birthday. Keep inspiring by producing great contents and now you know that you have another loyal followers (me and Joe). Keep in touch, and hope to meet you in another functions or meet-ups, tag along our friends from Sabahan Bloggers.

Happy 10th Anniversary and Happy Birthday!


Mia (in Brown Hijab)

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Lan and Joe
5 November 2017.



  1. Wah you both putting nice words on this post. Mia must be kembang kempis once she’ve read this post. Good luck! And I want to let you know that I’ve changed my blog name due to editing mistakes.

    1. Lan

      Hehe Thank you Kay. Ok noted about your blog. Ada saya melawat tadi. Hujung minggu saya sambung lawat. Lan.

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