Lontong @ Gerai Cek Nor Citra Rasa, Sek 14 Food court, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Citarasa Malaysia / Malaysia Delicious 100
Name of eatery: Gerai Cek Nor Citra Rasa
Operation Hours: Opens daily-7am till noon
Location: Sek 14 Foodcourt , 1st Floor , Seksyen 14 , Petaling Jaya , Selangor .
Price: Lontong ; sotong telur / paru telur / daging telur RM5.50 each . Sotong paru telur / sotong daging telur RM7.50 each . Kuih muih RM0.50 per piece .


This is one of our favourite place for breakfast since i was studying in Sek Keb Kg Tunku . That was almost 22 years ago . I have tasted lots of places served Lontong (Lontong is a compressed rice cake served with gravy made with vege & coconut milk) , but this is THE BEST . Gerai Cek Nor has been opened since 1969 by her late mom . A must try, delicious . Breakfast . Satisfied . Happy tummy .

“Traveling experience and exploring good food with all without boundaries”


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