60 Sungkai/Iftar Ideas for 2017 :Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia

List compiled by @joehairie

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As mentioned in our previous article (LINK), we will be listing 60 Ideas for your Sungkai/Iftar during Ramadhan Month 2017. We will list 60 places/eateries/food ideas, available across Sabah and Sarawak in order to give a guidance for Iftar or Sungkai seekers. We do hope that such list will help all of you in getting the best idea for your next Iftar/Sungkai. Wherever you are (during Ramadhan Month 2017) in Sabah/Sarawak major cities/towns, worry not, as you can count on this list to search for the best place for your Sungkai/Sungkei/Iftar.

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Listed Places/Eateries 

Click the LINK to see the promotional banners and contact/channels. There will be only 21 selected eateries that will have direct links in this blog, a dedicated mention while the other 39 eateries will have their Official Facebook Link embedded in the listing. Click to check out their offerings through their official Facebook Page.



Kota Kinabalu City

Blueberry Kitchen Cake House (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Brunei Satay House (Ala Carte-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Burger Bakar Alamesra (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Dreamtel (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK) (Our Review)

Fish Market Restaurant (Ala Carte Seafood-Independent Restaurant) (Our Review)

Garage Kafe (Buffet & Ala Carte-Independent Cafe) (LINK) (Our Review)

Hyatt Regency Kinabalu (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK) (Our Review)

Kampung Nelayan Seafood Restaurant (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Klagan Regency (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Le Meridien (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK) (OUR REVIEW)

Mashawi Grill (Ala Carte-Independant Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Ori Thai Tomyam (Ala Carte-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Pancake House Kota Kinabalu (Ala Carte-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Platinum Hotel Putatan (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Promenade Cafe: Promenade Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK) (OUR REVIEW)

Restoran Penyet Abg Nuar (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Rosea Cafe: Grandis Hotels and Resorts (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)

Steamboat Bakar Sepanggar (Buffet-Independant Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Sutera Harbour Resort/Pacific Sutera Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK) (OUR REVIEW)

TH Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)

Warung Pokdi Kelate (Ala Carte-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)



Al Hamra Restaurant & Bistro (Product-Baklava and dine in ala carte) (LINK)

Beringgis Beach Resort & Spa (Set Menu & Buffet-Resort) (Facebook Link)

Borneo Golf Resort (Set Menu-Resort) (Facebook Link)


Tawau Town

Cafe@Se7en, Promenade Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)

Café Societé Tawau (Ala Carte-Independent Restaurant (Facebook Link)

Marco Polo (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

MB Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)


Lahad Datu Town

Restoran Saujana (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (LINK)


Sandakan Town

D’Sandakan Seafood Paradise (Buffet/Ala Carte-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Four Points by Sheraton (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)


Kudat Town

Ovise Hotel (Set Menu-Hotel) (LINK)



Dorsett Grand Labuan (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK) (2016 REVIEW)

Hotel Labuan Point (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Lazenda Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Tiara Labuan Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)



Kuching City

Al Yemen Restaurant (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (LINK)

Borneo Convention Center Kuching/BCCK (Buffet) (LINK)

Damai Beach Resort (Ala Carte/Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Dormani Hotel Kuching (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Grand Continental (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Grand Margherita Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Hilton Kuching (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)

Imperial Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Merdeka Palace Hotels & Suites (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Pullman Kuching (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Riverside Majestic Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

The Banquet Restaurant (Buffet) (Facebook Link)

Sanjuro Cafe & Art Space (Ala Carte-Independent Cafe) (LINK)

Waterfront Hotel Kuching (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)


Sibu Town

Premier Hotel Sibu (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Tanahmas, The Sibu Hotel (Buffet/Set Menu-Hotel) (LINK)

The Paramount Hotel Sibu (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)


Bintulu Town

ParkCity Everly (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Peppers Cafe, Promenade Hotel (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)

Wiwo Hotel (Buffet-Hotel (Facebook Link)


Miri Town

833 Buffet Steamboat & BBQ (Buffet-Independent Restaurant) (Facebook Link)

Dynasty Hotel Miri (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Hotel Nur (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Mega Hotel Miri (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)

Miri Marriot (Buffet-Hotel) (LINK)



Hotel Seri Malaysia (Buffet-Hotel) (Facebook Link)