Proud to be chosen as 2017 Top 50 Malaysia Food Blogs by

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Thought of the day-“Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.”-Vince Lombardi

We started this blog in March 2016. It’s now June 2017. In less than 2 years we have achieved things that we have never dream of before. In 2016, we were named as the 10 Up and Coming Malaysian Food Bloggers and when we entered the first quarter of our 2nd year, we were named as one of The Top 50 Malaysian Food Blogs by

To see the Winners List of Top 50 Malaysia Food Blogs and Websites, click HERE.


When we started the whole thing in writing about Food, Culture and Places globally, we did not expect anything in return. We started as Amateurs and after about a year we entered (almost) the Professional Blogger Phase. We are doing that now. We work with brands and managed to get some sponsors here and there. We’re happy for that. It gives us that financial resources as well as other perks during travel.

However, nothing is able to beat the excitement of being named as 2017 Top 50 Malaysia food blogs. It somehow validated our existence, we started with nothing and in less than 2 years we are at this position. We’d like to thank you for the listing and we will surely work harder for years to come.

There are so many people that inspired us from the very beginning. Our family members, followers and readers are all the people that gives us the support. Our Sponsors and Brands that gives us that trust are very important too. Our bloggers friends such as, and are among our inspirations.

We thank you all the people who keep giving us that support and trust. We will be better in few years to come because of them. To, we thank you again. This award proves that every writers and bloggers can achieve something bigger if one works hard for it. All that is needed are perseverance and deeper understanding as well as faith in whatever we are doing.

Thank you again

Joehairie and Lan
June 2, 2017


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