60 Sungkai/Iftar Ideas for 2017 :Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia

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Iftar is a fast-breaking meal, a daily ritual during the holy month of Ramadhan. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Fasting is not only about abstaining from food. There are more requirements in the fasting process. When the time comes for Muslims to breaking fast, they will have meals, simply put, Iftar. In Sabah. Malaysia, Iftar is better known as Sungkai. There are many eateries in Sabah itself that offers amazing and great dishes, to be served in either ala carte or buffet style. For each day throughout the Ramadhan Month 2017, we will be suggesting 60 ideas on Where or ‘What to have for Iftar/Sungkai’ in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia.

The ideas will be presented continuously until the last day of Ramadhan month 2017. Each idea will be published in a single post and where ever possible, we will include some images related to it. If we do visit a certain place, we will write-up about the experience. For those not in Sabah and Sarawak, you may always use the idea (from the images) to create something interesting for your Iftar. Non Muslims may also do the same.

We will be recommending 60 places that you should be visiting and try out their promoted delicacies during the Ramadhan Month 2017. Some places are not of eateries but merely a Ramadhan Food Market (Bazaar Ramadhan) where people come to buy good food and drinks, meant to be consumed at home. In 2018, we will try to list more places and hopefully to extend the geographical scope to entire Malaysia, God Willing. For now, we do hope this listing will somehow give ideas or inspiration for your Iftar/Sungkai or dinner (For Non Muslims).