Received my 4000 AirAsia BIG Points by simply converting from Maybank Treat Points : Travel Made Easy & some tips for avid travellers

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Thought of the day-“All things are difficult before they are easy.”-Thomas Fuller

Together with @Lan, we are miles chasers. We try our very best to earn loyalty points from 4 different airlines, namely AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air and Singapore Airlines. We are also hunting for points from Hotel’s Loyalty Programme such as Golden Circle by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Starwood Preferred Guest and are looking forward for the newly launched programme, World of Hyatt. This entry is about how I secured 4000 AirAsia BIG Points by simply converting the Maybank’s Treat Points, an offer we can’t resist. Such offer, made our future travel plans, easier; Travel Made Easy.

The email received by @Lan

@Lan received an email on February 27th, 2017 from AirAsia. The email was about an offer for AirAsia BIG Members. Those who have enough Maybank Treat Points were invited to convert their points to AirAsia BIG Points. The conversion rate was 7,420 Treat Points to 2,000 AirAsia BIG Points. Since I have tens of thousands Treat Points accumulated from various transactions through my Maybank’s Debit and Credit cards, the temptation to convert those points was as high as the sky.

I compared the conversion rate from Treat Points to Enrich Malaysia Airlines. Currently there’s no double offer. The conversion rate is still at 10,000 Treat Points to 1,000 Enrich Malaysia Airlines. That’s before the 6% GST. Since the AirAsia’s conversion rate was more attractive, I decided to convert some of my Treat Points to AirAsia BIG Points, keeping some for future use. I printed the Terms & Conditions and have read it thoroughly.

Terms & Conditions

I called the number given and within 10 minutes time (after some verification process), I was informed that the conversion, successfully done. 2000 points were credited instantly to my AirAsia BIG Points. The remaining 2000 points will be credited in 14 days time. That put my standing points to tens of thousands points in AirAsia BIG already! Amazing!

How did I managed to accumulate greater number in Maybank Treat Points? I am a very careful spender, I am not a big spender, not flashing those cards too often. However, friends and family members do regularly asking me to purchase airline tickets for them and they will always pay me in cash. Few days after purchasing the tickets, I will go to the bank and pay the amount.

It’s the same when I have to pay for my own accommodation in any hotels (example, working outstation, paying in advance ahead of the incoming allowance). I will charge my card to the room(s) and after few days receiving my allowance, I will pay the amount related. I also pay all my bills online, from Mobile Phone charges to Internet Line for my residence. I will make sure that I pay the amount to the bank, in cash, in less than a month.

Filling fuel for my car is another thing. Pay with card and pay the bank soon after. With careful planning, the finance charges are always low and there is no annual fee for the card I am using. All that transactions (and many more not mentioned here) gives me valuable Treat Points. That Treat Points can be used to redeem free items from Maybank Rewards Programme or convert it to AirAsia BIG Points. That is how I accumulate my Treat Points via Debit and Credit Cards.

I am now considering to apply for the CIMB Enrich Platinum Mastercard that will help me to expedite the accumulation of Enrich Malaysia Airlines Points. I will write about that when the time comes. For now, I am happy with my Maybank Cards as it really helps me to earn AirAsia BIG Points without having to fly frequently. As for the Kris Flyer of Singapore Airlines, well I can always transfer points from certain Hotel Loyalty Programme(s) as well as from my other credit cards.

While I am mostly keen to accumulate points for Enrich Malaysia Airlines, I have no problem at all to occasionally transferring some valuable points of mine (Banks & Hotels) to AirAsia BIG as at times the redemption award is equally attractive. AirAsia is soon to embark for Honolulu,USA route and I am looking forward for that! Not impossible with that huge number of BIG Points already.

While I am actually telling you how I got and will get all my Airline(s) Points, I do hope that you will learn something valuable here. It is crucial that you keep track of your spending and see where your money goes every month.

If somehow you need to pay bills, buy tickets for your child, annually (studying overseas) or for friends or even buying groceries in Supermarkets regularly (that accept Debit & Credit Cards), you better get one or two related cards and start charging anything possible BUT do pay ‘religiously’ to your bank.

If you need to travel for holiday or something and want to be excluded from paying large sum for your airfare OR if you want to indulge in the 5-star hotel offerings, it’s time to become a smart traveller, enroll in your local Bank, Airline and Hotel Loyalty Programme(s). Some people work hard for this, they even wait for 2 years, earning all that valuable points.

That points will make your travel plans easier. I am happy for that 4000 AirAsia BIG Points. How many points needed for the conversion to 4K points? I let you to do the calculation. And how many points I have actually in my AirAsia BIG programme? That’s for me to know and you work hard for your own points yeah..good luck!


2 thoughts on “Received my 4000 AirAsia BIG Points by simply converting from Maybank Treat Points : Travel Made Easy & some tips for avid travellers

  1. Lan

    Hi CT
    As far as we understood, the process (promo or non-promo) will take about 14 business days for the points to reflect in your account. So if you are planning to redeem a flight by using converted points from any partners, we suggest that you plan it ahead. Hope this helps you and have great travel ahead. Cheers. Lan & Joe.

  2. CT

    May I know, the redemption takes 14 days ro reflect in our Big AirAsia account right? So does it really reflect after 14 days or within 24 hours? 🙂

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