Fancy having a Lego Butler who then reads bedtime stories for you in your own hotel room? Only @ Ashford Castle, Ireland.

Written by @Lan
(Image from credited source)
lego butler at ashford castle
Source: Ashford Castle, Ireland (LINK)

Thought of the day-“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.”-George Bernard Shaw

While I read an article in (LINK), I smiled as it’s indeed good to know that Luxurious Hotels are trying their very best to deliver extraordinary amenities for their discerning guests. Ashford Castle, Ireland is currently offering In-Room Family Amenities that amazingly includes unique LEGO butler service with bedtime story program. Fancy having that butler? Well, the service is on a 12-and-under room service menu, so the young at heart are going to be  disappointed when they are denied playtime. Well, I personally think that you might be able to get one if you really negotiate with the hotel!

Since years ago, luxurious hotels around the world introduced various ways to pleased their guest. In one different article, I read that at  Namale Resort and Spa on Fiji’s Vanua Levu island, every couple is “kidnapped” at some point during their stay and taken to a surprise four-course picnic somewhere on the lush resort’s 212 hectares. At times, it’s next to a waterfall, sometimes in a cave, sometimes on a private deck overlooking a blowhole in the Koro Sea. Guests never know when they will be summoned. There were so many innovative approach to please guests and the list goes on. You will get it if you pay the right price.

Back to the In-Room Family Amenities by Ashford Castle, it’s indeed an interesting offer, a way to help your kids ‘to be busy and prepared’ for bed in the evening. No more jumping on beds, running here and there. That service will make them ‘quiet’ and at the same time enriching their soul and thoughts by simply hearing great bedtime stories by the butler. As seen in Ashford Caste official website (LINK);

Night times are just as special as the day at Ashford Castle with fluffy bathrobes and slippers to envelop guests in cosy comfort, delicious homemade cookies personalised with the children’s names, and even our unique LEGO butler service – sets cost €40 and are presented on a silver tray, much to the delight of young guests! Rooms include:

  • 13 interconnecting rooms across various categories and bed configurations
  • 5 Family Rooms with two queen size beds and a large bathroom (three of these interconnect)
  • High speed WiFi
  • Personalised storybook for bedtime – your children discover they are they leading character
  • Top quality babysitters available with prior request

I personally think that this is truly one great service that I look forward to see being  implemented in any other hotels around the globe. It does not necessarily meant only for luxurious hotels, any category of hotel can do it too but do be a bit innovative though, accordingly and creatively. Alternatively, go for different approach. Guests nowadays are totally different in terms of necessities and demands.  It’s really boring to see same amenities all over, there is a specific group of guests who can afford to pay that extra.

So, if you are to travel to Ireland and looking forward to spend great time with your family in luxury surroundings that comes with extraordinary amenities/services, head to Ashford Castle. Who knows the Butler will read bedtime stories for you too, get rid of that gadgets, join your kids on bed, eating delicious homemade cookies while listening to the Butler’s story. What about the LEGO, well play with your kids and together build one great structure, the sky is the limit…

For more information, contact

County Mayo, Ireland
Reservations: +353 94 954 6003
Instagram: @ashfordcastle
Twitter: @ashfordcastle
Facebook: AshfordCastleIreland


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