The Amazing Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendants: Kind-Hearted Vera & Ninik

Written by @Lan & Edited by @Joehairie
Image taken from Jakarta Post (Link)
Image by Jakarta Post

Recently, I read one article in Jakarta Post (Link). It was about two Garuda Indonesia flight attendants, Vera and Ninik Septinawati who went miles, taking bold initiative to help an elderly passenger getting off the plane. Vera is a junior flight attendant and to see that she’s ably to carry an elderly passenger on her back, barefooted, is truly something beyond my ‘thoughts’. This is what I shall say ‘truly great service’and it’s good to know that both Vera and Ninik have received awards from Indonesian Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi.

The wheelchair was a bit late to come and realizing that Vera and Ninik waited until all passengers disembarked. Vera then carried that elderly passenger on her back from the rear seat to the exit door and that’s when the awaited wheelchair arrived. Had not the wheelchair arrived, perhaps Vera will carry that elderly passenger into the terminal building!

Garuda is known to have amazing Flight Attendants and generally Indonesians are friendly and helpful as well. It’s certainly great to know that Garuda Flight Attendants do take initiative to help those who really need assistance. As travellers, we are sure to try out Garuda service soon! The question is, will all Flight Attendants worldwide ably to have such noble thoughts as Vera and Ninik have?

Do take note that you shouldn’t be asking Flight Attendants to do this and that for you after reading this story! They will help if they think it is necessary to help. Remember the controversy created by Malaysian ‘Diva’ Fathia Latiff who asked one Cabin Crew to put her bag into the overhead compartment? Now that Cabin Crew certainly have the right to refuse Fathia request. Here’s the LINK if you’ve missed that story.

The Cabin Crew I think will help if Fathia is one old woman and if I am one of the passenger seating next to Fathia, I will help too. However, Fathia is one young woman, she can do that on her own, if it is too heavy then why not just check-in the baggage or whatever is that! Being a public figure does not mean you have the privilege to be assisted.

Back to Vera and Ninik story, I am pretty sure that both of them have considered that it’s best to help that elderly passenger so that she will have easy exit from the aircraft instead of waiting longer for the wheelchair. We hope to read more amazing stories of attentive Flight Attendants. We both hope to cross path with Vera and Ninik one day in one of our many flights on Garuda. We are extremely proud to know that such kind-hearted airline staffs do exists and for that we salute Vera and Ninik!

We have no doubt now why Garuda Indonesia customer favourite being named the World’s Best Airline Cabin Crew for the third consecutive year! The Award for the world’s “Best Airline Cabin Staff” is one of the Premier categories in the World Airline Awards and a much coveted Quality distinction. The award recognises the highest all-round performance of an airline’s cabin staff, and covers ‘hard’ service such as techniques, efficiency, attention etc, together with the ‘soft’ service characteristics such as staff enthusiasm, attitude, friendliness and overall hospitality.

World’s Best Cabin Staff/Crew 2016

 No  Airlines
1 Garuda Indonesia
2 ANA All Nippon Airways
3 Singapore Airlines
4 Thai Airways
5 EVA Air
6 Qatar Airways
7 Hainan Airlines
8 Cathay Pacific
9 Asiana Airlines
10 Emirates

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