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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”-St.Augustine

Soon as we landed at KLIA2, we went around to search for the Plaza Premium Lounge to which we managed to do so in short walk from the arrival hall. Strategically located on Level 2M, Gateway @ KLIA2, this lounge is in within the common area which means all people, travelers or not, flying or just accompanying, will have the opportunity to visit and see what the lounge has to offer to its discerning guests. The best part is, there are many shops in within walking distance from the Plaza Premium Lounge. One may shop till drop, literally!..and get back to the lounge to unwind or rather the comfortable suite for few hours sleeping before checking-in for the next flight. What a great lounge this is, a perfect transit point for us to rest before our flight to Surabaya the next day.

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Plaza Premium Lounge, Gateway @ KLIA2

Main entrance of Plaza Premium Lounge
Banner/Bunting with the brand’s promotion content

This unique Plaza Premium Lounge, located within the new gateway@KLIA2 shopping facility in the arrival area of KLIA2 offers private resting suites of carious configurations with en-suite bathrooms, according guests a quick rest whilst relaxing in the privacy of their own room when arriving, departing or transiting in KLIA2.

Travellers are able to enjoy their time efficiently too as the lounge provide comfortable seating and a range of food and beverages to be enjoyed in the lounge. Workstations with high-speed WiFi enable guests to work while on the go. There are also business center service, shower facilities, local and international magazines for reading pleasure and multiple TV channels for entertainment.


Level 2M, Gateway@klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Opening Hours
24 hours daily

+ 60 3 8787 8396

Lounge Use Package
Food and beverages, shower facilities, WiFi, internet workstations, flight information, TV channels, international newspapers and magazines
2 Hours – RM 168
5 Hours – RM 238
10 Hours – RM 258
Shower with amenities (30 minutes) RM 32

Complimentary access for children under 2 years if age. A 30% discount from the above rates for children aged 3 to 11 years. 

Private Resting Suite

Single Room
Offers one single bed (Sleeps 1)
3 hours –  RM 238
5 hours –  RM 258
10 hours – RM 278

Offers one bunk bed (Sleeps 2)
5 hours – RM 358

Traveller Suite 
Offers two bunk beds (Sleeps 4)
5 hours – RM 568

Family Suite
Offers two twin beds and one bunk bed or one double bed and one bunk bed (Sleeps 4)
5 hours – RM 568

Extension hour (per hour per room) – RM 90

All rates are inclusive of 6% GST
Plaza Premium Lounge reserves the right to refrain from serving alcoholic beverages to guests who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Alcoholic drinks will be served at Plaza Premium Lounge discretion.

Our Experience

Amazing front staffs led by Sheng Hong (left)

Upon showing up at the reception area at Plaza Premium Lounge, we were greeted by Sheng Hong and his colleagues. Sheng Hong is one great staff that helped us all the time until the moment when we checked out. He took us for a tour, ensuring that we’re familiar with the lounge surrounding and its facilities. He personally escorted us to our room and highlighted all the important features available in our room.

He also made sure that we’re aware of the 24-hours supply of food and beverages and later invited us to the lounge for supper. Such a great and helpful staff! We had the opportunity to meet the Lounge Manager, Ms Annabel Teh when we’re about to had our breakfast in the morning. Wonderful front staffs, great team we say that made our stay a memorable one! We felt like we’re at home, almost forgetting that we had a flight to catch up in the morning!

Main Dining Hall

Let’s take a look around this massive lounge. On the right hand side of the lounge, behind the reception counter, there’s a dining hall equipped with buffet station, television and flight information. It is possible to stay around this lounge for a fee as mentioned in the Facts section, enjoying all that food and beverages, chilling out and perhaps having that refreshing shower. We went to this lounge three times, for some coffee, supper and finally breakfast. The interior is simple but great enough for some casual relaxation, escaping from the big crowd in the common area. It will be a hassle to sleep overnight at the common area in the airport so having an access to Plaza Premium Lounge is really one great idea!

Buffet Counter

The buffet counter is not that grand as one might find in hotels but the food and beverages being served here are sufficient enough to keep you going for the next hours and so. Buffets are served based on timing, from breakfast to Supper. There is a coffee machine or you may opt for the many tea selections as well as chilled juice. Canned drinks, non alcohol to alcohol options are being served too! As long as you opt for the Lounge Use or staying in one of the rooms available, you are eligible to be in this lounge, help yourself with the generous 24 hours buffet.

Next to the dining hall are some shower units and toilets. The Shower Units are supplied with amenities and one can opt to just have the shower for just RM 32. That’s pretty reasonable rate. Getting a shower when on long transit is definitely one good idea, it makes you feel refresh and ready for the next journey. The Shower Units are pretty big in size that has everything that guests need. Most importantly, having your own privacy while showering. There are some space for your things, if you have bigger luggage you may ask the kind receptionist to store it for you, for a while.

Flight Information

While lounging in the dining hall, you do not have to worry about missing your flights or check-in time as there is a display of flight information, on a pretty large TV screen. For your reading pleasure, International newspapers and magazines are available. WiFi is available as well and it’s super fast, that’s the most important thing for travelers! If you need to do some work but do not have your laptop with you, there are workstations available, kindly ask the receptionist and your problem will be solved.

Our Room-Studio

Since we had to wait for more than 8 hours for our flight to Surabaya, Indonesia, we opted to stay in one of the amazing studio that is good for 2 pax. This type of room has one bunk bed but truly comfortable in comparison of having to sleep on the airport’s chair or worst, sleeping on the floor. The mattresses are thick and comfy, each bed has 2 pillows with reading lights and a place for your smart phone.  Worry that you will sleep for long hours and miss your flight? Not a problem, simply advise the receptionist and they will give you wake-up call(s). Storage is  not a problem in this room. For bigger family or group, take the family suite and you will have more space.

The bunk bed

There’s even a power outlet to ensure that your smart phone is being charged when you are asleep. We both love this kind of bed, it gave us the privacy for each of us and we slept well until the morning (well, after that heavy supper in the lounge!). Safety rail is there for the upper bed, there is no need to worry about falling down. If you can’t sleep because you are not that sleepy, you may actually have a walk at the Gateway@KLIA2, have a look at all that interesting shops in the mall.

Great space for luggage

There’s one space big enough for luggage. If you have no big suitcases then it might be a good spot for you and your friend to sit and chat! Small writing desk and medium size mirror are in the room too and we love these features. Complimentary bottled drinking water are given as well! It’s similar staying in a a normal hotel room except for the fact that you are in an airport. Lighting is great, being placed on the right spots making the room not too bright but not to deem either.

Shower and Toilet in studio room

How cool is that to have shower room and sink with large mirror, very important features that will make you good to go for your next flight. The toilet is located in another section, opposite the shower and each shower and toilet have its own glass door for your own privacy. All in all, our studio room was perfect for some true relaxation before our next flight to Surabaya in the morning. The details are pretty much being looked into by the management thus making this room similar as to staying in a normal hotel room. Darker tiles and grey walls gave us that soothing feelings, which made us felt relaxed.

The Shower

Our Thoughts

We love everything inside the Plaza Premium Lounge, from the dining hall, to its buffet servings and even everything inside our studio room. The staffs were nice and friendly too. We were grateful to have a great place for us to relax and not having to sleep on the airport’s chairs/floors. Yes, we both are not rich travelers but for us the entrance fees, be it for the lounge use, room(s) or shower facility are worth more than the price quoted.

Those facilities gave us that well prepared mental and physical to continue our journey. The lounge gave us some space to relax for that long 8 hours or so. Everything were taken care of, all that we needed to do was to check-in for our flight (which we did much earlier).

Our travel to Surabaya from Kota Kinabalu was made easier by Plaza Premium Lounge. While we enjoyed the short 2 hours stay at Plaza Premium Lounge Kota Kinabalu (here is the LINK to that post), we had greater 8 hours stay at Plaza Premium Lounge Gateway @ KLIA2. Our confidence towards this brand grows after this recent experience and we are sure to explore more in the brand’s other lounges available in major airports around Malaysia & beyond.

Next time you are in KLIA2, give this lounge a try and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with their products and service. Traveling and transiting at KLIA2 has now become easier with Plaza Premium Lounge, Gateway @ KLIA2. It’s worth paying that entrance fees as it make your airport experience seamless and effortless.

To know more about the Plaza Premium Lounge(s) in both KLIA and KLIA2, click HERE.


About Plaza Premium Lounge


Image by Plaza Premium Lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge is a global service brand headquartered in Hong Kong, as well as the industry leader in Premium Airport Services. Their goal is to make guests airport experience seamless and effortless, and through their hearty services, they change the perception of travel at the airport.


The Founder

Following on from a career in investment banking, Founder and CEO Mr. Song Hoi-see launched his own business which found him flying economy class and without the airport lounge privileges he had previously enjoyed. He found the travel experience to be lacking, struggling to work effectively while on the go.

Identifying a gap in the market, Mr. Song launched the first Plaza Premium Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport in 1998. This was the world’s first independent airport lounge. Open to all travellers regardless of airline or travel class, the service-oriented Plaza Premium Lounge concept was driven by a heartfelt desire “to do something for the majority”. Through his initiative and vision, Mr. Song has changed the perception that airport lounges should be reserved for premium travellers only.

With more than 18 years of unrivalled experience offering premium airport services, Mr. Song has led Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited to be the benchmark for airport value-added services. The company’s services now range from designing, operating and managing premium airport lounges, both independent and on behalf of airlines, transit hotels, private relaxation suites, meet and greet services, dining concepts, business and conference centres and limousine services.

The company now operates in more than 140 locations in 35 airports globally, and counts over 3,500 employees. The success of the business model has prompted airport authorities around the world to open their doors to independent lounge facilities and value-added airport services as part of a bid to enhance the overall traveler experience as well as airport service quality.


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  1. A jong

    When I flew from Hong Kong to Kuching by Airasia, transit KLIA2 last year, I could not access the premium lounge because the lift did not stop at this level. Can you tell me the best way to reach the lounge ?
    Thank you

    1. Lan

      Hi A Jong

      This particular Lounge is located in the public area. There are other lounges by Plaza Premium located in the international departure area/strictly for passengers. This lounge that we wrote about is open to anyone including non passengers.

      In your recent case, I assume that you directly transferred to the steriled domestic departure area from international level, which means you will have no access to this lounge as there is none in the domestic departures.

      That said, if next time you have long hours of transit, simply exit immigration and visit the lounge in the public area (there are 2 now, 1 is recently opened with much better facilities/amenities).

      About 2 hours or 1 hour before your domestic departure, head to the security check to gain access to the domestic departures (in the case that you are already checked in, thru check in or self check in and have your boarding pass ready).

      If your connecting domestic is just 2 hours or less from your arrival time then maybe it is better to just leave the idea to visit the lounge as exiting immigration as well as walking to your domestic gate from the lounge in public area might take some time.

      If you are to depart for international destination from klia2 then you may access the lounge that we wrote about or even visit some lounges in the restricted area for international passengers. Visit plaza premium lounge website to learn more about lounges in klia2. Remember, there is no lounge whatsoever in domestic klia2.


    1. Lan

      Hi Chui Song

      We have prepared a link in the article above. Find that Click HERE and you will be directed to their official site, where you get to see the contact numbers of all lounges in Klia/klia2. Hope that helps. Cheers.

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