Kaki 5 Republic @ Putatan, Sabah

Written by @joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com team members & Kaki 5 Republic)


Kaki 5 Republic is a brand founded by Mohd Arif Hanif bin Mohd Azmi. The brand is about selling refreshing drinks such as Iced Green Tea, Iced Cappucino, Iced Mocha and many more. Started in August 2015 in Peninsular Malaysia specifically in Puchong Perdana, the brand gets bigger and bigger when more local entrepreneurs started to franchise the brand. As of now, this brand has expanded its wings to some places in Pahang and even in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There is abundant competitors to the Kaki 5 Republic brand and there are just everywhere, selling identical type of drinks and often regard by the public as mimicking the famous International Brand found around the globe. Kaki 5 republic Sabah is actually the first of its kind and ahead of their competitors. Their story began in Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu.

The Brand In Putatan, Sabah

The Latest branch

The Official Logo

This recently opened branch is located next to Hap Huat Supermarket, at Kiosk Number 2. All branches in Sabah basically selling the same products and for this entry we will be focusing to the outlet next to the Hap Huat Supermarket. The branch leader in Putatan is Ms Chi.  Let’s have a look at some photos related to this latest branch.

The Menu
Image from Kaki 5 Republik Putatan Official Facebook Page

kaki 2

Ms Chi, the Putatan branch leader..

Our Thoughts-Taste

Session @ Kaki 5 Republic near to Servay Hypermarket, Putatan

(This branch will be closing soon enough as Ms Chi will be concentrating on the branch near the Hap Huat Supermarket)


Honestly, we first tried the drinks at the Metro Town branch earlier this year, followed by the stall at Oceanus Mall during Ramadhan Month and recently at the stall/branch near to the Servay Hypermarket Putatan. Last month we both had the chance to try 2 types of their drinks, Green Tea (@joehairie) and Cappuccino (@Lan). The drinks were indeed refreshing,  what more can we ask for it was a pretty sunny day. Taste wise, it’s full of flavor, not too sweet, and had the consistency with the drinks that we tried at Metro Town earlier this year. Simply put, the brand is emphasizing on the importance of having the same amount of ingredients regardless location. That is what we named as Quality Control.


The Green Tea tasted almost the same as the one that we had from a famous International Brand. It’s so rich and tasty..delicious that is. The Cappuccino on the other hand perhaps needed more pungent coffee taste as it was a bit creamy but overall it was all right. It had the same consistency with the Cappuccino that @Lan had previously (from the same brand). From as low as RM4 per cup, we think that the products are priced reasonably and affordable to the common. From what we saw, the clientele mostly from people passing by at the area, heading to various spots nearby. Most are attracted to their promotional banner and at times people do line-up to get their favorite drinks.


As a coffee lover, I always wanted my coffee or in this case we say it as Iced Cappuccino, to be a bit stronger and bitter. Perhaps the ingredients being used in the making of the Cappuccino are carefully adjusted as to ensure that this type of drinks is suitable even for the youngsters. I understand that need pretty much, the youngsters prefer their drinks a bit creamy. Overall, we both do strongly recommend this brand to all of you,  over the other brands that have similar beverages. Be it in KK city or Putatan or even Kingfisher branches, have a cup of your favorite beverage from Kaki 5 Republic brand.


Kaki 5 Republic Putatan
Mobile : + 60 12 812 0055
Facebook : Click HERE (Kaki 5 Republic Putatan)
Kaki 5 Republic Putatan
Kaki 5 Republic KK

About Kaki 5 Republic brand

Husband & Wife team

In general, Kaki 5 Republic leader is Nur Amalia Auni bt Redzuan and together with her husband, Mohd Arif Hanif bin Mohd Azmi (Founder), they keep ensuring the brand growth. According to the sales report, both Green Tea and Vanilla Chocolate are mostly ordered by customers regardless location. We are proud to see some young local Bumiputera/Malay entrepreneurs taking the bold step, braving themselves in doing business rather than depending pretty much on the salary from the 9-5 job.


Kaki 5 Republic Stalls Nationwide









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