Uppercase at Sentral @ Metro Hotel Rooftop, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Written by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by @jeohairie unless stated otherwise)

Not long ago, we were at the Brickfields area to meet a friend. We reached the corner of the MyHotel@Sentral (opposite Old Town White Coffee) and we saw this decent size Metro Hotel. Right on the rooftop, we saw some fence or partition like and we became quite curious (typical us). Our need to know more about that rooftop increased by every second so in we went to do some queries at the front desk of the Metro Hotel. They told us that there is a cafe cum bar on that said rooftop. So, off we go to the 6th floor and start looking for an entrance into that cafe/bar.

We were quite surprised as there were no patrons to be seen. There were only about 3 staffs manning the cafe at the time of our visit. We were told that most people prefer to come during evening time. We browsed the menu and found out that all food and beverages are reasonably priced-quite cheap so to say. The best thing about this place is one can have almost 180 degrees view of the Brickfields area and KL of course! A good place for photographers we must say.

This is the main area of the Cafe/Bar. Plenty of seats and tables available for patrons. As this place is outdoor, smoking or vaping is allowed. Although it was 4 pm when we visited this place and the Sun was way up high, we didn’t feel the heat at all as there were cool breeze flowing all over the place. After all, there are shades and roof.

This is another section of the Cafe/Bar. That door at the very end is the entrance from the 6th floor. You need to scale few steps to get to the cafe. Another section of seating area for people to eat, drink and chat.

The main bar is quire large with display of wide range of beverages and some menu with pics for you to choose from. This Cafe is connected to the Hotel WIFI so you can stay online while sipping your coffee.

Some menu’s are framed and hang on to the wall for you guys to see. We both think this is sort of decoration of the Cafe as an actual menu is actually readily available for customer. Below are some of the menu offered at the Uppercase.

For better viewing of the Menu, click HERE

The cafe offers All Day Breakfast menu. It means that you can have your breakfast even at 9pm. Lol! Look at the prices, they are reasonably cheap, aren’t they? It almost equals to the prices of the same menu in an ordinary cafe.

Waffle fans, no worries, the Cafe have em’ as well. All you need to do is to choose to your liking.

Lunch or Dinner options are available as well from Asian to Western. Again, look at the reasonable prices.

For those on diet or wish to have simple snacks for afternoon tea or supper, no worries, you get to choose your preference from as low as RM3. (Less than USD1).


We both ordered Iced Mocha, Orange Juice and Potato Fries to go along with the drinks. It was a perfect choice as it was still early for dinner. Both drinks and Fries tasted good. Most importantly, the staffs were very polite, had genuine smiles and friendly. While enjoying the drinks and fries, we took the opportunity to take some pictures of the surrounding area. Here it goes..

Hotel Summer View

Overlooking Padang Belia, YMCA and far left are the KL Tower and  Maybank building.

Nu Sentral
Hotel Sentral, Brickfields

We were told that apart from Metro Hotel Guest, guests of the adjacent My Hotel may also order from the Cafe and the orders will be sent directly to the guest’s room. In house guests receive 20% discount for room service order. Above image is the menu for in house guests of the My Hotel. Overall, the impromptu visit to this Cafe cum Bar-worth it! It was really nice to spend some time, enjoying the breeze and drinks on the 6th floor. Next time you guys happen to be in the Brickfields area, head on to the Metro Hotel, go up to 6th floor and treat yourself to some nice drinks or meals. By the way, this Cafe is open from 6.30 am-11.30pm (As we was told)..you ain’t gonna regret. Starting May 2016, the Cafe is offering some new set of menu, as shown below.

Image from Uppercase at Sentral Official Facebook Page
Image from Uppercase at Sentral Official Facebook Page

Need to have the same experience? Head to:

Uppercase at Sentral
(Rooftop Cafe.Bistro.Bar & Grill)
Metro Hotel Rooftop
3, Jalan Thambypillai, Brickfields
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mobile: +60 18 377 0663
Facebook: Click HERE


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