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“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first”-Ernestine Ulmer

“First we eat, then we do everything else”-M.F.K Fisher

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We are happy to announce that we have found another amazing eatery at Putatan area. This particular eatery is specializing in producing and selling cakes/pastries while at the same time offering customers some interesting ala carte menu(s). Blueberry Kitchen Cake House is now about 4 months in operation already. Although new, this place is definitely catching up with the many established cafes in Putatan and Kota Kinabalu area. We went to this place, not once but twice. We wanted to ensure that the brand and its offerings really worth the mention in this blog. What were our thoughts about this place?

About Blueberry Kitchen Cake House


Located at Plaza Makhota Putatan which is not far from the Soluxe Hotel, Seven Boutique Hotel and Platinum Hotel, this Cake House (or we shall best refer it as a Cafe), owned and managed by two talented and skillful young entrepreneurs. We were made to understand that Amirul & Amirul came from a non related business backgrounds. They started the business from scratch and did some trial and error process until they have became so skillful in producing pastries. Having the passion for eating high quality pastries, they have now started to offer the said product to customers coming to their cafe.

Amirul & Amirul- Which is which, get yourself there and find out.

It is possible to organize your own event here and the owners do not charge any extra fee(s) for using the cafe as the venue. All you have to pay is the bill(s) for foods and beverages. They are willing to shut down the cafe’s operation temporarily just to ensure that your event will be held in full privacy. At times, the cafe do invite buskers to perform and entertain customers, normally twice a month. Both the owners are not only skillful in making pastries, they are good at cooking ala carte selections as well. Due to overwhelming response, they are now assisted by a young talented and experienced chef.

Catering for an Event recently- Image taken from Blueberry Kitchen Cake House Instagram
The Yummy Dessert…

Breaking Fast during Ramadhan Month

It won’t be long now for the Ramadhan Month to come and this is the month where Muslims refrain themselves from consuming foods and beverages in the day time. The Blueberry Kitchen Cake House will be rolling out their Special Grilled Shell Out Menu for customers for breaking fast session(s). Here are the pictures of the menu (from the Blueberry official Facebook page).

Amirul 1
Shell Out-Seafood selection


The Shell Out Grill Menu-Taken from Blueberry Kitchen Cake House Instagram

Amirul 2
Shell Out-Meat Selection

They will also be selling Pulut Panggang (Grilled Glutinous Rice in Banana Leaves). The location for Ramadhan sales of this Pulut Panggang is at the Asia City Bazaar. After Ramadhan month and after few days off for Aidilfitri Celebration, they will be back in business with the original ala carte menu(s) and more exciting announcement about that can be read in their official Facebook page and Instagram (Links can be found at the end of this post).

A sample of Pulut Panggang

The Interior of Blueberry Kitchen Cake House


We both love how the owners decided to keep it simple with the layout of furniture and decorations as well as the colors of the walls, which are mainly blue and white. The colors selection made us felt way comfortable. The lighting sets are just perfect, not too bright and not too dim.

Blue and white colors are the main features. We luv it!-Image taken during 2nd visit.
Indoor dining/seating area-Image taken during the 1st visit. We came pretty late in the evening.
Simple but brilliant choice of lighting set.
Blueberry Kitchen Cake House in the evening.

There are 2 seating/dining areas in this cafe, outdoor and indoor. Indoor is air conditioned and outdoor purposely set up for the smokers and vapers!. Both are comfortable seating/dining areas. For the indoor, sofas sets are available for lounging, enjoying conversation with friends while slurping beverages or eating that goodies from the pastry selections.

Comfortable Sofa(s) for lounging-Image taken during the 2nd visit. The cafe’s packed with customers.
Outdoor dining/seating area

On both sides of entrance(s), there are big glass panels that enables customers to see the happenings outside the cafe as well as their parked vehicles. How thoughtful! Soon, Plaza Makhota Shoplots will be filled with many branded cafes and restaurants and such view from within the Blueberry will give you that feel and experience of seeing and be seen.

Seeing and be seen…

The Menu

Currently the owners are adjusting the existing menu. We were told that the current menu (s) will not be offered during Ramadhan month as they will be introducing the Shell Out menu(s). The existing menu will be offered again after Ramadhan month. This is the current menu and if you come here 3 months after this post is published, the menu might look a bit different with some additional selections.

The Current hand out Menu
The displayed menu

The Cakes are the highlight. Apart from selling ready made cakes in Slices or in whole, the Cafe also accept bookings for custom made cakes (according to the customers request). Price of whole cake is RM90 and per slice is RM9. Believe us when we said that the presentation and taste of all the creations actually worth more than the said price. For special custom made whole cake(s), there is no extra charge for decorations. Simply put, free of charge. All you have to do is pay that RM90, decide your selections and tell the owners your decoration(s) preference.

Hello Kitty Cake made by Amirul & Co

We were lucky as during the 2nd visit, a customer requested for a specially design cake by the Amiruls. As the cake was being prepared for the final touch, we were given this opportunity to snap pic of the said cake (above). We requested to take more photos of the cakes being displayed for sale and we’re given the approval by the Amiruls. Thank you! Those cakes looks so amazing and heavenly delicious. Below are the images. experience

We came here twice. We did that as we wanted to ensure that the Cafe do offers high quality products to customers. We ate a lot! Did we regret eating that much? No. We enjoyed the experience of having to eat good and quality foods and beverages. Here are the images of the foods and beverages that we ordered for both visits.

1st Visit (Rated as Good Experience)


Kon Lo Mee Seafood-Priced at RM8.00 we rated this selection as one good dish. The presentation was way perfect and looks tempting. However, we think that the sauce/gravy underneath the noodles need to be upgraded a little bit by adding more salty taste. It was a bit tasteless actually but overall we still rated this selection as a good dish and worth trying.


We love curry! That’s why we ordered this dish. We rated this selection as one good dish. Everything were just perfect except for the lack of coconut milk. If that gravy looks a bit reddish in color, that will surely be tempting. Priced at RM8.00, the portion is acceptable by our standard, generous portion of cut potatoes and chicken meat. Overall, we actually like this dish although the taste need to be improved a little bit.


We opted for Iced Lemon Tea (RM3.00) and Watermelon Juice (RM5.00). We were satisfied with these selections. Both drinks tasted delicious and most importantly not being served in heavy sugary taste.

2nd Visit (Rated as an Excellent experience)

American Chocolate Chip Cake  & Nutella Cheese Cake

We both can’t say no these yummy Tiramisu, Nutella Cheese Cake and American Chocolate Chip Cake (Images, above and below). We love all three cakes so much! Both were rich in taste and actually worth more than the actual price. Each slice is priced at RM9.00. For us, the taste of both cakes worth more than that. It tasted like 5 star cakes. Generous portion of cheese and in the Nutella Cheese Cake for example, it contained 90% cheese. We were about to have our mains. However, we were still hooked to these lovely cakes when the mains being brought over to our table.

Tiramisu Cake


Naked Burger is priced at RM14.90 and this is definitely our favorite dish. We actually ate everything on the hot plate. The mashed potatoes tasted so good and amazingly creamy delicious! Mix vegetables were fresh and tender. The sauce was extremely delicious, a perfect match for that 2 pieces of chicken and beef meat.


Spicy Herb Prawns- Priced at RM9.00 the prawns were fresh and full of herbs taste that came from the Cilantro, Tomato, Basil, Oregano and Thyme. This dish is served with white rice. Prawns were cut and clean accordingly and perfectly. Excellent dish we must say and worth trying.


Mi Kari Ketam/Crab Curry Noodles. This dish is priced at RM10 and it’s nice to see so many things on the top of the Curry Noodles. There’s 1 big crab with some Fish balls and Tauhu. All of them complement each other and taste so delicious when eaten with the curry gravy. A little bit alarmed with the gravy though, it’s cooked perfectly but in need for more Coconut Milk. Overall, this was quite an interesting menu, worth trying and we do hope that next time the Chef will use a little bit more of Coconut Milk for the gravy. Crab’s meat was fresh, sweet and the single portion can be shared by 2 people actually. To eat this  dish properly, do as we did. We asked for an extra plate and simply arranged smaller items on it.


Picture below are our beverages Green Tea Latte (RM6) and Chocolate Chip (RM10). We were extremely satisfied with the high quality of both beverages. Both tasted so rich with its own distinct flavor and worth for a 2nd try when we visit this cafe again.

Our combined Meals thoughts

  1. We enjoyed eating the Mi Kari Ketam. We told the Chef and the owners that the Curry Gravy is well cooked in comparison to our previous eating experience at one particular eatery. One will be able to detect if the Curry Powder not being dissolved properly by simply tasting the gravy. If it is not cooked well, there will be some ‘bits’ of powdery curry here and there. At Blueberry, the gravy that we tasted was being cooked well. However, the gravy need to be improved a little bit in taste, perhaps adding more coconut milk/gravy. Other than that, the dish was actually close to perfect!
  2. The first suggestion applies to the Chicken Curry that @curiostraveller had during the first visit. It had all the taste except for that taste of Coconut Milk. @curiostraveller detected only a little bit of that Coconut Milk taste and he ended up drinking a lot of iced water due to the spicy gravy. Give it a little umpph taste and trust us, it will be an awesome dish.
  3. As to catch up with the soon to be opened branded cafes and restaurants nearby, we suggest that the Blueberry offers more selections in beverages for customers. Perhaps some cappuccino, espresso and more as available in the modern cafes. That will be a perfect match for the already high quality cakes offered by Blueberry. We understand that the owners might need some time for that as they might need to find and hire a good Barista. Do take time for that but put that idea in the bucket list.
  4. As time goes by, it is also important to add more pastry selections such as more tempting pastries. We saw some during our visits but do add more in the future. There will be some similar establishments nearby (opening soon) and it is definitely important to be able to catch up with the competitors. There are sofas where people lounge and while lounging they might want to enjoy eating some high quality of pastries.

Need to try out their yummy selections? Head to:

Blueberry Kitchen Cake House
Plaza Makhota Putatan
Block A, Lot 2, Ground Floor
Putatan, Kota Kinabalu
Mobile: +60 16 8155152 OR +60 16 8225108
Landline Number: + 60 88 760898
Instagram: Click HERE

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”