Diner Cafe @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well at Diner”-curiostraveller.com

(Photos by @joehairie)


There are just too many cafes and restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. The only way to identify the best among the best is to visit and sample their food and beverages. Recently we had the opportunity to dine at Diner. It was an impromptu visit. We didn’t advise the owner of our plan to visit the Diner. I bet the owner don’t really know the existence of curiostraveller.com. We came incognito. Is this restaurant a good or a great one? What about the rating? Were we treated nicely by the staffs? What about the food and beverages quality?

About Diner

Diner is a Family Style Restaurant and concentrate on mix of of Western and Asian food. The restaurant is located at Wisma D’Sulaman, Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu. It is next to the Taman Kingfisher and across the busy road is the University Plaza/Apartment. Owned by a young entreprenuer, it is one of the most frequented restaurant by foodies in Kota Kinabalu. There is ample parking available in the area. We figured out that the Owner must have ‘applied’ or at least tried to embed the LOVE theme into the other elements in the restaurant.


We found this ‘Love word’ like everywhere here and there so we decided to highlight it in this post.


Purposely took this shot to see if the staff really ‘Love’ the customers.


Again the Love theme applied in our photo shoot.

Diner’s interior

The concept is modern contemporary. Lighting’s are cleverly set to enhance the already elegance ambiance. There are 2 dining areas, indoor and outdoor.


Plenty of tables made available for customers. We love how the owner decided to have large glass panels that enables customers to view the outside area, vice versa.


Love the red color of the wall and it matches with the lighting.


Another section of indoor dining area. We love the way the owner decided to leave the wall ‘unfinished’, it kind of being a Hispter Cafe/Restaurant. Note that each section are provided with sockets, a cool feature for those coming in gadgets/note book. I am just not sure if this restaurant do have free WIFI connection. I did try to look for the connection but none is available.


Cool dining cum seating area. Buffet trays are being displayed indicating that the property is readily available for indoor catering services.


Decorations/frames being displayed in proper manner. (In the pic, @joehairie with his gadget)


Outdoor dining/seating area.


Another section of the outdoor seating/dining area. Cool place for the smokers and vapers.

Diner’s Menu


First page of the menu, awesome selections for all type of customers.


The main entrees, choose between Asian or Western.


Promotion menu(s).


Beverages Menu 1


Beverages Menu 2

Our selections


Starter-Satay (RM9.90 per set)

The set comes with 5 satay sticks/skewers. The meat was tender and easy to bite off from the skewer. However, the peanut gravy was a bit watery. @joehairie said that it will be a great gravy if served a little bit thicker.


Bolognese Crispy Chicken (RM12.90)

@curiostraveller had this delicious option. The Chicken was good, crispy outside and tender inside. Sauce needed to be improved a bit. The taste was all right but the pasta needed to be cooked a little bit longer. A bit hard to chew actually. However, the overall taste and presentation were acceptable.


Thai Style Fish with rice (RM10.90)

@joehairie consumed this dish. The Fish Fillets were tender and crispy with the right taste for the sauce. @joehairie is an expert in evaluating Thai Food. He rated this dish as an excellent one. He finished eating the dish with no left over. It means only one thing. The dish-amazingly and heavenly delicious!


Coconut Lychee (RM9.90)

A perfect combination of 2 kind of fruits, Lychee and Coconut. @joehairie had this beverage and he love it so much. A highly recommended beverage for future customers.


Apple Iced Tea (RM6.90)

Average taste and presentation. @curiostraveller had this. Perhaps a little bit more of the apple taste and this drink surely gonna be a hit among customers.


Our combined meals/beverages

Our thoughts..


We love the effort by the owner to prepare some classic games for customers. The games best suited for families and friends. It will be fun to chill out at this restaurant while playing some classic games.


We don’t actually have much to say about Diner because we were quiet satisfied with the overall quality of F & B, service and atmosphere. Maybe the owner can do something about the watery Peanut Gravy for the Satay and added a lit bit more apple taste in the Apple Iced Tea. The staffs were attentive, friendly and polite. However it will be best if they learn how to smile genuinely. They were not that bad but they surely will look better with some shining smiles. It is easy to do that, smile from within your heart, soul and mind.


Diner Cafe
Lot No 8, Ground Floor, Taman Kingfisher Jalan Sulaman
Phase 5B, Wisma D’Sulaman, Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu
Mobile: + 60 16 803 4492
Facebook: Click HERE
Instagram: Click HERE 


“Doing great business is kind of a gamble, as much as in playing the Congkak. Make one wrong move, you will be down for sure. Ensure no wrong movements and you will be all right in the long run”-curiostraveller.com