Big B Cafe @ Taman Indah Permai, Manggatal

(Photos by @joehairie)


Again, we were delighted to have the opportunity to eat some good delicious yummy food at the Big B Cafe @ Taman Indah Permai, Jalan Sepanggar-Manggatal, Kota Kinabalu. We came around 7pm ++. We found out about this place from Facebook feed. We read some reviews and we did have our expectations prior coming to this cafe. Were we satisfied with the food, beverages, services and the place? Read our review.

Front of the Big B Cafe

The Cafe is located next to the Sri Keningau Restaurant. Parking lots are available. This cafe have both indoor and dining area. We chose the outdoor dining area as it will be easy for me to take pictures around. The cafe was clean at the time we visited. Staffs were friendly and polite. We were acknowledged when we came and immediately the waiter gave us the menu.

Cashier and Bar area

Customers are required to fill in their orders in a piece of paper that will be given by the waiter and then submit the order in person at the cashier. It is kinda, order, pay first, then wait for the food to be delivered to the table and eat. I guess this system has it weaknesses such as there will be a long queue during peak hours.

Untitled - 6 2
View of the cafe from the roadside

Overall, we actually like the ambiance of this cafe. It is simple, yellowish, a bit hipster and most important, the open concept allow customers to feel the breezy air coming from the outside.

View from the back entrance
Nice seating area. Kinda waiting area for customers opt for take away.
Promotional Banner outside the Cafe
Food Menu

The menu selection is a bit mix of this and that but mainly focus on the Nusantara theme. The Cafe do offer some western selection. We wanted something different than what we had before in other cafes so we ordered Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah (RM 7.00) and Nasi Sotong Penyet (RM 12.00). We never try this type of food anywhere on earth so we decided these will be the best choice.

Current Promotion-Grilled Lamb with Rice for RM12.90

Lamb Chop is the IN thing here in Kota Kinabalu. There seems to be a lot of Lamb Chops fan here so this Cafe introduced their own version of Grilled Lamb Chops with rice. Maybe in the next visit we will opt for this meal.

The Beverages Menu

The beverages selection are a bit the same as what we can find in other cafes/restaurants. We ordered Sirap Bandung Royal (RM 2.80)  and Cappuccino Rookie (RM6.00).

Nasi Kukus with Ayam Goreng Berempah

Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah is Steamed Rice served with marinated Fried Chicken. It is served with some cucumber slices and 2 type of dipping sauce. The color of the dipping sauce gave the impression that it is ‘hot’ but actually not any closer to that Hot Chili Taste. None at all. It tasted good actually especially when you eat the fried chicken in pieces and dip it into the sauce(s). Look at the image below. Looks pretty “Hot” yeah?. Overall, this selection tasted delicious. The fried chicken was pretty hot when the order came to our table. It was not fried earlier. Some stall will simply serve fried chicken that have been fried hours earlier. Onions, shallots, lemon grass and ginger are among the ingredients used to marinate the chicken.

Condiments-Dipping Sauce
View form the top-Nasi Kukus and Ayam Goreng Berempah
Nasi Sotong Penyet

@joehairie ordered this Nasi Sotong Penyet. It is actually Steamed Rice served with Deep Fried Squid and smashed right after frying. Tempe is served as part of the dish. Tempe is a traditional soy product originating from Indonesia. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. Tempe is a staple source of protein. Like tofu, tempe is made from soybeans, but it is a whole soybean product with different nutritional characteristics and textural qualities. The fried squid is delicious and crispy as it is fried after coating the squid with flour.

View from the top-Nasi Sotong Penyet
Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah and Nasi Sotong Penyet


We ordered Sirap Bandung Royal and Cappuccino Rookie. Both tasted delicious and priced at RM2.80 and RM6.00 respectively. We kinda like the idea of giving a bottle of cold drinking water to customers. This way customers have the option whether to order beverages or not. There will be times when all of us simply need a glass of cold water and not that sweet drinks.

Each table will be given a bottle of drinking water.

The total cost of this dinner- RM 27.80

Need to try out their yummy selections? Head on to:

Big B Cafe
F-6-0-1 Taman Indah Permai
Jalan Sepanggar-Manggatal
88450, Manggatal, Kota Kinabalu
Phone: +60 14 200 8232
Facebook: Click HERE