The Burger Bakar Borneo Restaurant @ Alamesra Kota Kinabalu

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Hidden somewhere in the many alleys and shoplots of the Alamesra Plaza Permai, lies a colorful and vibrant Restaurant that serves Burgers as their main items. The Burger Bakar Borneo Restaurant was recently refurbished to give fresh looks and perhaps to be on par with the abundant modern contemporary restaurants around Kota Kinabalu. Indeed, it is a cool place to have your meals. Personally, I prefer the sofa seating arrangement on the outside portion of the restaurant. It gives me the feel of relaxing and lounging while listening to the trendy music being played. Oh! Not to forget the awesome meals that we ordered.


We arrived around 6 pm and initially we chose to seat at the most outer portion of the restaurant. Tables and chairs are arranged accordingly on both sides of the restaurant parking area. Since we love to be seated outdoors, we kinda jump to the conclusion that this will the best seating area. We were wrong for 2 reasons. #1 The weather element-Rain #2 We gonna missed hearing the favorite music being played. When the rain started, we moved to the sofa seating area. The Afgan songs being played became more clearer to our ears and such music selection was really clever as we enjoyed it so much! Yeah we are Afgan fans!!


The pics above and below shows the sofa seating area. It is kinda giving you the feel of lounging rather than having your meals properly. I think this is a clever interior concept by the owner. It will make people sit for hours, talking to their friends but keep ordering food and drinks. The WIFI is a pretty big bonus for patrons. People won’t be left out from the Instagram feeding and liking lol!.


Staffs were pretty amazing at the time we patronized the outlet. They acknowledged our presence from the very beginning. I love how they smiled genuinely and tried their very best to work from their heart. Friendly and polite, another terms on how I would described their attitude. So, we both got the super bonuses-amazing interior concept, WIFI, pleasant music and attentive staffs. To add to that extras, the Owner came to our table and had some lengthy conversation with us. That showed how much the owner wanted his customers to be really satisfied with the visit to his Restaurant. What about the food and drinks?

Bandung Cincau and Iced Milo

@joehairie ordered the super yummy Iced Milo and I ordered the Bandung Cincau. Almost all restaurants and cafes in Malaysia serves this kind of beverages. But what the difference here? According to@joehairie, the Milo that he ordered was extremely rich in flavor especially when there were super generous spread of Milo powder on the top. He said that it was like eating Milo rather drinking it. My Bandung Cincau was good as well. Not that sweet as I prefer and lots of Cincau Jelly inside it. The distribution between syrup and milk were equal and that made my Cincau an awesome drink. Both drinks cost RM 4.50 each.

Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit

   The main servings of this Restaurant are Burgers but @joehairie said he craved for some rice so he ordered Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit or Fried Rice with Chicken (Marinated in Turmeric and fried). The Fried Rice tag price is RM 8.90. I ordered the Bongawan 3B’s Spicy Burger. This particular selection and so are all premium burgers in this Restaurant comes with 3 side dishes that you get to choose from the menu itself. I chose the mayonnaise corn, fresh fruit and French Fries. The yummy appetizing Combo set cost RM 17.90.

Bongawan 3B’s Spicy Burger and The Side Dishes

@joehairie said that the Nasi Goreng was delicious but I personally think that it might be better if some bird eyes chilies being offered. A small bowl of soup will do the trick. Most restaurants in Sabah gives a small bowl of soup to accompany the main dish. However, overall it was okay, he said. The gigantic and colorful burger was good enough for me. It was spicy as the name suggested. Generous size of Beef Fillet which tasted so good. The gravy although a bit spicy, tasted perfect. The bread itself were tender. Tomatoes and onions, fresh and gave nice texture and colors to the already greenish bread. French fries were crispy and had enough salt. I love the freshness of the fruits, originally sweet and carefully carved by the Chef.

The Outstanding Staffs-Kudos and 2 thumbs up!!

We enjoyed the time spent in this Restaurant. It offers the best in terms of Interior Design, Staffs attitude, Fast Internet Connection and most importantly super yummy delicious food and beverages. The only 2 things that need to be scrutinized by the owner are #never forget to ask customers if they need bird eyes chilies and soup #2 try the very best to eliminate the presence of mosquitoes in the evening as at times it does bother (at least for me). Other than that, we both were truly satisfied with the products and services offered during the time we visited this particular outlet.

Whats my verdict? (Cafe/Restaurant: Stand-Alone Category) (Score: 9/10 )

Ambiance & Overall Concept: 9/10

Food-Menu, Presentation and Taste: 9/10

Beverages-Menu, Presentation and Taste: 9/10

Service/Wifi/All other ‘Extras’: 10/10

Price: 8/10

Feeling like coming to this cool outlet? Head on to:

The Burger Bakar Borneo Restaurant
Lot 168 Block U
Alamesra Kota KInabalu
Phone: +60 17 8663008 OR +60 88 3173008
Facebook: CLICK HERE

Let’s check out some cool photos taken from the Restaurant Instagram account and Facebook Page.

Untitled - 24
Beef Steak
Untitled - 23
3Bs Elopura Burger
3Bs Kapalai
Untitled - 26
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