Sabah Traditional Food Cooking Demo by Chef Arlinsia Agang aka @darling810

Chef Arlinsia Philosophy: ‘Cooking is my theraphy’


As mentioned in the previous entry, there was this one exciting and awesome cooking demo done by Chef Arlinsia Agang for the @kulafoods Australia. I found this wonderful lady by chance through a friend. There was actually a ‘race’ for the cooking demo between Arlinsia team and another team from Kinarut. Arlinsia managed to secure the demo slot in the eleventh hour. Lucky her!!!

Before I proceed with the amazing demo, let me introduce who Arlinsia is. Arlinsia is the owner of O’LaLa Cafe II at the Menggatal New Township. Simply put, she is a business minded person with passion in travel, food and cooking.  Her Cafe serves Sabah Traditional Food. That explains her ability in preparing and cooking Sabah Traditional Food. She can be followed in her Instagram account or call her directly at +60 19 883 6380. Alternatively, you may email her at Believe me, though young, she is a very talented cook.

Let’s take a peek on how the Weekly Tamu  (Market) looks like. Tamu (means “Meeting”) is a traditional open-air market of Sabah. Long ago, there was no supermarket and groceries stores or malls, so farmers, fishermen and hawkers would gather weekly at tamu to exchange their goods by (barter system).

Tamu is a social gathering place where villagers exchange news and gossip.This is the market that Chef Arlinsia goes to on weekly basis to get her supplies for cooking traditional food at her Cafe or when there are guests visiting her home. In this market, there are so many interesting raw ingredients or cooked food that can be bought at an amazing cheap price.

For the cooking demo, Chef Arlinsia prepared these wonderful traditional food for dinner. At a later stage, I will do an in depth writing about Sabah Traditional Food, its origin, recipes and more. I will go one by one and tell you how to cook the dishes prepared by Chef Arlinsia. If you can’t wait for that, do drop by at Arlinsia’s Cafe or call her to make an appointment for an exclusive visit to her house where she will cook for you according to your selected menu(s) and right after that, you can taste all of the cooked food.

  1. Linopot
  2. Luba Laya
  3. Pinasakan Sada
  4. Hinava
  5. Ikan Kembong Masin
  6. Ginarut Sangop
  7. Lihing Chicken Soup
  8. Ikan Masin Masak Tulod-Tulod
  9. Jeruk Tuhau
  10. Bosou Nangka
  11. Butod
  12. Jeruk Losun
  13. Tuhau Goreng
  14. Pucuk Papayas Goreng

Lets take a peek on what happened on the night of the cooking demo (March 23, 2016). I will let @kulafoods do the comprehensive review as this is their project. Do follow @kulafoods through the links given in the previous post.

This was the scenario when I arrived at Arlinsia Residence, ‘cameras and videos in action’.
Chef Arlinsia preparing the ingredients for the demo
Close up of the raw ingredients being prepared for the cooking demo.
Right after the cooking, @kulafoods started their docu.

Line up of the cooked Traditional Food
Chef Arlinsia and Ms Ting of @kulafoods were happy with the outcome

And the eating began, happy faces with gadgets still active lol!!
Happy Foodies-From left- @joehairie @curiostraveller @kulafoods-Ms Ting @darling810 the chef @ kulafoods -Ms Pam and @gotohsan.

If ever you are interested to know more about Chef Arlinsia works, do follow her by directly contacting her in the links given earlier. On behalf of @kulafoods, I thank you Chef Arlinsia for your effort. The food prepared were yam yummy!! Awesome!! 2 thumbs up Chef Arlinsia.