The Beauty Of Sabah: Showcase Gallery 1 by @haralhaj


Gallery 1-‘When Nature Speaks for itself’ through my lens…

In my previous article (click HERE), I wrote about my intention to come to Sabah for a short trip. Well, I came and now I am back in my hometown, Pontian, Johor Darul Ta’zim. I enjoyed my short vacation in Sabah and I went to Kundasang / Ranau as well. I dedicate this photo gallery to my family members, friends, colleagues, Sabahans, Malaysians and to international visitors planning to come to Sabah. I do hope that all of you will be inspired and motivated by the beauty of Sabah. Thank you Sabah!

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Delicate People of an Elegant State : Sabah, “Land Below The Wind”

Me, Miza…

For a city girl, when one mentioned the word Sabah, the image that would come to my mind would be a state with no skyscrapers. Public transportations would be difficult. It would not be easy to find good restaurants. No malls to shop. But the most frightening part would be the language barrier.  How would I find my way if I am lost there? What about the people? Would they be helpful if I needed help?  All these have been playing in my mind for the past few years, and were some of the reasons why I didn’t travel to Sabah.  It may sound childish to some, but I must admit I am a coward at uncertainties.

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