Family Bonding @ The Chicken Rice Shop, Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

“At the Chicken Rice Shop, it’s true about what they are saying, its not just about Chicken Rice. It’s more than that. For the Remimi’s, it’s about how we spent quality time and had good meals together”-@joehairie

The Remimi’s

A week ago, the team members decided to invite the Remimi’s for a family gathering at The Chicken Rice Shop. In Kota Kinabalu, there are 3 Chicken Rice branches: Imago Mall, 1 Borneo Mall and Suria Sabah Mall. For this review, we chose the outlet at Imago Mall. This is the first Chain Restaurant that we are going to review. We want to know if The Chicken Rice Shop is the right place for a large family to dine in. Are the prices of food and beverages affordable to all type of customers? Were our food and beverages presented properly according to the menu and tasted delicious? These were the questions that we asked ourselves prior coming to this restaurant. Read further to know more about our findings.

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