North Borneo Railway : Part 3-Photo Gallery

Content arranged by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by team members)


In part 1 (link), we published an entry describing the history of North Borneo Railway while in part 2 (link), we wrote about our own experience being on board the train, a return trip to Papar from Tanjung Aru Railway Station. In this part 3, we will be sharing some of the photos, showing all the places that we’ve seen during that memorable trip on September 24, 2016. We do hope that you will be inspired to do the same journey and after that, do share your experience with us!

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North Borneo Railway : Part 2-The Experience

Written by @joehairie. Content arranged by @Lan.
(Photos by team members)


It left our beloved civilization, from the concrete jungle into the real green jungle.  It went through some villages, mangroves, jungles and plantations until it reached a small town where the locals were a bit slower in doing things in comparison to those in state capital. They looked pretty happy with what they are doing daily. We both kind of loving that way of life, free from the city’s stress. There’s no massive traffic jam here. Local kids were excited to see the train coming, waving hands as if they are mates of us. We saw them waved again during the return trip. Did they actually wait? Welcome to North Borneo Railway, Arman said to us and we wish you the same, this is part 2 of 3 in regard to our experience on board North Borneo Railway, a great service by Sutera Harbour Resort & Sabah State Railway Department.

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North Borneo Railway : Part 1- About & History

Content arranged by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Train ride on Saturday: September 24, 2016)
Photos by team members
Photos copyright belongs to, North Borneo Railway & Sutera Harbour Resort
Special Mention & Credit: North Borneo Railway by Sutera Harbour Resort & Sabah State Railway Department, The Engine Museum (United Kingdom), Our Angels (Tracy, Ana & Clara)


No other experience on other train service is able to beat our experience being on board the North Borneo Railway. The experience will last forever in our thoughts. Yes, this is not the Eastern & Oriental service but this service is in North Borneo, Sabah Malaysia, it’s a ride on a classic train. Not the Shinkansen or bullet train as in Tokyo to all over Japan either but the return trip to Papar from Tanjung Aru station by North Railway Borneo took us to the ‘past’. It made us understand one big thing, the history. It made us ably to appreciate all the elements of a classic train by just being on a single ride! A ride of a lifetime that we strongly recommend to all of you, without any hesitation, not even a second!

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Magnificent Sunset View @ Tanjung Aru Beach

(Photos by @joehairie)

The Tanjung Aru Beach is located about 6 Kilometers from Kota Kinabalu City. Locals here flock to this area during weekends and tourist come like everyday to view the magnificent sunset. Tanjung Aru name is taken from the Casuarinas or Aru Trees. The main attraction is always the 2nd beach as it has food stalls serving local food and drinks that open till late at night. You can get some coconut and sugarcane juice, chicken or beef satay and steamed peanuts and corn. I lived in this area during my teen years so I do know that locals divided the beach to 3 sections. The 1st beach, 2nd beach and 3rd beach.

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