Jambatan Tamparuli: The Journey On The Shaky Bridge To ‘The Other Side’

(Article contributed to the Inner Circle of Shangri-La Group) 

Posing with Travelling Beruang in support of the MAKNA program to help children with cancer in Malaysia

It has always been my dream to be able to get back home in my own hometown, Tamparuli. I have been living outside Sabah for quite a long time. I came home finally and immediately took the chance to get back home and see the progress of my Village. There are 2 unique bridges in Tamparuli Town itself. First is the Suspension Bridge which is meant for pedestrians. The second one is the bridge that was built by the British in the 1950’s and that bridge alone has its own legend, a forgotten love story that involved a British Officer, a local girl and a local man. Tragic ending that is, so to say.

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