Unduk Ngadau 2016: Surat Terbuka untuk Sherry Anne Laujang

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un 2016

Surat terbuka ini ditujukan kepada Unduk Ngadau 2016, Sherry Anne Laujang, kesemua AJK KDCA dan Jawatankuasa Unduk Ngadau Peringkat Negeri Sabah 2016, bakal Unduk Ngadau 2017, kesemua perserta Unduk Ngadau 2016 dan kepada semua yang mengikuti perkembangan pertandingan Unduk Ngadau 2016 dari mula hingga akhir.

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Unduk Ngadau 2016: Is she the next Huminodun or a Beauty Queen for 365 days?

(Credit to Adiputera)

The Unduk Ngadau winner is supposed to be able to exude a high degree of moral because they are representing the Kadazan, Dusun and Murut women. We are also looking at a winner who can be the role model to the younger generation and has a spirit of voluntarism in being willing to sacrifice her time for the community, besides being intelligent to ably present our country, culture and tourism to the world”-Joanna Kitingan

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Unduk Ngadau Pesta Kaamatan: The Legend


Unduk Ngadau is about getting back to roots. The roots of the Kadazandusun. It is about The Spirit Of Rice and understanding why and how Kinoingan and Suminundu sacrificed their only daughter, Ponompuan . She is later known as Huminodun, the transformed sacrifice and her spirit (Rusod) now lives in every plant. Huminodun’s rusod in paddy is regarded as Sunduan in status and is fondly called Bambarayon by Bobolians to denote the highest hierarchical position of this plant in the eyes of all Kadazan Dusuns. (KDCA.December 7, 2004).

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