Sabah Fest 2016-Part 1 (Handicraft Showcase/Traditional Food)

(Photos by @joehairie)

JKKN Sabah-The Venue For Sabah Fest 2016 (April 29-30 to May 1,2016)

(May 1, 2016)

(This Part 1 of 3 features the Handicraft Showcase & Traditional Food- Sabah Fest 2016)

Sabah Fest is a celebration of Sabah’s rich and diverse cultures through musical theater and exhibitions under one roof. For the recently held 2016 event, Sabah Fest took audiences back in time with the staging of Gulu Gulu– a tribute to the past. Gulu Gulu (a Kadazan Dusun term which means ‘a long time ago’) focuses on the adventure, trials and tribulations of legendary Sabah warrior, Mat Salleh.

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Sabah Fest introduction ‘note’

Exciting Pocket Show during Sabah Fest 2016

For us, the team members, we got the tickets much earlier than most of everyone else (early April). We saw the promotional banner below and without thinking twice, we contacted Sri Pelancongan and in few hours, we received the tickets. Unlike the other bloggers who are dearly attached to some Sabah Tourism officers, we worked pretty hard to get these tickets.

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