60 Sungkai/Iftar Ideas for 2017 :Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysia

List compiled by @joehairie

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As mentioned in our previous article (LINK), we will be listing 60 Ideas for your Sungkai/Iftar during Ramadhan Month 2017. We will list 60 places/eateries/food ideas, available across Sabah and Sarawak in order to give a guidance for Iftar or Sungkai seekers. We do hope that such list will help all of you in getting the best idea for your next Iftar/Sungkai. Wherever you are (during Ramadhan Month 2017) in Sabah/Sarawak major cities/towns, worry not, as you can count on this list to search for the best place for your Sungkai/Sungkei/Iftar.

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Sunset Music Fest 2016 @Kudat, Sabah

(Photos by @joehairie unless stated otherwise)


“One thing that amazes us about good music, is how an artist sums up emotion and exactly how we feel, in minutes. Good and groovy music will always makes us tapping our feet on the ground”-curiostraveller.com 

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