A Day of Silence at Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali

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For Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali

Nyepi Day is one of the days we always look forward to every year and this year falls on 7 March 2019. It’s also known as Silent Day to re­ect the Balinese New Year calendar. You can be witness to the peace that embraces the island by joining a series of activities while you are at Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali.

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The Colors of Indonesian Nasi Padang

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Photos by curiostraveller.com team members


Thought of the day-“The only thing that I like better than talking about food is eating.”-John Walters

One long table, 2 diners, more than 20 dishes and at least 5 kinds of Sambal (hot/spicy sauce). If that’s not enough, there were 3 staffs monitoring the table, looking for more empty space to offer more dishes. Each dish presented in different texture, color and taste. That striking red sambal chili was kind of a warning for me not to consume it but then Asians can’t live without sambal. This is Nasi Padang, padangnese can’t live without it, it’s their ‘trademark’, we are pretty sure of that.

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Ayam Bakar Kantri by Kantri Restaurant @ Singosari-Malang, Indonesia

Written by @Lan & Edited by @Joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com)


“I am not a glutton, I am an explorer of food”-Erma Bombeck

A journey is incomplete without some great food and so our journey in East Java did have some stops here and there, enjoying the best of Indonesian cuisine. One of the most memorable dining experience was at the Kantri Restaurant which is located along the main road of Singosari, Malang-Surabaya. We just had some big breakfast and all the sudden we were hungry again and so our guide cum driver decided to made a ‘pit-stop’ at Kantri Restaurant. The menu seemed to have mostly fusion food but somewhere in between the pages I managed to see one alluring dish named as Ayam Bakar Kantri.

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Coban Rondo Waterfall @ Batu-Malang, Indonesia

Written by@Joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com team members)


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”-Confucius

With height of about 84 m and located at an altitude of 1,135 meters above sea level, Coban Rondo Waterfall/Air Tejun is indeed one famous landmark in Malang, Indonesia and mostly visited by Indonesian Tourists and locals, at times by foreign tourists too. Some travellers will simply skip this place as most will stay in Malang City for a night or two only, before or after the trip to Mount Bromo. As foreigners, we did not know the existence of this place. It was our guide who took us here. Coban Rondo is not being widely mentioned so not so many foreigners know about this place.

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The Amazing Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendants: Kind-Hearted Vera & Ninik

Written by @Lan & Edited by @Joehairie
Image taken from Jakarta Post (Link)
Image by Jakarta Post

Recently, I read one article in Jakarta Post (Link). It was about two Garuda Indonesia flight attendants, Vera and Ninik Septinawati who went miles, taking bold initiative to help an elderly passenger getting off the plane. Vera is a junior flight attendant and to see that she’s ably to carry an elderly passenger on her back, barefooted, is truly something beyond my ‘thoughts’. This is what I shall say ‘truly great service’and it’s good to know that both Vera and Ninik have received awards from Indonesian Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi.

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Mount Bromo, as we see it (Part 2-Up close & personal with the active volcano!)

Written by @Lan & edited by @joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com team members)


“Volcanoes are one way Earth gives birth to itself.”-Robert Gross

After that excitement at Penanjakan View Point (Link to Part 1), our curiosity towards Mount Bromo got bigger and we felt that it’s a must to be closer to the active volcano, seeing it from the edge! It’s an up close and personal adventure, a ‘meet-up’ with the nature that was planned almost a year ago. With some help from various organizations, we’re finally here! Getting here from Penanjakan View Point using the Jeep, maneuvered by Wes, took us about 40 minutes. It was a bit packed road with so many Jeeps, people and motorbikes (Ojek), slowing us down. Deep inside we felt like we want to be near to Bromo soonest possible before more people come. To get to the edge of Mount Bromo, riding a horse or walking and conquering the 250 steps on foot are mandatory!

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Rawon @ Jamoo, Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya : The traditional Indonesian Beef black soup

Written by @Lan & Edited by @joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com team members unless stated otherwise)


“I live on good soup, not on fine words.’-Moliere, French Playwright 1622-1673

Previously, we wrote about our first time experience drinking Jamu. This time around, we will reveal what we both thought about Rawon, an Indonesian dish originated from Surabaya. Initially, we were not sure what to expect. We’ve read about it, seen it on TV, hearing people talked about it but we yet to taste it until we were at Jamoo, Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. Another first time experience! What more can we ask for? We tasted the Traditional Herbal Drink and now it’s the Indonesian/East Javanese Traditional Dark Beef Soup. Such experience really broaden our culinary perspective! Did we enjoy consuming that particular Beef black soup? Here’s our honest review..

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Jamu at Jamoo? Only @ Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya : Healing and refreshing Herbal drink!

Written by @joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com team members unless stated otherwise)


“Jamu asal Indonesia tidak ada tandingannya di dunia, hanya saja rasa kepemilikan dan kebangsaan bangsa Indonesia sendiri masih sangat rendah terhadap jamu tradisional.”-Jaya Suprana

There were so many memorable experience when we visited Surabaya, Indonesia. One of those was when we were given the opportunity to sample some of the finest Jamu served at Jamoo, Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. This particular hotel was our residence in Surabaya for 5 days and 4 nights. It was during lunch at Jamoo that we saw one lady wearing Indonesian Kebaya and carrying a basket (gendongan) with 4 bottles inside it. We were later told that she is the famous ‘Ibu Jamu Gendong‘. Her name is Ibu Lilik Mudjiati. Together with her colleague (Ibu Yayuk), they take turns in making and serving Jamu to patrons opting to have Buffet Lunch at Jamoo. While we do have another great coverage for Jamoo, we felt it is appropriate to highlight this particular experience, drinking that Jamu, for the first time ever! It’s indeed great herbal drink, healing and refreshing!

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It’s Joe Déjà vu @ Bali, Indonesia

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(Photos by @curiostraveller & @joehairie)


It took some time for @joehairie to finally gave in his ‘piece’ of his mind about Bali. Bali is like our second home. We made a point that we must visit Bali at least once a year. It’s a beautiful place with so many good foods, amazing culture and nice people. After so many visits to this mystical land, he recently told me about his inner thoughts, his Déjà vu and I decided that I must write about that. Writing about our ‘tour’ is something common and people do that all the time, all of em’ are in google. We want to write things about Bali, differently. I experienced the presence of an entity and Joe on the other hand experienced the thing named as  Déjà vu. 

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