Malaysia Delicious 100

The list is being updated (Monday, 16 July 2018-Thursday 16 August 2018). All 100 eateries and dishes will be mentioned in the list. 

(The best 100 of 1862 dishes by Restaurants/Cafes/Stalls-Food Court-Street-Festival/Food Truck/Delivery Service in Malaysia)

Our team and our official partner (IG: @roticanaitraveller ) went to all 14 States and Federal Territories in Malaysia from July 2017 to June 2018. Altogether we ate at more than 400 eateries with a total of 1862 dishes. From this long list of amazing foods, we have shortlisted to 100 dishes. We highly recommend these 100 dishes for you to try!


(The foods that you wouldn’t mind going for a second or third or more)


#1 Murgh Makhani by Spice Island, Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.


This dish is about Free Range Chicken cooked with Tomatoes, Cashew Nuts and Creamy Fenugreek Sauce. It is a non spicy dish, perfect for everyone and once you have it, you will want more and more. It’s creamy, tender, sweet, salty and sour (obviously from the Tomatoes) and with boneless chicken meat.

Spice Island
Level 3, Sutera Harbour Marina & Country Club
Sutera Harbour Resort
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


#2 Nazzeera’s Roti Bakar Kacang Phool, Tanjung Tokong, Penang


Inspired by Middle Eastern version of Spiced Fava Beans, Nasirah Shariff introduced her Roti Bakar Kacang Phool. Currently her stall is at Kompleks Desiran Tanjung and she aims to expand her business in the near future. Her version of Roti Bakar and Kacang Phool was the best that we have ever tasted in the entire Nation! FB: @Kacangphoolpenang IG: @rotibakarkacangphoolpenang


#3 Roti Canai Kayu Arang, Kg Bakar Batu, Bachang, Melaka

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Recommended by RotiCanaiTraveller, this moderate eatery serves delicious and affordable all kinds of Roti Canai that are cooked with the heat from Charcoal; not that typical modern stove. From as low as RM2, one may savor the best that this eatery has to offer! FB: @roticanaikayuarangBachang


#4 Mashawi Grill, Jalan Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

4-Turkish Pide Pizza

It’s a culinary oasis that serves delicious and unforgettable Middle Eastern dishes. Portions are big and good for sharing. Of all their amazing dishes, we highly recommend Turkish Pide Pizza (Chicken/Lamb/Mix) which is priced as low as RM15. In addition, their Arab Mandhi Rice Set is second to none; in the whole Malaysia! FB: @MashawiGrill


#5 Rasa Utara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5-Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda

With outlets at Berjaya Times Square, MidValley and IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, the brand serves delicious Northern Malaysia cuisine and the dish that we highly recommend is their bestseller named as Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda; Deep fried chicken with homemade blended chili paste stirred fried slowly for few hours. @rasautara


#6 Promenade Café, Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

6-Oxtail Masak Asam Pedas

Not known to many, this eatery serves amazingly delicious and high quality Oxtail ‘Masak Asam Pedas’; Oxtail simmered in spicy and sour broth with a blend of local herbs served with Steamed Coconut Milk Rice. The dish beats its rival in other establishments across Malaysia. FB: @promenadehotelsnresort


#7 Jelapang Restaurant, Adya Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia


The restaurant serves scrumptious a la carte dishes and their most recommended dish is Bird’s Eye Chili Steak; a fusion dish of grilled tenderloin steak accompanied with fried potatoes, side salad dressing served with cili padi (bird’s eye chili) brown sauce! FB: @adyahotellangkawi


#8 Nasi Bamboo Sg Klah,Kampung Buloh Telor, Sungkai, Perak

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Recommended by RotiCanaiTraveller, this eatery serves delicious Nasi Buloh, Nasi Panggang, Daging salai masak lemak cili padi, all kinds of Kerabu, Grilled Fish and Chicken. Website: FB: @izadahmad313


 #9 Sepinang Sari Café, Kuching, Sarawak


Serving delicious, affordable and most importantly Halal Mee Kolok, this eatery was recently visited by RotiCanaiTraveller. This eatery is one of the few selected eateries in Sarawak that is listed in Malaysia Delicious 100.
FB: @SepinangSariMeeKolokTheOfficial.


#10 Garage Kafe, Penampang Bypass, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

10-Sup Tulang Power

Started business in April 2016, this eatery is famous for its delicious and well portioned Sup Tulang Power. Other notable dishes are their Nasi Lemak and Chicken Chop Full Throttle. FB: garagekafeofficial



(It comes with delicious foods, if you must ask)


#11 Dinner In The Sky (Currently available at Skyland Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


Yes, you will be dining in the sky; on top of a platform, hanging there with the help of the crane, of course! But, there will be some twist as the platform will be rotating, your brain will fool you (it will consistently tell you that at least you will drop something, if not you yourself!) and at the same time you have to dine, 3 course dinner that is.


It’s not cheap to get on the platform, so your brain will tell you that you MUST finish the food, from appetizer to dessert. It’s a 1 hour ‘ride’ on the most unique dining platform in Malaysia, so in addition to all that ‘needs’, you have to find some time to take pictures or videos. ..and oh yeah, we tried it twice, in Kuala Lumpur and in Kota Kinabalu! It’s uniquely insane, must-try, memorable, miss it and you will regret! FB: @skydinnermalaysia


#12 Dine casually with a view to die for at Nasi Dagang Pak Malau, Langkawi, Malaysia


It’s uniquely calming, the view is to die for and the breeze coming from the highland in the distance as well as that awesome green color of paddy field will make you ‘hang around’ like forever, refusing to go home though some already in the line to sit in the Gazebo that you have been occupying since morning! The food, amazingly delicious Nasi Dagang with it sides. Read our full review HERE. FB: @nasidagangpakmalau


#13 When in Rome, do as the Romans do, as people keep saying do as the locals do whenever you are at Brunei Satay House, Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Learn the art of Eating Ambuyat.  


Of all their many delicious dishes, the Ambuyat Set is perhaps the most interesting dish especially for non-sabahans. The Sabahans and people in Brunei are pretty much familiar with this dish but for outsiders, they will have the most unique, well initially awkward dining experience when they are about to consume this dish as one literally need to learn the skill to ‘pick up’ every elements using the wooden chopstick,  embracing the locals’ favourite.


It might be weird to first timers but hey once you have it, you will ask for more! Of all places in the whole Malaysia, the best place to go to have Ambuyat is definitely Brunei Satay House. Ambuyat is said to be a dish originated from Brunei and to eat that, one need to mix bits of everything from the Ikan Ampap to the Kuah Cecah, a thick soup that is made from boiling the Ikan Basung with selected ingredients. They serve great delicious satay as well. Do note that, the Ambuyat Set is not available daily, so check out their FB Page and contact them for precise schedule of serving. FB: @BruneiSatayHouseLegacy (Read our full review HERE)


#14 Uptown Kontena, Tok Jembal, Gong Badak Kampong Terengan, Terengganu, Malaysia 


Image from Uptown Kontena Official Facebook page (Link)

With various food outlets inside it, Uptown Kontena is dubbed as ‘Mini Bali of Terengganu’. The eateries part or Dapo Pata has an amazing view of the lagoon. Created by Affandi Hamzah, the entire place is of 1.6ha in size and currently it has about 18 bistros/cafes. It’s one of the best and indeed unique place to visit in Terengganu, obviously for great foods and view. FB: UptownKontena


#15 Mee Belacan at Kopi Tarik Cafe, Satok, Kuching, Sarawak


Recommended by @roticanaitraveller this eatery serves one amazing dish named as Mee Belacan, that we think is unique for International Diners. It’s unique for this particular dish, and diners will dine in a local cafe environment. One of the main ingredients is ‘Belacan’ or shrimp paste. The Malaysians are familiar with ‘Kangkong Belacan’ but not all have yet to try it. The Mee Belacan is second to Laksa Sarawak but (for International Diners) is worth trying it to have deep understanding of local cuisine in Sarawak, Malaysia. (Image by @roticanaitraveller) FB: KopiTarik (Link)



The Top 10 for Malaysia Delicious 100 is listed in Borneo360 ALIVE magazine (vol 23)












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