Malaysia Delicious 100 Food : The search begins..

Written by @Lan & @joehairie
In search for Best 100 Food in 100 Eateries Across Malaysia


Update: To see the full listing (ongoing from August 2017-April 2018), click HERE. In each listing, there will be a specific link to the in-depth review from us as well as to various platforms

From 10 August 2017 to 30 April 2018, we will be searching for the best 100 food in 100 eateries across Malaysia. It means we have to travel here and there and although it will consume much of our time, we are happy to run this project as in the end we will be able to line-up the list for “Malaysia Delicious 100 Food”. We will be inviting some eateries, walking in impromptuly or will accept some invitations. Here are some details of our latest project. For restaurant/cafe/stall owners, if you think your eatery ably to fit in our criteria, invite us over, where ever you are in Malaysia. For readers, this is the list that will make you ‘crave’ and become avid food hunters.

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The Halal/Muslim Friendly/Healthy Kota Kinabalu Food Trek 2017-2018 : Introduction


Thought of the day-“You are what you believe yourself to be.”-Paulo Coelho

It’s a long stretch, that route we saw from above, from Papar town to Tuaran Town. In the middle is Kota Kinabalu City. This particular route is about 88 KM long with so many amazing eateries here and there. There is no list whatsoever, a complete and updated one that pin point exact location of Halal and Muslim Friendly eateries located along that long stretch. It’s making Muslim Visitors having to google for information and will always end up with something outdated, a list of 10-12 eateries. That was it. The writer don’t even bother to verify by visiting and dining, giving a clearer picture. This is our initiative. Creating that list which will be updated yearly. A project that we named as Halal/Muslim Friendly/Healthy Food Trek for 2017-2018..

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