Red Bull Pledges to Bring Hafizh Syahrin Home for Raya

  • This is to coincide with Red Bull Product of Europe’s My Raya Pledge Campaign
  • My Raya Pledge is Red Bull Product of Europe’s First Ever Ramadan campaign to cement its position as the energy drink of choice for Malaysians


For the majority of Muslims in Malaysia, the month of Ramadan and Syawal is regarded as the months of reflecting and festivities. From observing fasts which leads to a month of celebration, they are the perfect time to be spending quality moments with family and friends. For Malaysian MotoGP rider, Hafizh Syahrin, in the past three years, he has been spending Ramadan and Syawal at the race tracks – either training or racing. As the first ever Southeast Asian to participate in the MotoGP category, the premier motorcycle racing World Championship, Hafizh has a mountain of responsibility on his shoulder. Hopes and dreams, not just of his own but his millions of fans, who would like to see him do good and make Malaysia proud.

This year, things might change for Malaysia’s Red Bull KTM Tech3 rider as the brand has launched a campaign called Red Bull My Raya Pledge. With a mission to get a minimum of 1,000 Raya pledges from Malaysians, Red Bull is getting the ball rolling with its own pledge of bringing Hafizh home to celebrate Raya with his family in the very Malaysian spirit of Balik Kampung.

As it is traditionally celebratory in nature, Ramadan and Hari Raya period are both known to be challenging and hectic that goes beyond abstinence from food and drinks and attending open houses. There is also the rush for Ramadan Bazaars to buy food in preparation for berbuka puasa (breaking of fast), the Terawih prayers, the build-up towards Raya and of course the inevitable traffic jams. Every Muslim knows that the most important factor to endure a full month of fasting and a successful Ramadan is an alert state of body and mind. Red Bull  Product of Europe is the ideal fuel for this. Additionally, for those balik kampung journey covering many kilometres, there is nothing like taking a break and enjoying a cold can of Red Bull to reset your energy while driving.

With Red Bull My Raya Pledge, the brand aims to be the energy drink of choice for Malaysians during this period. As the face of this campaign, Hafizh invites Malaysian to submit their Raya pledges. They could be as personal as ‘I pledge to berbuka puasa more with my family this year’ to mission statements, ‘I pledge to work hard enough this Ramadan so that I can afford to give at least RM2 each to my hoardes of nieces and nephews as duit raya’. The contest is open to all Malaysians as Aidilfitri is celebrated widely across all races in the country. The best pledges stand a chance to win standout prizes from Red Bull and Touch ‘n Go eWallet as campaign partner, with the grand prize being an ultimate Open House sponsored by Red Bull and just maybe, to celebrate Aidilfitri with Hafizh Syahrin.

MotoGp 55 Syahrin Red Bull KTM Tech3
Syahrin poses for a portrait during the official presentation of the Red Bull KTM Tech3 team in Mattighofen, Austria on January 12, 2019.

“I am grateful to be part of this campaign and I hope to see a lot of pledges from my fans and Malaysians in general. I may be a MotoGP rider and have traveled the world, but in the end, my heart is still in Malaysia. For me to be able to come back to my hometown in the Klang Valley (both Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur) to celebrate Aidilfitri means so much to me after three years of not being able to do so. My pledge is for you to make this happen for me and we could all celebrate this auspicious day together”, says Hafizh enthusiastically

Hafizh Syahrin 2 .jpg

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About Red Bull My Raya Pledge

Red Bull My Raya Pledge is the first Raya campaign ever organised by Red Bull product of Europe. Malaysians are invited to share their Raya pledge and 80 weekly winners with the best pledge will stand a chance to win Red Bull product, Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload pin, fuel vouchers and Touch n Go card with credit. The grand prize winner will win an ultimate Open House from Red Bull. The contest runs from 1 May to 30 June 2019. Participants who redeem their Touch ‘n Go eWallet at participating outlets will triple their chances to win the weekly prizes.

About Red Bull Product of Europe

Red Bull Product of Europe is available in over 170 countries worldwide and more than 6.3 billion cans of Red Bull were consumed in 2018. The iconic Blue and Silver 250 ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink contains 50 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a home-brewed cup of coffee.

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