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Written by @Joehairie 

Staying connected to the internet is the most important thing whenever we travel. We recently travelled to South Korea (Busan and Jeju) and initially we had three options; hoping for the Public WiFi, using a SIM Card or simply use a Pocket WiFi. We opted for Pocket WiFi and for this, we narrowed down our choice to Travel Recommends.

Travel Recommends offers Overseas WiFi Router rental and Overseas Pre-paid SIM cards to outbound travellers of Malaysia while abroad. Travelling for leisure or business, Travel Recommends is indeed the best choice as it’s awesomely convenient in many ways. As you read along, you will find out why!

Being travel writers, we need the internet most of the time! We need to constantly update our work with some people, getting information (by googling) and getting updates from friend and family members, via Whatsapp. We also need to upload cool photos and videos in Instagram and Facebook! In short, internet is a must.

That said, we all know that it is possible to make a video call via Whatsapp or Skype, eliminating the need to have an actual SIM card that comes with unbelievable insane International Call Rates, unless you can find an unlimited SIM card that gives you everything that you need with minimum cost!

Public WiFi? Of course Public WiFi is available in most parts in South Korea. Hotels, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, airports and many places provide Public WiFi. However, one need to keep finding the connections and it will certainly be a hassle if you are to move around, example; leaving the shopping mall to the main street.

Depending too much to Public WiFi comes with a risk as well. It can be hazardous and incredibly unsafe if you are to log in to check important things such as your banking details, flight information or reservations; anything with your crucial personal information being exposed to possible hackers nearby! Of course it is safe to google for general information but not when you are dealing with secured information.

Having said that and after considering all other relevant factors, we decided that Pocket WiFi was the best option. There are several companies that offers WiFi Router Rental or Pocket WiFi or WiFi Egg (Whichever name you want to). We did some research and from a list of few providers, we narrowed it down to Travel Recommends.

As we browsed through we noticed that one of their objectives is to ensure that customers always receive excellent internet connection during their time abroad. We need that, always! We were absolutely impressed with the connection, every second of that 6 days in South Korea. There was not even a single second that we’re not connected, except when we were sleeping of course (but we did turn on the router just in case someone call or texting via Whatsapp). In case you are wondering, here is the booking process.

Booking is way easy. If you need to make your bookings/reservation, go to www.travelrecommends.com

Let’s say you are going to South Korea, click the South Korea option. Take note that, Travel Recommends offers coverage for other countries/regions as well!

You will be prompted to choose your Delivery and Return method. There are two options- doing it by yourself (Self Pick Up/Self Drop Off OR by courier). While getting your device via courier sounds great, we recommend that you collect and drop off the device on your own as you don’t have to pay for delivery fee. Currently, there are five locations for Pick Up and Drop Off purpose.

(Public Area of Arrival Hall Level 3 between Doors 3 and 4: Open 24 Hours)

(Gateway@klia2, Level 2, Arrival Hall, L2-73A Tune Store: Open 24 Hours)

PENANG Airport
(Public Area of Arrival Hall, Level 1, Hotlink Booth: Open 6am-11pm)

(I Journey Travel, No.D-1-3 Pusat Komersil Bayu Tasek, Persiaran Southkey 1, Kota Southkey, Johor Bahru)

Lot 9, 2nd Floor, Block A, Damai Plaza, Phase 1, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Proceed by filling in the required details.

After filling in all the details, you will be showed your Rental Fee and as you go along, you will be taken to the payment page where you fill in your payment details (the total fee will be shown, including deposit; which is refundable). Once everything is confirmed, you wait for your pick up date and show up at the respective location, collect your device! Easy.

We arrived in South Korea with the Pocket WiFi in our hands already! There was no need for us to line-up at any counter in Busan Airport as what our friends did. While they were lining-up, we waited for them while browsing the internet as well as using Whatsapp to inform friends and family members that we’re good. A friend of ours opted for SIM Card and he was having problem to activate his card up to the 3rd day we’re in South Korea.

Pocket WiFi Activation

You will be given a small bag.

Inside the bag, is this router (orange in color). The on/off button will be on the right-hand side of the device. Pay attention to the SSID on the device. It will be that SSID that you need when searching and selecting at your destination. There is a password and you need to key in the password when prompted. Once done, you are connected when the WiFi icon appears on the device! Easy.

There is also an adaptor for your use (to charge your device-the Pocket Wi-Fi). Useful indeed as you don’t have to use your own adaptor which is meant for other devices!

For the noobs, there will be a printed manual which you can refer to at all times! Should there be any problem, there is a section in the manual for troubleshooting or simply contact the number given (Whatsapp/Direct call/Email).

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Since we had our Pocket WiFi with Unlimited coverage, we were free to upload contents into our Instagram and Facebook channels, efficiently and without any hindrance! We’re also constantly connected to our friends and family via Whatsapp and even made some video calls!

A week later, we’re back in Malaysia and the first thing we did; drop off our device at the Klia2 counter. The process was under a minute as we did not have to talk to anyone or sign any papers. We received an email thanking us for returning the device! The whole process from start (booking) to end (drop off) was amazingly convenient.


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