Delicious Indian Cuisine in Promenade Café’s Buffet Dinner Spread

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Buffet station for main dishes

Indian cuisine served on top of existing Buffet Dinner Spread at Promenade  Café, Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Available from 1st to 30th November 2018. 

Light up your tastebuds at Promenade Café as they are serving delectable Indian cuisine in their daily Buffet Dinner. Available throughout the month of November 2018, the bold but effective move by Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu is inspired by the Festival of Light or Diwali celebration. Diners in Kota Kinabalu city will now have the best dining option when it comes to Indian Cuisine!


Savoring Indian dishes. Clockwise: Fish Head Curry, Tandoori Chicken, ‘Rava Kesari’ and ‘Gajar Kal Halwa’

We were privileged to dine at this vibrant Café’; which is famously-known for its sumptuous, delicious, generous and affordable buffet sessions. Prior coming here, we regard the decision by the hotel to serve Indian Cuisine for a whole month, as a bold move given that the current market is not that supportive. Well, that was our initial thought and we were absolutely wrong.


Diners lining-up for Tandoori Chicken!

The Café’ was almost full, with diners forming bee-lines, here and there, hoping to get every scoop of that delicious, mouth-watering Fish Head Curry, Tandoori Chicken and alluring desserts; from ‘Rava Kesari‘ to ‘Gajar Ka Halwa‘; not to mention that superbly-smooth, creamy and refreshing Banana Lassi; strongly demanded by diners that made the staff religiously refilling again and again.


Dessert Station

While the number of Indian dishes in the buffet spread was not that significantly greater than other International dishes, the quality; in terms of taste and presentation speaks for the hotel’s management effort to create more meaningful options for diners. For us, that’s already a good start, not only to please diners but to celebrate the cultural diversity in Malaysia.


Tandoori Chicken

We love this particular Tandoori Chicken. It’s perfectly roasted and most importantly delicious. Texture wise; tender inside and on the outside it’s a bit charred, which was something that we prefer. Prior to cooking, it’s marinated with yogurt and spices. It’s as close as the best Tandoori Chicken that we had not long ago; perhaps the quality was the main factor that diners willingly lined-up and patiently waiting for the refills!


Fish Head Curry

Although it’s a curry based dish, it’s not that too spicy as we have expected. It’s cooked in such a way to cater diners of many backgrounds as well as the international diners. The gravy was thick, creamy and flavorful. As for the meat, it was awesomely thick, sweet and fresh. The Executive Chef, Alvin Tan, told us that he perfected the dish by creatively mixing recipes that he learnt in the past.


‘Bhindi Do Pyaza’ (Vegetarian dish: Okra, Onions and Spices)

Basically, it’s a stir-fried dish with Okra (Ladies Finger) as the star. This vegetarian dish complemented both Fish Head Curry and Tandoori Chicken. It’s indeed crunchy, flavorful and we actually went for second! There were some Indian desserts that we had and all were amazingly delicious. Though a bit sweet, all were flavorful.


‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ or ‘Carrot Halwa’: Traditional Indian sweet dessert made with fresh Red Carrots, Milk and Sugar.


‘Rava Kesari’: A popular Indian sweet dessert made of Rava, Semolina or Suji plus sugar, Ghee, Dried Fruit or Nuts and Saffron.


Laddu. Originated in the Indian subcontinent, this sphere-shape dessert is made of flour, ghee, sugar and other ingredients.


Masala Vadai. Originated from South India, it is also known as Paruppu Vadai, perfectly spiced hence the distinct flavor. Simply put, it’s crunchy and same as Laddu, this dessert is popular not only during tea-time but also during Indian festivals such as Diwali.


Banana Lassi; It is a popular traditional yogurt-based drink that originated in the Indian subcontinent.

As in other buffet dinner sessions at Promenade Café, there will be generous serving of International dishes. Read our previous experience savoring the best of Promenade Café’s Buffet Dinner (Whole Roast Lamb) HERE. During our recent visit yesterday’s evening, apart from the Indian dishes, there were some other main dishes as shown below.

There were some alluring BBQ and grilled items served at the BBQ Station.


There were also some mouth-watering desserts as in the pictures shown below.

Bottom Line

Though there were not so many Indian dishes served in the buffet dinner, we do think that it’s actually a good start for the hotel to gradually introduce such dishes. In the future, perhaps Indian dishes will be regularly served in the buffets at Promenade Café. We tried every single Indian main dish and dessert. All of them were of high quality, well-presented and tasty.


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