Buffet Breakfast @ Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris, Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu : Our Story

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Most will write about their lunch or dinner experience at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris, Resorts World Kijal. Both of us however, think that the buffet breakfast should be given equal attention as this is the place where all guests obviously goes to, every morning to have their breakfast. When we read reviews of a particular hotel or resort, there are times when we wish that the writer(s) elaborate on the breakfast part so that we, as the readers (and future guests) will be able to at least know what to expect before coming for breakfast.

For our esteemed international readers and future guest at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris, here is our story. 


Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris at Resorts World Kijal is well-known for its ‘Sampan‘ or little boat with a flat bottom. It is strategically located in the center of the restaurant. It’s a replica of a fisherman boat, Malay traditional fishing boat ;to be precise. It is there to proudly present the Malay heritage, particularly in Terengganu. It is also a reminder for the new generation of such intricate design and effort by the traditional boat-builders; which are significantly becoming less and less in number. It is also there as part of the many buffet stations.

Behind The Name
According to Oral History, Kampong Meraga Beris is combination of Kampong Meraga and Kampong Beris. (Kampong in English is Village). Both Kampong Meraga and Kampong Beris started in the early 1920’s. The earliest group originated from a place named as Balik Bukit. Their migration was due to an infectious disease. Many years later, these two villages, Meraga and Beris were combined, hence having the current name Kampong Meraga Beris. The restaurant at Resorts World Kijal is then named Kampong Meraga Beris. Someone at the resort told us that this Kampong Meraga Beris is just next to the resort or maybe part of the resort. 


It is a non-AC restaurant, slightly being exposed to the gentle breeze coming from the sea. Good thing though after many hours in the bedroom with the AC on. Bit of sunlight here and there but still, it is comfortable dining here. At the time of writing, there is small section, at the very end, meant for smokers. Good news for smokers but then bad news maybe, after the new regulation takes place in the near future. Most tables seats four. If you’re coming in a large group simply combine the tables needed.


We highly recommend that you start at the ‘Soup Station’. During our visit, Chicken Noodle Soup was served at the station. As in the norm of buffets, the menu will be rotated but whatever kind of soup they are serving, we guarantee that it will be delicious. The reason that we recommend the start to be here is mainly because you have to pick your desired ingredients and simmer for a while.


Realizing some people do make mistake, here is the 101. After simmering all the ingredients, put em’ into the bowl and pour the soup, then head to your table to start your feast! Don’t take the wrong ‘broth’, oh yes, some people did (still does) go for that ‘boiling water’, happily pouring that ‘thought to be broth’ into their simmered ingredients. It’s funny but at the same time it’s sad to see their funny faces, consuming bland ‘noodle soup’. Guess who were they blaming? You don’t want to know.


In any buffet breakfast, the egg station is one of the most ‘visited’ station. Literally speaking, everywhere. The trick is to wake up early, as we did. A little bit late and you will have to join the bee line. This was the second station that we went to, twice! Eggs are eggs, they all taste the same but then this particular staff prepare and cook eggs efficiently and in record time!


We had our sunny side up and omelette; as usual the omelette with lots and lots of cheese. My favorite. We ordered twice and we shared. We had to wait for the refill of that Beef Sausage and Streaky Turkey, as it was this moment that the ‘bee line’ started to appear, grabbing whatever and all in the servings. Good thing that the chefs did their rounds, religiously and quickly refilled everything, satisfying the morning ‘vultures’. Both of us, included.


Yum Beef Sausage!


Streaky Turkey


Personally, I can’t simply stop admiring chili sauce or tomato ketchup and put em’ into practically everything I am to consume. The habit is equal to Malaysians having their sambal or birds eye chili in almost everything they consume.


We wanted to do a little test to know if the staff knows every style in cooking eggs..well, she is the egg master. Before even we say anything, she asked “Morning gents. Sunny Side Up, hard scramble, soft scrambled, omelette, frittatas, poached, basted perhaps?’ Ok lady, you are the master.


You don’t want to miss this particular dish, the steamed bun. It is placed in the same station as the ‘Soup’, in our case, the ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’.


Great thing about buffet breakfast at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris is they are serving not only black coffee and tea but Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik as well! Not to mention the coffee machine, to get your cappuccino or latte! Surely, it will be nice to have someone doing rounds to refill your preferred morning beverage, but this is buffet, so don’t be lazy. Walk to the coffee station, burn some calories.


The Pancake station located next to the Egg station, was tender, fluffy and tasted great. There are four choices of sauce and syrup; original syrup, vanilla sauce, chocolate sauce and honey.


This station is worth visiting and grab that yumm offering. That jovial, hard working young man did his job perfectly and continuously refilled Tosai, Tosai and Tosai…well Dosa or Dosé if you insist. It was a popular dish that morning and we did have to wait for our turn to get that Tosai; sort of pancake originated and popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is made from a fermented batter. It is normally served with served hot along with sambar and chutney. Here, they served it along with Fish Curry.




Fish Curry


Our Tosai and Fish Curry. Dip it bit by bit into the gravy and eat; in case you don’t know how to eat it. Alternatively, pour the gravy as much as you prefer, onto the Tosai, then start eating.


Malaysians love Nasi Dagang. This dish is Terengganu’s popular dish. Here at this restaurant, it is served along with Gulai Ikan Tongkol and Gulai Lemak Ayam. In English is ‘Traders Rice‘. It uses a mixture of white rice which is first soaked and subsequently steamed with glutinous rice with coconut milk added for its wonderful aroma and flavor. It is best consumed with Gulai Ikan Tongkol, a spicy fish red curry cooked with tuna and a hoard of spices. The Gulai Lemak Ayam complemented Nasi  Dagang too! It’s a bit spicy though but delicious.


Joe love to have porridge  for his breakfast so this station was his favorite as well! There are also other common stations that you get to see in any buffet breakfast..we did not take anything from these stations though.


Cereal station 


Salad Station


Bread Station


Fruits and some cold dishes


We concluded our breakfast with Malay Kueh-Mueh which were generously served in the buffet. There were some muffin and dry cake as well but we chose to stick to locals favorite.


Bottom Line

The buffet breakfast at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris is the same standard of any buffet breakfast in hotels and resorts. The difference is, there are a number of local dishes that depict the heritage of Terengganu. We especially love that Nasi Dagang as it was so delicious. The accompanying dishes, Gulai Ikan Tongkol and Gulai Lemak Ayam complemented that Nasi Dagang. We’re satisfied with the number of dishes served at this particular buffet breakfast.

Service was exceptional. Staff diligently went around ‘hunting’ for used plates. Chefs did their rounds as well, ensuring guests that there will be enough food for everyone. Staff were friendly, polite, informative and smiled genuinely. We also love how airy the restaurant is and how it’s designed to be a non-AC restaurant. Those seating at the front’s edge will have amazing view of the greenery, pool and sea.

We wrote this ‘story’ so those who are to visit this resort and have buffet breakfast at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris will have an insight, a proper ‘expectations’ on what to see, eat and experience. While some consider breakfast as a normal routine, some do take it seriously and do plan ahead so that they will have better understanding into what they are about to experience. This is especially important if one is visiting a place, for the first time.


Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris
Resorts World Kijal
Km 28, Jalan Kemaman Dungun
Kijal 24100
Terengganu, Malaysia
Phone: (+6) 09-864 1188
Website: Click HERE
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Getting to Resorts World Kijal: Click HERE (By Air and Road)

*The dining experience (Buffet Breakfast) at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris, Resorts World Kijal was part of the stay experience for selected media representatives. Resorts World Genting and Resorts World Kijal fully sponsored the FAM Trip. We however were given the liberty to express our own thoughts without direct or indirect interference from sponsors.

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