Styna Selatan Fishing, Floating Restaurant & Chalet

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Located at Kampung Batangan Baru, Trobong, Kappink, Tuaran, Sabah; Styna Selatan is surrounded by forest, wild mangroves and river which are connected to the cove of the South China Sea. This place boasts of its floating fishing platform and restaurant, not to mention their 14 chalet units. Insanely amazing view but tranquil enough awaits nature lovers, with fishing and appreciating Mother Nature in mind.


Though Styna Selatan is not of 5-Star standard, it offers every basic thing that travellers need. Styna Selatan is a mecca for those who are into fishing activity, be it on the floating platform or the open sea. One may also opt for the side activities such as River Cruise (Mangrove Swamp and Sunset View) or even creatively organize private events such as Family Day and Team Building activities. Camping site is available as well.


The view at Styna Selatan is indeed breathtaking. Though not that far from Kota Kinabalu City, its isolated location gives that needed tranquility; which is of course perfect for recreational fishing. Those who intend to have peaceful day may casually lounge in the floating restaurant that offers local servings, all day round. Being open to Mother Nature, one may hear the bustling of birds singing and whisper of insects.


The floating fishing platform is open to public and safe for all to use that even the kids will love it. It gives that fun, adventurous and educational experience for all walks of life, even for the beginners. The fees are reasonable depending on duration, ranging from RM10 to RM15 and the platform is open 24-7. While it is possible to rent fishing equipment, bringing your own is the wisest thing to do.


While we were at the platform, we didn’t have to wait for more than 10 minutes to see someone managed to catch fish. Being pretty much open to the river enables one to fish efficiently and effectively, there are fishes just everywhere. Patience, knowledge and skills are important but we did get to see a young boy, smiling and showing off his catch of the day.


The floating fishing platform is located next to the floating restaurant where casual diners will have full view of those fishing religiously. The floating restaurant is also perfect for those who are into casual conversation with friends or simply sipping their favorite beverage, doing some work on their laptop.


The restaurant currently offers selected local food and beverages which are reasonably priced. It opens from early morning until midnight, as long as there is a customer inside. It is also possible to ask the cook to serve something that is not available in menu such as Malay Kuih-Muih for your breakfast though request must be placed in advance.


The floating restaurant at Styna Selatan is indeed perfect for friends and family to chill out while patiently waiting for ‘their catch of the day’. In this particular open air platform, guests may book the entire place for private events. We were informed that recently there was a course held at this venue. We’re sure the participants were mesmerized with the beauty of this place.


On a sunny day, guests may enjoy the breathtaking view of the river and blue sky. We felt calm being here as if we’re in our version of paradise. The fresh and soothing breeze was indeed amazing. Everything here moves slowly except when someone is excited to announce his or her ‘catch’ that further escalate the desire to ‘put off the record’ of that someone.


That beautiful morning, we saw a boat docking at the platform and we were made to understand by Mr. Ally Akbar (the owner) that it’s meant for rental by those who needs to fish at the open water (Sea Coastal Fishing). There is also a River Cruise Sunset View enabling guests to enjoy spectacular scenery of serene waters at the Mengkabong River, followed by watching the sun set majestically over the horizon of South China Sea.


The River Cruise Mangrove Swamp take guests cruising the Mengkabong River to enjoy sightseeing of traditional water village, local folks fishing and birds followed by excursion to mangroves swamp.  Apart from that, Traditional Small River Boat is offered to explorers in need of wilderness experience of the free-spirited Mengkabong River.


While it’s surely far from Aman’s characteristics, the chalet does offer basic but satisfactory 14 units, with a choice of Twin Single Bed or Queen Bed. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, stand fan, flat screen HDTV and bathroom with hot shower. The accommodation side provides that needed sanctuary after long day of fishing or sight seeing.


Each room has a big window that gives spectacular view of Mengkabong River. One may simply open the door to enjoy that cool, refreshing breeze and being exposed to the openness, appreciating the magnificent view. Probably not the Shangri-La as depicted by James Hilton but it is a paradise, a place that offers tranquility; a full exposure to the Mother Nature.


Ironically, Styna Selatan is just 40 minutes drive to the City Center but guests may think that they are in a remote area, far from ‘city life‘. There is no big road with plenty cars to see. No pollution, no signs of hectic way of living, people are not rushing here; as all they do all day long is fishing or simply relaxing.


Historically speaking, the place was a Japanese ‘port’ in the 40’s and if you are wondering that Styna name, well it comes from Si Tina, commercially embedded as Styna. This place is surrounded by villages and one may opt to have an up close and personal experience of life here. This place offers an insight into what tranquility means for people living in the village that is strategically located near the Mengkabong River.


Mr. Ally Akbar was kind enough to share with us his vision and future plan for his awesome facilities. In the future, he is planning to organize various activities for guests such as Fishing Academy, Compass Mapping (as part of Team Building Event), and on site courses by Corporate Entities. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and Ally is determined to please his clients, in every possible way.


Our visit to Styna Selatan was amazingly memorable. Color us impressed. We’re amazed with every single thing that we have experienced at this place. Styna Selatan gave us an insight into what the nature has to offer. The facilities, though not of that super luxurious, were actually more than adequate to fulfill all our needs. The experience is something that we are surely going to cherish without hesitation.


Styna Selatan Fishing, Floating Restaurant & Chalet
Kappink , Trobong
Tuaran 88900
Phone: (+6) 012-833 7761
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Official Facebook: Click HERE
Website: Click HERE
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