7 Ways For Noobs to Make Money Online : Work from Home

Written by @Lan

For Noobs or just anyone with no idea at all on how to make money online, this post is for you to read. These 7 ways allows you to work at home and earn some money. No skills or expertise needed; just ensure you have access to the internet and a device (laptop, PC etc). These 7 ways are not just mere recommendations. We tried all 7, proved to effective, valid and we are still doing it.

How we started things..venturing into gig economy


Not all of us are working 9-5 and even those who have full time job are looking for decent ways to earn extra money, side income as people dubbed it. We give you a good example; Joe is working full time while I work from home. Whenever Joe is free from his work, he joins me. He earns respectable salary from his full time job but both of us, put together, doing things in gig economy environment, earns like ..a lot…

I will be very honest. There are no marketing gimmicks here.

I had many full time jobs after graduating from college and later I found myself working in the culinary line as Head Chef. Working from 6 in the morning to 8 in the evening was just not my thing.

I quit my job and became a full time Freelance Writer in 2012. It was in middle 2015 that Joe had this wonderful idea; write in our own blog. We officially started blogging in early 2016.

Trust us when we said that we had no idea at all on how to start this new adventurous career. Joe have to continue working on his full time job and at the same time played the role as Editor-in-chief for this site. While I had to fulfill all writing commitments for some platforms, I did struggle as I had to be the planner and content coordinator for this site.

It didn’t work that well in the first 2 weeks as we had no idea at all on where to start things. We were busy as well with other commitments. Joe then suggested that I temporarily stop from being a freelance writer cum columnist for other mainstream platforms and concentrate in building this particular blog.

Joe also suggested that both of us study all possible alternative online jobs. While we had to surf for information here and there, it did not cost a cent to do that as all that we did was googling!

So, while I spent some hours to start building curiostraveller.com’s brand,  I spent some time to google for information about online jobs as well and so did Joe.

Almost 3 years later, in 2018 we can say that we are both comfortable in what we are doing. Joe maintain his full time job but at the same time plays important role for this blog. Same as me, he is also actively working online and we both are earning money, more than we have expected.

My main point is, you do not have to be particularly an expert. You can start things as we suggested even though you have 0 knowledge. We want to emphasize here that there are thousand ways in earning legitimate money.

These 7 ways are just examples, things that we have experienced and being successful. We are sharing these ideas for the noobs and those who are considering to work online, on full time basis, comfortably working from home.

Here are the 7 ways and we wrote it in simple English excluding all that hard-to-digest terms, which are not suitable for Noobs. We want you to perfectly understand without being confused with professional’s references, terms, words and so on.


1- Start Blogging 


Not that we are suggesting that you start blogging right away but do read the details below and have a precise direction on what to do once you are ready to blog. Understanding this part will help you in seeing the sense of all 7 ways we are suggesting. Just read through and decide later.

Not everyone are familiar with the process in starting a blog. It sounds scary when prominent bloggers said that it is not damn easy to be a blogger, let alone thinking of creating a blog. We had the same concern but we were determined to learn things. The professional bloggers learn things as they go along, they became experts as they have that discipline to follow-up all other things that they were not familiar of.

Why blogging? We are suggesting this first step as it will be helpful at a later stage. You don’t have to be a good writer as your blog might not necessary have all your thoughts and writings in it. Just think of starting an online platform. That online platform will later be a tool for you to work with to promote your own preferred things.

To begin with, choose either that blogger.com or wordpress.com ; click the links to study both platforms. Now, some people will tell you that there are many processes in setting up a blog, from thinking of designing it, up to deciding domain and so on.

The only hardest thing to think of is what your blog is all about; picking the perfect niche. Your passion will tell you. To discuss about this will take us to hundred pages of writing so in order to give you an idea of what niche is about, read this informative article by Adam Connell, a person who inspired us in the initial stage of trying to be bloggers. Here is the article, click HERE.

To skip all those technical things and truly focus on contents, we suggest that you choose wordpress.com ; regardless if you are to go for the free plan or paid plans (Personal, Premium or Business). Paid plans in WordPress.com is the right choice as it gives you that advantages such as having your own domain name, access to outstanding designs, powerful statistics, support from the team as well as having your site ‘mobile ready’.

The Business Plan is the most expensive BUT it does all the technical works for you, not to mention that the support team will guide you whenever you need them. While working on a free platform is fine, eventually you will find out that choosing the paid plans is more convenient. All that you need to do is upload contents.

Of course there will be bits of technical terms that you need to learn but you will learn all about that as you go along, after all with one click, the support team will be there for you. WordPress.com through its paid plans enable you to eliminate all the needs to go through difficult technical terms.

Now that you have the basic knowledge on where and how to start blogging, you may now proceed with reading all other 6 ways in earning money from home and at the end, you will be able to put together all details before heading for the real action.

In short, blogging gives you the ability to put all together the pieces into a single platform and from there onward, you will have the opportunity to generate passive and active income. We did that and we are still doing it. Yes, at first we had to google for so many information but later it turned out that we might save time if we have just go to wordpress.com in the first place and read the details.


2-Make your Instagram as a tool to earn money (Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well!)


Again, we are not suggesting you to start straight away but spend some time reading the explanation and have all that details playing in your brain. Most of us have at least one Instagram account; so this is a way to start earning money from home. You don’t have an instagram account? Start creating…

And so all this while, you think that only those Insta Famous and those with hundred thousands followers have the opportunity to make money? Wrong. You have the same shot or opportunities as well, as there are some companies that help instagrammers to earn money although some have less than 2000 followers.

As of today, we have about 7100 followers in our official Instagram account (@curiostraveller). Yes, we don’t belong into that elite Insta Famous group and not even on the same level as other professional bloggers that have more than 50,000 followers.

However, we found ways in making our Instagram account into one that generate income from different sources. We run indirect ads for clients in our postings. In that ads we inject things like brand awareness and so on. Now, this particular method resulted from our effort in having a decent blog.

What if you are yet to run a blog? No worries. Google for some information of companies that hires people to have indirect ads in their social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. There will be some collaboration that needs you to run campaigns for some clients. They will provide all the information needed as well as in some case, products for you try apart from that handsome monetary reward.

For Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians, we suggest that you look into SushhiVid, a platform that put together influencers and brands, working together in promoting products or services. For international readers, look into Fohr as it provide online jobs offered by famous brands.

We are registered to both platforms and we constantly have the opportunity to earn money from their program. Mind you, the Fohr works for Instagrammers that are clean from BOTS which means those who have ‘purchased’ followers are not allowed into the program. They will be screening each application and they have the exact tool to tell if an instgrammer have FAKE followers!

You may perform such jobs even if you don’t have a blog. Most of the time these platforms need people to run campaigns in social media accounts BUT there are times when they pay people to write a review in blog. So, while sitting comfortably at home, why not making that Instagram of yours as a tool to generate continuous income.

There are many other platforms that you may look for in Google. We recommend FOHR and SushiVid as we are registered to these platforms and we are earning steady income from em’. All that we need to do is to apply for a campaign and upon approval, we simply post the content in our social media channels, at times in blog and simply wait for the payment.


3-Do some Mystery Shopping jobs ( Be a spy!)


Again, we are not suggesting that you to start right away but do read the details. We wrote an article in regard to Mystery Shopping (read by clicking HERE). The golden rule when enrolling to become a mystery shopper; never PAY to become one as it’s you that should be paid. Don’t be a victim to a scam.

We have been doing this job for few years now and we are still doing it. It gives us the opportunity to earn good money from doing ‘external audit’ for brands and at times we get to keep some products for us to use. We have specifically outlined all the process in becoming a Mystery Shopper in our previous article (Click HERE). Read till the end and digest the details.

There are many companies that hire mystery shoppers. For some reasons, we are not able to list all of them in this entry but do feel free to email or Whatsapp us at +60 11 101 25974 if you need legitimate recommendations. These companies hire mystery shoppers to do unannounced visits to restaurants, hotels, airports, airlines, beauty shops and many more.

Mystery Shoppers are then required to submit their report (Online) consisting of objective evaluation based on the experience during the visit. Mystery Shoppers are required to report things as it is and according to instructions. For their effort, Mystery Shoppers will be rewarded in many forms such as cash payments, opportunities to dine or stay in high-end hotels, getting cool products and so on.

Though you need to visit certain establishments, this job is considered done at home as you will need to access your device to send the report. It will be unwise to do it outside the comfort of your home (unless in a hotel’s room) as you need to pay attention to details in questionnaire.

Mystery Shoppers mostly don’t do this on full time basis. It’s a job that need to be done when needed or when there is time to do that. Such condition enables Mystery Shoppers to determine their own schedule, doing visits whenever they feel like to without being forced to do so.

We are still doing this job and we are being paid handsomely for our effort. For a list of valid Mystery Shoppers, contact us via email or Whatsapp otherwise you may do your own search via google.


4-Sell your expertise


Each of us, all of us, are uniquely different as individually we have our own expertise. Identify your own capabilities and choose the best one that you are confident of to help others. After that, use your social media channels or blog (if you have) to advertise your own expertise. Sell your expertise online.

3 years ago, we both don’t know how to set-up a blog. 3 years later, though not of professional level, not yet, we have the ability to help others in setting-up their own blog. We are pretty confident that we have the skills so one day we briefly advertised our expertise.

Surprisingly, some parties approached us. Today, we are proud when we recall our service as web site ‘builders’ for a hotel, a beauty product company and 5 bloggers. The highest payment was USD1800 which includes maintenance for a full year.

Thanks to wordpress.com we quickly learn things as we go along doing contents for our own blog. Such knowledge enable us to provide profitable service for others. You might not a person that has the same expertise but we believe that you have your own capabilities. Use that knowledge and sell it online via your social media channels or blog.

You may also use existing portals that allows you to advertise your service for free. You do your own things while being at home. We are still selling our own expertise in all channels available and we do keep earning money by working at home. Just think of your best expertise and sell it online. You don’t have to start big as you may start by offering your service to people you are comfortable with such as friends.

If you give service that is of high quality with reasonable fee, the market will come to you as friends will start recommending your name to the mass. Online self-advertising does help in spreading words quickly.


5-Be that Creative Middle Man


Start with people close to you such as family members and friends. Have you ever met a person who’s clueless in what to do such as organizing Birthday or Wedding party? We tried this method several times and we are still interested to do it. Here is an example.

Once, a very good friend of ours was in doubt in organizing his own wedding reception as he was unsure if all parties are good enough to deliver things as he expected. He was whining and things like that the whole day and we were the ‘victims’ that need to listen to all his concerns.

Tired of listening to his constant whining, worries and so on, we simply asked him of his total budget. These were exact details of that total budget. He wanted to have the reception at his ‘Kampong’ house. It means he wanted people to do the catering, setting-up tent and so on. His budget was around RM15K or approx. USD3700.

We thought hard of the best caterer, karaoke system provider, company that set-up tent(s) and all the little details. We told him to simply hire someone who will take care of all the arrangements, A-Z with him and bride not being bothered. He said that he will if he trust that ‘someone’.

I was kidding when I said “Oh let me and Joe do things for you. Let us do the thinking and coordination. Let us take care all the details in your wedding reception.” Next thing, he said “Why not as I trust you both!”.

We had no intention to ask for a reward but realizing mammoth tasks at a later stage, he spontaneously asked if RM500 is enough. We simply said yes.

Little that he know that we are not experts in wedding receptions. And it was an unbelievable, difficult, freaking task but we have promised him things. Back at home, we googled for all the basic and details about handling wedding receptions. We shortlisted the caterers, those outlets that we frequently visit as well as finalizing details for decoration, tent, dining tables, chairs, cooling system, karaoke system and so on.

Using online channels such as Facebook, we narrowed down the companies that we’re confident of. We negotiate and negotiate and do it all over again until we came to our final decision. All in all, the bill was RM13,980. We managed to save RM1,020 for our friend. We told him and he was happy.

As all things went according to plan and the reception was a successful one, our friend decided that we should keep that RM1,020 for ourselves, adding another RM500 as promised. That 7 days of work, we made RM1,520 and the funny thing is we are not professional wedding planners.

Where there is a will, there is a way..So it is actually up to individuals to be a creative middle man. We were given a sudden opportunity. We accepted the responsibilities and we delivered things that we’re supposed to deliver. We were paid for our effort. Though we did help some others before in arranging events, never were we paid for our work.  That was our first.

Thanks to the power of Internet, we earned good income from that wedding reception. It was few months later that our friend recommended us to his friends and we repeated things by making it more appealing.

We didn’t do the hard work as all that we did was supervising and checking that suppliers were delivering promised items. Whenever there were problems, we discussed and looked for solutions. Today, though we are not doing this thing on full time basis, we are still that middle man for many events.

My point is, take any opportunities that come to you and act as middle man for people, solving their problems and so on. On smaller scale, you may consider becoming runner for people; there are some people who needs others to help them in buying groceries and so on. Search for the opportunities via online or ask around.

Next time you meet a friend who is clueless in organizing a birthday party for a child, try to be a creative middle man. Learn how to make legitimate, good money out of that opportune moment.


6- Become a writer for online platforms


Writing job is another way to earn money and doing it online ensure that you stay at your home without having to work in an office environment.

Do you really have to be a prominent writer before doing that pitch, approaching companies? Not, not really. You can start right away and though you might not be accepted in your first entry, you can try as many times as you want.

All that you need are passion and patience. There are several online platforms that accepts freelance writer and depending on length as well as content, you will be sure to be paid for your work.

One platform that we highly recommend is www.freedomwithwriting.com. It accepts essays, fiction or non-fiction writings ; to be published in magazines, blogs and many other channels. At times, there will be some writing contests with attractive prizes!

We do send our writings to countless number of platforms in mainstream as well as alternative channels. Yes, we are paid for our work (whenever an article is approved by the editors).

Try to be creative as much as you can when doing this particular job. Imagination plays an important role when it comes to writing.


7-Creatively, sell collectible or limited edition items 


Our FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia collection (not for sale, unfortunately)

Using your access to internet and a device, while sitting comfortably at home, sell some hot items (legal items please). Think deeply and and pay attention to some group of people whose hobby is collecting items, mostly limited edition items.

This option of earning money opens up especially to frequent travellers. When you travel to a place and you found something that people are willing to buy, don’t just look but buy it.

When you reach home after that amazing vacation, surf that portals of many kinds where sellers and buyers meet online. There are thousand portals of that kind and you just have to find something that you trust.

Sell that limited edition items at a price higher than purchased price. For example, some people are just crazy to have T-Shirts with certain prints such as Olympic or World Cup games, something that they can’t buy at home.

It’s too far for them to visit and they are willing to purchase such things at reasonable price, sometimes they don’t even care about price; as long as they have it. There are many other items that people love to have and if you are travelling to certain places, be sure to buy rare or collectible items and then sell it online.

Use all the social media channels as an alternative to major online platforms to sell your items. What we always do when travelling is to ensure that we visit any nearby Hard Rock Cafe and we purchase t-shirts of limited edition. Sometimes we purchase it for fun.

Not long ago, someone was looking for Hard Rock Cafe Makati (Manila) T-Shirt. Someone told us that this particular outlet no longer exist and that makes our T-Shirt collection into something very rare especially for avid collectors.

We never wear that T-Shirts as we stored them nicely in closet, still in its original wrapping. Learning the fact that items originated with ‘Hard Rock Makati’ prints are in high demand, we sold some T-Shirts to an avid collector, 5 T-Shirts to be exact, at USD200 per piece.

We found this guy in a portal where we were allowed to advertise items at no charge. It was one profitable ‘business’. Now, you can actually start selling things that are in high demands, such as to avid collectors, as in our case.

The sky is the limit. You just need to know what to sell, what items will give you profit and what items are most in demand. Just make sure that you don’t sell illegal items and you are good to go through this method but pay attention to your buyers, make sure they are paying!

Google for platforms that allows this or alternatively use your social media channels to advertise.


Bottom Line

While there are so many ways to earn money by working at home, online, the point of this entry is to share 7 ways that we have personally tried and are still doing. We hope that it will be a catalyst for you to find some other ways to earn good income using online channels.

Remember, you will not see the result immediately but such ways enables you to keep earning some money.

We put together all mentioned ways in our blog, directly and indirectly. We are making money even when we are sleeping. Our blog helps us to achieve all other objectives, as in the other 6 ways mentioned above (#2-#7).

We did not have to do technical things (that we are still not masters of it) for our blog as wordpress.com does make things easier for us.

While blogging might not really your cup of tea, at least do consider it as it will later help you to promote or market things on behalf of you, even while you are not online. It reaches the mass effectively.

Entering the gig economy enables one to not only determine their own working schedule but also to earn money as much as what full time jobs are offering, in most cases, more! It depends on how you see it, how you plan, execute and repeat with innovative ideas. It is all about that creativity of yours.

Where there is a will, there is a way. As we are in our 3rd year of blogging, and while we do all other 6 online jobs, we earn a minimum of USD1500 per month. That exclude Joe’s salary from his full time job. Our online job pays the bills.


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  1. This seems very useful for me as well, I consider working from home being the best form of work, there are plenty of career options which allows to work from home. From writing blogs for different websites, blogging for my own website and many others. I have been doing this since long and I completely earn enough to feed my kids and myself. Currently I am a content writer for an E-Commerce company in Malaysia – YepOffers Malaysia, it is a coupon website and provides coupons for many sites like Zalora, Sephora. I work from home and it indeed feels good working from home. I also have spare time to play with my two little babies and do the house chores easily. This is an amazing blog, thanks to the author for sharing this.

    1. Lan

      Hi sis massy
      Thank you for visiting and glad that you like it. At times, we share things with everyone hehe so that everyone gets to have a piece of the cake something like that. Thank again sis. Cheers, Lan and Joe

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    1. Lan

      Salam Mrs Pip oh ya u are expecting the 3rd baby kan? Wahhh mesti seronok kan. Ya maybe one day you can try ms. Apart from AQ ada banyak lagi tu and even ada yg offer family to do ms as they want client to have visits from family. Apa2 pun concentrate kat baby dulu. Kenduri kendara jemputlah kami dtg yer hehe.

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