A Festival of Fullness Starts with Conrad Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn Gastronomic Mooncakes

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(Featured Image: Chinese Purple Yam Coconut and Sweet Potatoes)

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, the society reenacts rituals that are fascinating to say the least. While we enjoy moon watching and carnivals dotted with lanterns, food assumes a central role throughout the festivities. At their core, these mouthwatering delicacies are the symbols of togetherness and the family’s well-being. With this in mind, Golden Leaf prepares an array of gastronomic sensations from homemade mooncakes, luxury gift hampers to a hearty festive feast, to let guests send thoughts and gestures of love to the people they treasure.

Red Bean and Sesame

Red Bean and Sesame

Nothing better captures the spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival than a perfectly baked mooncake. The five options offered by Golden Leaf satisfy groups with different preferences. The traditional mooncake features balanced flavours with white lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk complementing each other. Those who appreciate reduced sweetness will gravitate towards the low sugar mooncake and mixed nuts mooncake.

Mini Cream Egg yolk (8pcs)

Golden Leaf Mooncakes

The contemporary inventions come in smaller sizes: egg custard filling with salted egg yolk oozes sumptuousness in every bite while the newly introduced Golden Leaf Luxury Assorted Mini Mooncakes have four new flavours—Red  Bean Paste with Mandarin Peels, Purple Yam in Coconut Flavor, Charcoal baked Golden Sweet Potato and Black Sesame Paste. All the Mini Mooncakes have rich egg yolks, making them luxurious and delicious gifts in this festival.

Thematic - Golden Leaf Mooncakes

Golden Leaf Mooncakes

Tailored for a lavish moon watching party, Cake Shop’s Mid-Autumn Festival hampers encompass classic and modern treats. Ranging from HK$888 to HK$4,288, inside each exquisitely wrapped leather box are the mooncakes and supreme X.O. sauce from Golden Leaf, as well as fine wines selected by the hotel’s sommeliers, all make for an elegant gift for friends and business partners. Customized hampers and gift vouchers are also available for individual gifting purposes. Making the Mid-autumn delicacies even more attractive, 15% and 10% early bird discounts will be given to mooncake and hamper purchases made respectively on or before 19 August.

Traditional White Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk (6pcs)

Traditional White Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk

Diners looking to delve into the sophisticated cuisine inspired by the festival can head to Golden Leaf, where chef Tony Wan Chung-Yiu devises a sumptuous dinner to be served from 15 to 24 September. The dishes on the menu echo the season and spirit of the occasion. For instance, baked crab meat with cream sauce is hearty and comforting to combat the autumn chill, while sautéed prawn with hawthorn herb, pineapple and chilli sauce provides a pop of flavours fit for a lively celebration. The eight-course dinner is priced at HK$880* per head. Book a table now to experience the exceptional feast and a time of bonding. 

Subject to 10% service charge

Golden Leaf & Cake Shop
Address: Lower Lobby Level, Conrad Hong Kong, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2822 8870 / (852) 2521 3838
Pricing: HK$398 / box for all traditional and mini mooncake selection (expect Golden Leaf luxury assorted mooncake) HK$438 / box (Golden Leaf luxury assorted mooncake)


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