Something For Everyone – A Perfect Summer Break in Hong Kong

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A whole new experience this season with refreshing desserts, beach activities, themed events and more!

It is the time of the year when the sun is shining bright, colours are vibrant, children have school holidays and outdoors are calling! Hong Kong invites you to enjoy the summers by indulging in some of the coolest activities in town. Enjoy a refreshing beverage, relax by the beach, or catch the variegated line-up of acts, displays and festivals – Hong Kong has something planned for everyone. With the majestic outdoors lined with green mountains, sunny beaches and outdoor activities that accompany these terrains, Hong Kong is beckoning travellers to experience cool things to eat, cool gigs to play and cool places to stay.

Cool Things To Eat

Hong Kong is home to some of the coolest and drool-worthy array of food ranging from traditional ice creams to Instagrammable fusions.

Good to look, better to eat

ODDIES FOODIES has successfully combined Hong Kong’s popular street snack gai daan jai with Western desserts. An eclectic variation of East-meets-West ice cream desserts, it is the iconic Hong Kong eggettes served with gelato in a cup. These delicious waffles are served with accompaniments such as honey jelly, caramel sauce, oat-crumbs and ginger ice cream. These “photogenic” desserts get all the attention from admirers everywhere with their vibrant pops of colour.

I CREMERIA: Japanese soft serve with Italian flavours, I Cremeria serves this light and refreshing fusion in the form of their popular Frutta Crema for their fresh fruit parfaits. One of the regularly ordered items is definitely from the Giapponese Crema section for premium Japanese parfaits. Also you may find the ice cream of gold there for interesting Instagram obsession.


ATUM DESSERANT: The fun-filled demonstration of the table-plated desserts here is an awe-inspiring integration of art and food. It is known to be a specialty dessert bar that has revolutionized the way Hong Kong locals eat their sweet treats. The modern open-concept bar boasts of beautifully plated confectionary and stunning improvisation of desserts, leaving people marvelling at the creativity.

Favourites over generations

MOBILE SOFTEE brings back childhood memories for most Hong Kong natives and over the years has become engrained into the cultural landscape of the city, playing Blue Danube and serving up creamy soft serves. One gets to choose from the original soft serve in a waffle cone, a nutty drumstick, soft serve in a cup, and an orange flavored sherbet. Visited by both locals and tourists, this is a must-try for anyone craving a cold and sweet bite.

KUNG WO BEANCURD FACTORY: When it comes to tofu pudding, one of Hong Kong’s beloved classic dessert, Kung Wo is not-to-be missed. Kung Wo has been in Sham Shui Po since 1960. The old-school store sells various soy products, which have remained popular through the years. The signature tofu puddings are smooth as silk and make for a delicious summer snack when served chilled with sugar syrup. This authentic retro restaurant is famous for their tofu puffs, deep fried tofu dishes and homemade sugar-free soy milk.

CHUNG SO TRADITIONAL DESSERT: Do not miss out these Hong Kong style desserts craved by both locals and tourists visiting Hong Kong. Long waiting lines are expected before the refreshing sensation is reached with mouth-watering sorbets, sago and puddings. Their bestselling desserts are the mango and durian series. A recommended favourite is the mango pancakes, which are selling like hot cakes. For a die-hard durian fan, try out their durian pancakes paired with soft, sweet crème.

Cool Things To Play

Summer vacations are all about happy memories, family time, beach activities and pictures to keep the moments cherished forever.

“BE@RBRICK SUMMER CHILL” Summer Party at Harbour City Harbour City has transformed Ocean Terminal Deck, into a “Beach” from 5th July to 5th August by inviting 30 BE@RBRICKS with 8 brand new summer looks – including Hawaii Oppa, Bearkini and Diver, etc. to join the beach party. Some BE@RBRICKS are playing hide-and-seek on the beach while others are enjoying the sun under beach umbrellas. BE@RBRICKS also beat the heat by building two giant “Sand Sculpture” BE@RBRICKS, who sit on the beach to greet visitors at two sides of Victoria Harbour; and one BE@RBRICK who lies on the grand steps of the Ocean terminal Deck to enjoy sun bathing with stunning Victoria Harbour view.

Day at the beach: Shek O & Lamma Island

Shek O: Shek O Beach is probably one of the most popular, and scenic beaches on Hong Kong island with a glimpse into the other side of Hong Kong – the side without skyscrapers. The beach is ringed by high rolling hills and dramatic drops, with the settlement of Shek O itself combining the rustic charm of small village streets and huge mansions scattered over the greens of the Shek O Country Club. Lifeguards, shark nets and gentle rolling waves make this a popular beach. However, if you are more keen on water sports, head to Lamma Island – Hong Kong’s laid back island neighbor. Spend a day soaking up the sun, enjoying the waves, and making the most of the many fun activities on Lamma Island including kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, sailboating, SUP Yoga, and more.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is hosting its biggest ever summer event, Summer Carnimal, from 30 June to 2 September, featuring a host of exhilarating and one-of-a-kind activities! From day to night, the summer-themed festivities will take over the Park, with more than a hundred performers from across the globe in vibrant costumes staging animal-themed grand parades, and authentic Caribbean and Brazilian cultural performances. Indulge yourself in over 100 exotic Caribbean food and drink specialities, and move to the sounds of spectacular live musical performances.




Water Play Street Summer Party at Hong Kong Disneyland

Water Play Street Summer Party Hong Kong Disneyland is flaunting their first-ever Pixar Water Play Street Party. Various Disney and Pixar stars will join in the celebration, including Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Frozone from The Incredibles, as well as some of the beloved characters from Toy Story, such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Lotso and eight Green Army Men. Plan an overnight stay at one of the three Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hotels to maximize your summer staycation experience and take part in unforgettable recreation activities.



Cool Places To Stay

This summer instead of checking-in into a regular hotel, try something a little “hipster” by opting for a stay in Hong Kong’s many new-age hotels.

Boat Moksha

Located at Aberdeen harbor, Boat Moksha is a cozy houseboat offering 360-degree sea views, modern facilities and comfortable beds. This Chinese wooden-Junk boat built in 1993, has been restored and converted into comfortable lodge with classic Chinese wooden decoration, contemporary kitchen, bathrooms and provides the luxury of space in the form of an open deck where one can enjoy the morning cuppa watching the sun rise over the foothills every morning. Moksha is moored at the Aberdeen Marina Club and conveniently connected to all city attractions.


Wontonmeen is a youth hostel in Sham Shui Po which had the humble origins of being a cluster of 30 flats providing a place with cheaper rents to artists. Nowadays, Wontonmeen is the hub where Hong Kong’s artists spend their time in a unique, diverse living space that boasts eleven stories of artists, journalists, musicians, designers, teachers, comedians, curators and wing chun disciples. It is a fully collaborative community, where they regularly hold artist galleries, exhibitions and music concerts. They also provide free bicycles for travelling in Hong Kong.

The Mahjong

The Mahjong is one of Hong Kong’s hippest hostels, centrally located in a soulful Chinese neighbourhood, which is well-connected to the city’s major attractions, as well as to its renowned mountain and coastal charms. If you are a Mahjong fan, you’ll appreciate the big Mahjong desk that is placed at the reception area inviting guests to try a game or two.

W Hong Kong

W Hong Kong, located in West Kowloon combines the art, fashion and music elements as one and is gradually being recognized as one of the popular hotels in Hong Kong. During summers, W Hong Kong is going to kick off the Summer Crush Party at W Hong Kong’s iconic rooftop outdoor pool. This year, it will also set up a playful augmented reality (AR) photo booth alongside the performances and captivating live performances.

Discover how to experience more of Hong Kong’s Summer offerings, and plan your holiday by checking the latest available deals on the Hong Kong Tourism Board website. (Link)




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