Plane In The City @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Our First Class Experience

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Kuala Lumpur’s most unique 5-star dining experience!


“We live in an era of experience. Consumers are now demanding newer and more interactive models of products and services. They want to experience different realities and Plane In The City allows them to do just that”-Arvin Randahwa, CEO of TwoSpicy Entertainment

Plane in the city offers a 90 minutes experience in an actual Boeing 737 aircraft. It is the first of its kind in Malaysia! The experience is about visiting the Pilot’s cockpit, walking on the aircraft’s wing, enjoying a fine-dining meal prepared by Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur and do note that doors are closed for that entire 90 minutes. Located just next to the Dinner In The Sky at Skyland Malaysia, this attraction is currently ranked by Tripadvisor community at #6 of 4,061 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. This is our First Class experience on board Plane In The City.


A Dream Come True


We saw that particular Boeing B737 plane in late December 2017. That was when we experienced that awesome Dinner In The Sky @ Skyland, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At that time it’s still being transformed into a ‘restaurant’. “We must experience that Plane In The City” said Lan, in which his wish became one of the ‘Must do things in 2018‘. “It’s once in a lifetime experience” he added.


6 months later, we read about that recently launched Plane In The City, in an inflight magazine. We kept reading it over and over again and little that we know, fate was about to ‘grant’ us an experience aboard that Plane In The City! We’re visiting Kuala Lumpur and we had some free time. “Let’s try that Plane In The City and let’s go for First Class experience” said Lan. And so we did.


First Class Benefits


First Class is First Class. No doubt about that. When it comes to Plane In The City, TwoSpicy Entertainment really knows how to treat their First Class guests and though it might be a bit expensive for some, the entire experience is undeniably unforgettable. It’s indeed one memorable dining experience. It’s priceless and for that we highly recommend the First Class programme. As First Class guests, we were offered:

-Entrance to Skyland Malaysia
-A window seat for each of us
-Exclusive and upgraded 4 course dinner menu from Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur
-Free flow of drinking water and juice during meal
-Visit to Aircraft’s Cockpit 
-Aircraft’s Wing Walk experience
-Free flow Cocktails/Mocktails upon arrival in lounge
-4 pieces of Boston Lobster in mini buns with lemony dressing upon arrival in lounge (for each of us)
-4 pieces of Harenka Caviar, sour cream and lemon upon arrival in lounge (for each of us)
-Priority Boarding (First to board the plane)
-1 Night stay in Deluxe Room inclusive of Buffet Breakfast for 2 pax at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur worth RM1170 

At the time of writing, the price for First Class experience is RM939 per pax (original price RM999 per pax) and do note that booking is by pair, even for Business and Economy guests. For details in regard to Business and Economy class benefits, please visit Plane In The City Official Website (Link).


Our First Class Experience

1 Night stay at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur


On the day of our experience, we checked-in at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. Located exactly next to KL Sentral, guests of Plane In The City will find that it is easy to get to Skyland Malaysia as the Monorail and MRT service connects KL Sentral and Bukit Bintang. Skyland Malaysia is just about 5 minutes walk from Bukit Bintang Station. Alternatively, Grab and Taxi services are available.



We’re given a room on the 30th floor and the view, amazing! The rooms and suites at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur are newly renovated and with dedicated broadband data port for fast internet access, well-lit workstation, laptop charging portal within the in-room safe and techno-advanced security, along with five-star amenities. We’re indeed pleased with our comfy beds.


While waiting for the time to depart for Skyland Malaysia, we spent the whole day at the hotel’s swimming pool as well as indulging in their food offerings at Gastro Sentral and Favola. Buffet Breakfast was offered for both of us at the well-known Latest Recipe restaurant. We will soon publish detailed review in regard to our stay at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. Overall, it was a memorable stay, perhaps for the hotel’s highest standard in its products and services.

VIP Treatment at Skyland Malaysia’s Lounge


On the day of our experience, we were the only First Class guests with majority were of Economy Class guests and one couple opted for the Business Class programme. Everything were a lot different in terms of benefits while being in the lounge. Staff were very attentive and keep doing their rounds to ensure that we’re super comfortable while waiting for boarding time. (We opted for the 5pm slot).


Soon as we arrived at the lounge, we were offered free flow of Cocktails/Mocktails and we opted for that refreshing Spring Apple Strawberry and Virgin Mojito. Business Class guests were offered 2 complimentary glasses of Cocktails or Mocktails of their choice. This privilege is not for Economy Class guests. Next came that 4 pieces of Boston Lobster in mini buns with lemony dressing and 4 pieces of Harenka Caviar, sour cream and lemon, for each of us!

The FIRST to board the plane!


The fun part was when we were the first to be invited to board the plane by the stewardess and she announced it using the P.A system..”May we have the First Class Passengers, Mr Joe and Mr Lan to first board the plane?” …and that made everyone looked at us soon as we identified ourselves. We were personally escorted to the plane and inside another stewardess was waiting for us!

The FIRST to walk on the plane’s wing


We were the first to be offered to walk on the plane’s wing. Soon as we entered the plane and comfortably seated, a staff came to us and politely invited us to go for the walk on the wing! And so we did! It was a first for us and perhaps for many other guests too!


While on the wing, guests are given the liberty to take their own photos and an official photographer will be on standby to take photos which guests may opt to purchase at the end of the ‘flight’. Ladies, avoid wearing dress or skirt as you need to be tied to that Safety Harness.


We returned to our seats and only at that moment all other guests were taking their turn to walk on the plane’s wing. We took some time to enjoy that refreshing juice, which was served diligently by the staff during the entire ‘flight’. Another staff came to offer bread of many types, in many rounds!

The FIRST to visit the cockpit


..and yes we were the first to visit the cockpit and the stewardess helped us to take photos using our own device as well ‘arranging’ to have our heads sticking out of the Pilot’s cockpit; for a good reason of course. With one simple click, she had our ‘selfie’ photo in the system which was printed and given to us before we exited the plane. All official photos are complimentary for First Class guests, with soft copies send to email(s).

Exclusive and Upgraded Dinner Menu

Food, in our tradition, is something sacred, it’s not about the nutrients or calories. It’s about sharing, honesty and identity. Hence the philosophy of cooking has to be an intimate experience thus the idea behind the menu for dining in the plane is all about – creating an honest and intimate experience for the diners through the food,” -Chef Antoine Rodriquez, Executive Chef of Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

Indeed and well said! Chef Antoine philosophy translated well into his creation, foods! Chef Antoine and his team from Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur deserves some credit for their beautiful, creative presentation and most importantly, each course; delicious! These were the 4 course meal that were served to us.



Appetizer: Baked goat cheese & onion compote in puff pastry, fresh fig, Beetroot confit & shaved truffle




Soup: Ginger infused carrot essence, Hamachi sashimi, chili drizzle & wasabi tuile




Main course (for me): Slow cooked Australian beef, porcini crust, Truffle butter tiger seared prawn, bresa ola-russet pudding, Leek, chestnut puree & herbs au-jus




Main Course (For Lan): Warm smoked pepper crust duck breast & Foie gras gyoza, Whipped kumara, asparagus & honey thyme glaze




Dessert: Minted dark chocolate warm lava, Vanilla cloud, passion fruit macaroon & peach ice-cream



As to guide you should you decide to experience Plane In The City (apart from Australian Beef and Duck options), First Class guests may also opt for Soy glaze cod, udon, wilted baby kalian Chilean mussel broth. Different set of menus are offered for Business and Economy Class guests. Vegetarian diners (in all classes) may also opt for:

Warm roasted avocado
Stuffed with mushroom & smoked mozarella crumble
Tomato onion salad
Main Course
Spinach & feta cheese potato kofta, crispy tandoori cauliflower florets
Tomato coriander salsa & minted yoghurt
Vanilla Oreos panna cotta
Berries soup & fresh berries

Diners will be asked in advance (during the booking made in the official website of Plane In The City) for their preferred menu. It is important to note that the minimum age for diners is 6 years old and each diner must have his or her own seat (sharing seat is not allowed).


Our Thoughts


We’re impressed with the overall quality of both products and services offered by Plane In The City. Regardless of class, we noticed that all guests were given equal attention. Staff were amazingly friendly, knowledgeable, polite and smiled sincerely. They work diligently, honestly and fair to all guests (although they have to be super attentive towards First Class guests).


Plane In The City is perfect for anyone who looks for a way to treat friends and family members during special or festive occasion. The dining experience is something extraordinary and unique. It goes beyond that conventional dining experience where people sit down, eat foods and talk. The First Class programme for example includes a 1 night stay at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur and those on honeymoon or celebrating anniversary may take this opportunity to be ‘alone’, away from home!


Transit Travellers for at least a full day may opt for the First Class programme and spend the night at the 5-star Le Méridien Hotel. After all, KL Sentral is just next door with a fast and super efficient KLIA Ekspress that will take travellers back to the airport in less than 30 minutes!


If you have time, opt for that thrilling Dinner In The Sky which is just located next to Plane In The City. We experienced this particular attraction previously and if you haven’t try it, read our experience by clicking THIS. This experience is entirely different from that Plane In The City but both are equally interesting.


We had our own amazing experience aboard Plane In The City. The question is, when is yours? It’s once in a lifetime experience and if you are to visit Kuala Lumpur in the near future, spend some time at this attraction and you will be amazed with its unique dining ‘characteristics’, something that you will not be able to forget for quite some time.


SKYLAND MALAYSIA (Dinner In The Sky & Plane In The City)
231 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur 55100
Location in Google Maps: Click HERE
Hotline (Enquiry): 016-299 1396 (Mon-Fri 10am-7pm/Lunch Hour 1.30pm-2.30pm/Closed on Public Holidays)
Website: Click HERE
Facebook: Click HERE
Instagram: Click HERE
TripAdvisor: Click HERE


Official hashtag #pitckl



The information provided by us is according to our own experience and correct at the time of writing. Please refer to the Plane In The City’s official website (Link) for updated information in regard to timing, price, menu and other details. 




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