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For Pancake House International Kota Kinabalu


Available until 31st July 2018, the latest Family Feast set by Pancake House International Kota Kinabalu is perfect for a family of four, well, a group of friends of 4 if you want to put it that way. As the time of writing, there are still 2 weeks to go before Eid celebration thus making this particular family set a great option for your Buka Puasa!


The set comes with 4 types of rice (White Rice, Yellow Rice, Garlic Rice and Serai Pandan Rice), Rendang Ayam, Kari Kambing, Stuffed Eggplant, Daing Na Bangus served with pickled cucumber and tomato followed by free Mini Kurma Pancake with 1.5L of Fanta Strawberry. The whole set is priced at RM100 or one may opt to have A La Carte serving at RM29.90.


White Rice, Yellow Rice, Garlic Rice and Serai Pandan Rice

The 4 types of rice complement all the side dishes available in the set. For both of us, the Serai Pandan Rice (in green color) was our favorite as we love that lemongrass taste in it. The quantity of that 4 types rice served in this set is actually more than enough for 4 pax.


Daing Na Bangus served with pickled cucumber and tomato

This is a Filipino cuisine and for the Family Set, fresh fish are specially flown from the Philippines to Kota Kinabalu.  The best way to consume this dish is to squeeze the lime all over and have it with the pickled cucumber and tomato.


Kari Kambing

We both love the curry gravy as it’s neither thick nor watery. It had the perfect consistency as we preferred. The meat; tender! The quantity of this dish is enough for 4 people.


Rendang Ayam

The Rendang Ayam that we had was great as it had all the supposed elements that truly gave that needed texture and consistency. It went well with all 4 types of rice that were served to us.


Stuffed Eggplant

The Stuffed Eggplant was our favorite too! Diners opting for the Family Feast set will be given 4 pieces of Stuffed Eggplant. Ours was perfectly fried and we actually emptied the plate!

The Mini Kurma Pancake was equally great as the other main dishes served in the set. It’s one perfect dessert that will make diners to have more and more. The set comes with 1.5L of Fanta Strawberry and that’s more than enough for 4 pax!

Is the number of dishes in the set justify the price of RM100? Yes. It’s worth to pay for that amount as you will be getting 7 items that can be shared equally with 4 people. For those looking for one great option for Buka Puasa in Kota Kinabalu, head to Pancake House International at Karamunsing Complex. Again, the set is available until 31 July 2018 and we highly recommend this Family Feast to all of you!


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