Ramadan Buffet Dinner at Putatan Platinum Hotel

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For Putatan Platinum Hotel 


Those in search for moderate Buka Puasa buffet dinner, with way affordable price tagged to it; we’ve found one for you and it’s at K Cafe, Putatan Platinum Hotel. The recent zero rated GST has indeed dropped the price from previous RM35 to RM33 nett per adult! It might not be the grandest buffet dinner for your buka puasa but when it comes to its low price, this place is indeed worth to visit especially for big groups!


Putatan Platinum Hotel is located in Putatan Town, behind Giant Hypermarket Putatan. Getting to Putatan from Kota Kinabalu is way easy since Putatan itself is the satelite town of Kota Kinabalu City. Inside the hotel, is the only F&B outlet; named as K Cafe. We went here and tried their Ramadan Buffet Dinner. It was our first visit to the hotel and we were pleased with what we have seen and experienced.


Upon entering the Cafe, we were greeted by that “Salam Ramadhan” sign, placed on top of one of the buffet counters. We were quite amazed with the hotel’s F&B team effort in decorating the buffet counters; featuring ‘Kampung’ elements such as Daun Nipah and Bamboo.


Halal Certificate

On another note, we’re pleased to know that the Cafe is Halal Certified; one important aspect that Muslim diners prioritize before consuming food and beverages in any eateries. There is no need to worry about the ‘Halal’ status at K Cafe, Putatan Platinum Hotel.


Main buffet counter

The main buffet counter at K Cafe serves main dishes with 2 types of rice. The menu is on rotation basis so whatever you get to see in this article may not be seen during your visit. During our visit, there were 4 main dishes served as well as White Rice and ‘Hujan Panas’ Rice.


L-R: ‘Hujan Panas’ Rice and White Rice


‘Daging Masak Rendang’


‘Ayam Masak Merah’


‘Sotong Sumbat’


‘Sayur Lodeh’

We tried all 4 dishes and both rice. All were cooked perfectly and we did go for second round! Our favourite was the Daging Masak Rendang, obviously for tenderness of the meat and it’s amazing taste! Refill was quite fast and that pleased the diners. Though the number of dishes might not ably to beat the standard of a 5-star hotel, one must acknowledge that the price of buffet is way affordable. Some diners won’t be able to try all kind of foods in a lavish buffet. RM33 nett per adult is indeed worth the quantity of foods being served at K Cafe.


Starter, Dessert and beverages counter

In the middle of the cafe is the counter for starter, dessert and beverages. There were many types of dessert served during our visit and yes, we tried each of all that desserts! Our favourite was that delicious Honeydew Pudding! There were a number of local delicacies as well as slices of selected fruits. Again, the choices on this counter are on rotation basis, so you might be seeing other delish desserts during your visit.


Honeydew Pudding


Malay Kuih-Muih






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Starter: Gado-Gado 

The Starter (Gado-Gado) was equally delicious. Gado-Gado is a Nusantara salad of raw and cooked vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce that is often served with fried tofu and hard-boiled eggs. At K cafe, they serves the Prawn Crackers as well and that interestingly gives great texture to the salad.


One of the beverages that were served during our visit was ‘Air Bandung’; a perfect drink after hours of fasting! Coffee and Tea were served as well and when we think about that RM33 price per adult, we both have to say that it’s a true bargain especially for those with moderate budget.


There’s even a counter where diners helped themselves with unlimited servings of ‘Bubur Kacang Hijau‘ and Chicken Soup. Both were amazingly delicious and if you come here, it does not matter whether you are to have both as starters or at a later stage. Staff will go around and do the refills so there is no need to worry about running out of great foods at K Cafe!


It’s actually difficult to find eateries in Kota Kinabalu city that offers affordable dinner buffet but we’re glad that we have found one. There are times when we all can’t really afford to pay high price for lavish buffet. The Buka Puasa Dinner Buffet at K Cafe, Putatan Platinum Hotel is indeed one of the most affordable buffet in the city for your Iftar or Sungkai (Buka Puasa). Imagine that you have to entertain your office mates of 30 pax or your big family. This is the place to be for your Buka Puasa!


RM 33 nett for Adult
RM 17 nett for Child
~Price inclusive of 10% of Service charge and 0% GST


K Cafe
Putatan Platinum Hotel
Lorong Hussin, Putatan Town
Jalan Putatan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: (+60) 88 735 111
Facebook: Click HERE



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