Discover Unique Iftar Experience with Sutera Harbour Resort’s Selera Kampung : As We See It

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For Sutera Harbour Resort 


It’s one huge space with incredibly generous spread of delicious foods and beverages. The continuation to held such biggest bazaar this year at the Grand Ballroom of The Pacific Sutera Hotel proves to be a success as it has been the talk of the town. In Kota Kinabalu, it’s indeed a mecca for those looking for a unique Iftar experience, we’re included and we came to experience the whole thing.


The elements in ‘Selera Kampung‘ theme


Keeping its theme in 2017 which is ‘Selera Kampung‘, Sutera Harbour Resort’s Iftar is about bringing back fond memories of Ramadan. It aims to reflect the colorful background and culture of Malaysians. Yes, we felt, seen and experienced that exact concoction of ‘Selera Kampung’ elements. The elements are just everywhere from its food, decoration,side entertainment and even on the staff’s appearance.


Bamboo element

Unique dining experience is not just about food. Everything counts, especially during Iftar or breaking fast. Diners expect things to be pleasing them, in a way that they will enjoy the experience and come back again. And yes, we both felt exactly that way during our Iftar at Sutera Harbour Resort. It’s one of the best Iftar experience we have ever had.


Staff wearing Sarong and Songkok

First things first; staff’s appearance. Wearing Sarong and Songkok signals the direction of the Iftar’s theme. It immediately told us that we’re about to indulge in a dining experience with definite strong presence of Malay culture in the olden days. The essence of the theme translated well into the food that were presented. Though there were some international and oriental dishes, mostly were of Malay origin.


Ghazal Performance by Kumpulan Budayawan

And then there’s this amazingly pleasant sound of Ghazal performance coming from inside the Grand Ballroom. While diners politely scrambles at the foyer, getting their desired foods, they will be entertained by that particular music of Ghazal performance. Inside the ballroom, while consuming food, diners will have the first hand experience; seeing and listening to the group’s performance. That Ghazal performance is one of the many Malay characteristics, soulfully speaking.


Ghazal Performers perform in a unique hut

The Ghazal performers are in the ‘hut’ resembling the many huts of the Malay people in the ‘Kampung’ or village. It’s another way of telling on how the theme is being exactly applied to Sutera Harbour Resort’s Iftar. It creates that ‘dejavu’ of being in a remote place, away from the concrete jungle. It connects diner’s inner-soul to the ‘Kampung’ characteristic. ‘Daun Nipah‘ as well as ‘Talam Saji’ and ‘Bubu‘ are another elements that can be found in ‘Kampung’ lifestyle.



The 4 pillars inside the ballroom

Structurally speaking, the 4 pillars being erected inside the Grand Ballroom are not solely meant for artistic value. It symbolize the history of art as in the Islam civilization, to be exact; the symmetrical patterns. Then there are some replicas of ‘Ketupat‘, artistically placed all over to give sort of Eid al-Fitr excitement. Green and Yellow colors dominate the area, 2 colors that are significant in Eid al-Fitr celebration.


The elements of Nasi Kerabu

The food presented in the buffet spread are mostly of Malay origin, describing unique taste-buds of the olden days. Nasi Kerabu, Ulam-ulaman, Sambal, Ikan Kari Asam Pedas, Rendang Ayam Kelantan, Lemang, Gulai Daging Kampung Bernenas, Daging Masak Hitam (and many more), are some great dishes that truly give diners the spectrum of ‘Selera Kampung’.




Buffet Spread

Basically, there 3 main sections with many stalls for diners to go to and choose their preferred dishes. Though the theme is ‘Selera Kampung‘ that concentrates on Malay Cuisine, diners will be able to opt for quite vast and interesting dishes of fusion, oriental, middle-east and western.

1-BBQ Stall


The BBQ Station offers delicious Kambing Bakar Ala Arab, Satay, Grilled Fish, Fried Noodles, just to name a few. This station is located outside the foyer of the Grand Ballroom. It is a station not to be missed especially that Kambing Bakar and Satay!


Kambing Bakar (Credit: @maslight)

2-Stalls in the Foyer


There are some stalls inside the Foyer as well as dining tables for diners. The stalls serves starters, main dishes and even dessert. As in our case, we tried most items in all stations!


Yong Tau Foo Stall


Starters/Appetizer Stall-Kerabu Options


Starters/Appetizer Stall-Rojak Buah


Starters/Appetizer Stall-Jeruk (Pickles) and Cucur Udang


Starters/Appetizer Stall-Sambal 


Starters/Appetizer Stall-Salad Bar


Bubur Lambuk, Roti Jala and Lemang Stall


Main Dishes Stall-Wet Buttered Prawn and Rendang Ayam Kelantan. (The dishes are on rotation basis and what you are seeing in this article were what we saw during our visit)


Main Dishes Stall-Ikan Kari Asam Pedas


Main Dishes Stall-Daging Masak Lemak Cili Api


Main Dishes Stall-Kacang Panjang


Nasi Kandar Stall


Nasi Kandar, Kari Kambing and Sotong Masak Merah


Soup Stall



Chicken Shawarma Stall 


Dessert Stall-Ais Kacang


Dessert Stall-Local Fruits

3-Inside the Grand Ballroom


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In the Grand Ballroom, dessert of many kinds are on the buffet counters. Beverages such as Teh Tarik, Tea, Coffee and selection of cold drinks are available as well.


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Our Thoughts

We must say that the Iftar at Sutera Harbour Resort is one of the best in Kota Kinabalu city. Our experience was indeed unique and we do highly recommend this place for those looking for a great place to have Iftar. They have all the great factors; amazing and delicious food, prayer rooms, free parking, Ghazal performance, affordable price and even discounts as well as special offer for big groups.

If you are in Kota Kinabalu city, don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in a unique Iftar experience with Sutera Harbour Resort’s Selera Kampung.


Available from the 1st until the end of Ramadan
Time : 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Venue : Grand Ballroom, The Pacific Sutera Hotel
Price : RM128.00Nett (Per Adult) | RM64.00Nett (Per Child) 6-12 years old
Special Offer : Booking of 20 persons and above is entitled for 20% discount throughout the fasting month. 20% discount for staying guest.
*Dedicated Prayer Rooms with Prayer Mats and Onsite Ablution Facility for Tarawih Prayers Led by Imam.
*Special Ghazal Performance
*Halal-certified Banquet Facility
*Free Parking
Terms & Conditions:
*Group offer is only valid when dining in a group
*Advance booking is required – kindly quote your voucher number upon reservation
*The original voucher must be presented upon arrival at the bazaar venue
*SHMCGCC and SPP Members must present their Membership Card to enjoy a 25% discount (No Bonus Point will be given)
*Payment via cash or credit card only

For more information and reservations, call (088) 318 888

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