Wired Music Week Hits Kuala Lumpur with Exclusive Talks, Panels Discussions, Workshops and Master Classes by the pros for Music Enthusiasts

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For Wired Music Week 

There is no better way to bolster a growing music scene than by using the universal language of music to connect, communicate, educate and inform the artists, promoters, agents and fans that are growing it.

That’s the beauty of a music week and for the first time ever, the budding capital city of Kuala Lumpur will play host to Wired Music Week (WMW) – one-stop hub for music enthusiasts of various levels to learn, network, develop and advance, not only as individuals but as a community as well.

Beginning on Friday May 11th through Sunday May 13th, Wired Music Week will take over Tamarind Square in the silicon city of Cyberjaya, just 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur’s center, and unite some of the music industry’s heaviest hitters for a three-day celebration united by a love for electronic music.

Through curated seminars, workshops, panel discussions, demo listening sessions, master classes and even club nights, aspiring artists can immerse and engage with industry leads for immediate feedback. A launch party slated for Friday May 11th will aim to introduce and ease all participants into the weekender with a series of after parties to solidify relationships.

With the sole purpose of serving as a platform and incubation space for the healthy growth and development of the music industry on an international scale, Wired Music Week will link together some of the brightest minds in the music industry to encourage creativity and innovation within the music industry.

The line-up of consists of a wide range of event promoters, record label heads, venue representatives, artists, talent and industry delegates from local, regional and international communities spanning Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, the UK, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Sweden, Malaysia and Thailand.

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A plethora of passionate sponsors have come onboard to add their influence and touch to the events like Monster Energy, VocalKitchen, MyCreative Ventures, who provides funding facilities to Malaysia’s creative communities, DJCity, who will offer a trial 30-days account to DJCity Record Pool that will require sign-up on site, Splice, who will be offering a 30-day free access for ticket holders that will grant them access to Splice Sound, and Jupiter, who acts as an artist and music incubator that focuses on Asia electronic music artists.

Panels, Discussions, Keynotes & Production Masterclass 

Through panels, discussion, Wired Music Week endeavors to empower artistes, strengthen existing relationships, sustain the music scene, foster collaboration, advance the production skills of individuals, further develop the current music scene and increase the number of Asian talents.

To do this, panelists, moderators and keynote speakers will be made up of representatives from around the world, including representatives from Armada Music, theLOOP, Livescape Group/It’s The Ship, 2 Dutch Records, Future House Music and more as well as artists like Rayray, 22 Bullets and Onderkoffer.

Conversations will explore a wide variety of topics like cultural sensitivities when throwing festivals around the region, navigating red tape, improving performance gimmick and visible trademark on stage, sustaining the scene for economic growth, 21st century music labels, promoting your own music in Asia and more.

Keynote presentations will explore 20 years of music, live and data at AEI, music and social media marketing and more. Several artists have already been confirmed to lead workshops and production masterclasses including Rayray, 22 Bullets, Onderkoffer, Tymen and more. See the full line-up to date below:

Confirmed Artists 
Thomas Gold – Germany
RayRay – Taiwan
Jenil – Philippines
Currley – Malaysia
22Bullets – Thailand
Onderkoffer – Netherlands
Tymen – Netherlands
Tom Westy – London
Slumberjack – Australia / LA

Confirmed Speakers 
Wessel Westerveld – A&R & Label Manager / 2 Dutch Music Group
Michael Van Gessel – Marketing & Artist Manager / 2 Dutch Music Group
Sampo Kaskia – Label Manager UKF / AEI Group
Farhana Aboo – Head of Marketing & Data UKF, NCS / AEI Group
Sarah Stam – Marketing & PR UKF, NCS / AEI Group
Joey Suki – Artist Coaching
Allan Eshuijs – Artist & Managing Director / VocalKitchen
Reason Xie – Booking Director / theLoop
Justine Servais – International PR & Promotion Manager / Armada Music
Iqbal Ameer – CEO / Livescape Group
Mattijs Van Welzenis – A&R Manager & Artist Manager / Revealed Recordings / Sorted Management
Sven De Groot – Label & Artist Manager / Revealed Recordings / Mass Appeal Management
Bart Van Der Plas – Co-Founder, Head of Events / Future House Music
Aart Van Den Pool – Founder, A&R Director / Future House Music
Gino Van Eijk – Co-Founder, Label Manager / Future House Music
Rachata Thunyavuthi – Founder & Managing Partner / One Agency / Zaap Organiser
Mike Elderenbosch – Creative Director / Young Gunz
Sanjeev Raj – Entertainment Manager / Kyo KL

Confirmed Record Labels 
2 Dutch Records
Dutch Master Works
Blue Forest
Skink Recordings
Revealed Recordings
Future House Music
AEI Group


Wired Music Week is a cross-cultural initiative of five individuals passionate about the music industry and its growth. Malaysia-based founders John Beh and Michael Mah together launched RBRN IDEAS with the idea of hosting Wired Music Week as an educational platform to improve the current music industry in Asia by discovering and helping a younger generation of talent unravel the local and global music industry. Reza Tuarea, Dominique Hogenbirk and Lokcheng Tong of Snake Chambers in Holland later came on board to help bridge the gap between the East and the West and a committee was formed. Find the full bio of each member here.

Event Details 

Date: Friday May 11th 2018 – Saturday May 13th 2018
Time: 11:30am – 10pm
Venue: Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Wired Music Week aims to cater to everyone that is part of or even has an ember of interest in the electronic music community in Asia and beyond. Tickets are available for purchase and will award tickets holders with full access to all pillars connected of Wired Music Week like panel discussions, workshop and masterclasses, demo drops, gear exhibition, pre-and after parties and all other side activities.

Ticket price: RM158 for one day pass and RM258 for 2 days pass
Ticket link: http://bit.ly/WMWTickets
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WiredMusicWeek/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wiredmusicweek
Official hash tag: #WiredMusicWeek2018
Website: http://www.wiredmusicweek.com/

WMM Programme 12th May

WMM Programme 13th May


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