UMGAWA Zipline Eco Adventures @ Langkawi, Malaysia

Written by @Joehairie
Photos/Videos by, Angeline Ong and UMGAWA Langkawi

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Credit: Angeline Ong

Langkawi’s Greatest Zipline Adventure: As experienced by us

Offering spectacular views of Matchincang Peak, Seven Wells Waterfall and the Andaman Sea, Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures at Langkawi, Malaysia is indeed perfect place for Adrenaline Junkies. One may opt for either the 2.5 hours or 1 hour package that are priced at RM499 and RM199 respectively. Book 7 days or 30 days in advance and greater discounts awaits you. We were privileged to experience the 2.5 hours package and it was truly an amazing experience! This activity is worth every cent and second.


About Umgawa Langkawi

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Credit: Angeline Ong

Currently ranked at #2 of 65 outdoor activities in Langkawi by TripAdvisor Community, this attraction is located at Jalan Telaga Tujuh, few minutes walk from Langkawi’s Cable Car. Umgawa Langkawi’s mission is to share breathtaking nature experiences, the best of ecotourism – sights, sounds, unforgettable moments, as you soar through pristine rainforest eco-systems, while connecting you to regions, communities and cultures that make for a truly legendary adventure. Umgawa Langkawi will make your rainforest visit uniquely special and educational, fun-filled, exciting, and safe for all ages.

Credit: Angeline Ong

According to their official website:

..the word Umgawa was created for the Legendary Tarzan to call jungle wildlife to action. This echoing call was used by Tarzan to put the jungle’s eco-system on high alert, so that the core nature of the jungle would remain safe for everything living within it. They are proud to borrow the word and make it our echoing call to be shared by each of their rainforest guests while experiencing the exciting eco-zipline adventure tour.


Umgawa Langkawi assembled the most experienced and advanced team of construction, equipment and safety engineers from throughout  the world. They were joined by regional forestry management, Malaysian conservation experts and local naturalists. No trees were penetrated during course construction. Construction and engineering was a collaborative efforts between Umgawa, Vertical Ascent, a Nepalese company that has built zip line courses throughout S.E. Asia, and AdvenTreeZ Concepts, a company based in Hong Kong that has engineered course around the world.


Packages Available


In regard to the Zipline activity, Umgawa Langkawi currently has two options; Big Waterfall Adventure and Jungle Flight. For other Special Combo Tour, click HERE for more details.

The route. Source: Umgawa Langkawi Official Website.

Big Waterfall Adventure
-A 2 to 2.5 Hours adventure
-Fly 80m high over the Seven Wells Waterfall 
-12 Ziplines (Including a honeymoon double line) and 3 Sky Bridges
-1 thrilling abseil descent
-4 Complimentary HD Pictures
-Free one-way transport to Umgawa
-Spectacular views of Matchincang Peak, Seven Wells Waterfalls and the Andaman Sea with 80m highest point and 200m length on the longest line.

Jungle Flight
-1 Hour exciting Adventure
-6 Ziplines and 1 Bridge
-1 Great Abseil
-2 Complimentary HD Pictures
-Perfect for those pressed for time
-Ideal for groups and team-building and ideal for first timers

 For details and online booking, click HERE


Our Experience

At the Base/Briefing Station

The Group of 18 Social Media Influencers/Bloggers

We came in a big group of 18. We arrived at Umgawa at 9.05am and were immediately welcomed by Ryan, who is in charge of operations at Umgawa. Ryan invited us to be comfortably seated at the briefing station and he gave detailed description of the activities at Umgawa followed by some general safety procedures that guests must adhere to.

Umgawa briefing station. Lockers are available.
Signing the indemnity form
Indemnity form and welcome drink

All of us were required to sign the indemnity form (Insurance is included for guests). Along with the form was this beautiful bandana as well as refreshing cold lemon grass beverage served in coconut shell!


All of us were assisted by the Umgawa’s friendly crew in wearing the equipment for the awesome Zipline activity; safety harness, helmet, locking carabiner and so on.

Before the real adventure started, we were given the final safety briefing; things that we must and mustn’t do. Farhan and his team gave crystal clear explanation of everything, from A-Z!


Our big group was divided into two 2 smaller groups. In each group there were 9 members and 2 guides. We were both in the first group and our guide were Farhan and Sal. All of us were brought to the starting point using jeeps. This was the moment when all of us started to get excited!


Starting Point and Ziplines

Soon as we arrived at the starting point, we all need to go on the many steps. Our advice, if you are to come to Umgawa to experience the zipline, take time on the steps, no need to rush; it’s a bit energy-consuming, go slow. Your guide(s) will wait for you, no worries. Before we really went to the first zipline station, Sal gave us like 5 minutes to relax and it was so needed!

The lucky first 4 to go: Angeline, Miera, me(joe) and Faizal. 

So, for the first Zipline (there were 12), all 9 of us went on according to who was lucky enough to be ‘clicked’ by Sal! Don’t think that you will stay the same order all the way as Sal will somehow swap people accordingly, which was actually fun! Somehow in the middle of the course, @Lan suddenly became the second and on the final course (the abseil) he was the first to go! Perhaps Sal noticed that @Lan and Angeline were the photographers so she sent them to be the anchors, well, after Farhan of course; as he was to catch everyone.


The first zipline was not that ‘hard’ anyway; it’s a bit shorter and not that high. The only thing that worried all of us was whether we’re able to remember the rules! Yes, there are certain rules, for example if you let your hand go, never ever try to grab that thing on the zipline again!


Then it was the second line, which was a bit lengthy than the first one and the height is definitely obvious!

Then, it was the first bridge, named as Kwai Bridge. It was not that hard crossing it but not too easy as it shakes! All managed to cross over anyway. It did get a bit exciting after the Kwai Bridge as all 4 ziplines were equally thrilling. It gets higher and higher..and longer!


It was Angeline as the first person to go for the longer zipline after Kwai Bridge..


Here’s how the station that she was heading to looks like in length and height, in case you are wondering..


Credit to Angeline and @Lan, we admit that it was not that easy to become the photographers. If you are coming to Umgawa, it’s best to appoint someone or two to take photos or videos or bring along your GoPro!




I won’t be elaborating on that 4 ziplines after Kwai Bridge; but here’s how things were from our perspective. It’s best to come here and experience the 12 ziplines yourself.


It was then the 7th zipline, crossing over the river and 7 wells waterfall. This is the point where a GoPro is very much useful. None of us brought it to Umgawa and we failed to get a good shot of the river! In total, there are 2 are two ziplines that are pretty long, one is shown above and the other one is named as Colugo Zipline. Here are some awesome videos for future guests to refer to.


Though other ziplines other than the 2 longer ones are almost identical in length, the views are not the same as well as the height. It offers thrilling rides over the trees as if your feet gonna touch the leaves and branches!

Credit: Angeline Ong

Another notable Sky Bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge that has an amazing view of the Seven Well Waterfalls. While crossing and almost after the middle part, pause and have a look at the left side where the majestic Waterfalls is located. There are 2 ziplines after the Golden Gate Bridge before we all arrived at one interesting zipline; Double Jeopardy, where two people gets to cross over, at the same time!


Here is a video of that awesome Double Zipline! Officially, it is named as Honeymoon Double Line.

It’s awesome right? Well to get to this particular zipline, one need to opt for the full package which is the 2-2.5 Hours adventure. Opting for the Jungle Flight package will not get you this Honeymoon Double Line.

There is another zipline, the 12th before we all came to this thrilling abseil descent. All of us went down one by one, led by @Lan and @Angeline was the final one as she’s taking photos from the above.

Credit: Angeline Ong

..Yes..that high! Farhan is down there and he looks so small!


Our Thoughts

Credit: Angeline Ong

We enjoyed every second we spent at Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures Langkawi, Malaysia. We highly recommend it not only to adrenaline junkies but even for first timers. It’s the best zipline in Langkawi, Malaysia and certainly among the best we have ever been to in the whole world; obviously for its view and thrill. We recommend that you plan ahead before coming to this attraction as an advance online booking will give you some great discounts. We highly recommend the full package as you will get to experience all 12 Ziplines, 3 Sky Bridges and 1 Thrilling Abseil Descent.

Sal and Farhan..amazing Sky Rangers/Guides

We’d like to acknowledge Farhan and Sal, our Sky Rangers cum Guides. They were both very friendly and informative. They gave us valuable information of the entire Umgawa area and even include general information of Langkawi. It was because of their professionalism that we were able to fully experience things at Umgawa.

Angeline, Miera and Me (Joe)

Our team managed to go through the entire course in about 2 hours, a thing that we’re pretty proud of. Thanks to Farhan’s and Sal’s perseverance and guidance, we are proud to tell the world that we have conquered Umgawa’s 12 Ziplines, 3 Sky Bridges and 1 Abseil Descent. Will I be willing to do it all over again? Absolutely yes as I think it’s the best outdoor activity in Langkawi, in the middle of an amazing Tropical Rainforest.


Having the urge to have the same itinerary? When in Langkawi, contact:

Umgawa Legendary Adventures
7 Wells Waterfall-Jalan Telaga Tujuh
07100 Langkawi, Malaysia
Tel: (+6) 04 950 2828
Mobile: (+6) 013 343 8900
Website: Click HERE
Facebook: Click HERE
Twitter: Click HERE
Instagram: Click HERE
TripAdvisor Page: Click HERE


..with Jainab, the resident of Umgawa!

Resorts World Langkawi sponsored this FAM trip for selected media representatives. However, opinions expressed are solely our own ( and do not express the views or opinions of other parties. 




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  1. That was so much fun!!! I always wanna try different places. So far only did island to island which i i think was too fast and the one in boracay, that was long and fun. Oh but that going down on a rope NO! Gayat 😂😂😂

    1. Lan

      Thanks Sis Massy for dropping by. Yup it was really fun. The best we have tried so far. One day you have to come to langkawi and try it. Ya we gayat too hehe but hantam saja.. once in a lifetime lah katakan hehe
      Best-Joe and Lan

    1. Lan

      Thank you J.R. Le Mar. We both enjoyed the ziplines. Initially we were quite skeptical but then we just try it like there’s no tomorrow hehehe. Thanks for dropping by.

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