Sunset Dinner Cruise by Tropical Charters Langkawi, Malaysia : 3 Hours of Tranquility at Sea!

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Departing from Resorts World Langkawi’s Marina at 5pm daily, the Sunset Dinner Cruise by Tropical Charters sails off to a serene evening; offering its guests an amazing and unforgettable view of sunset. It’s a 3 hours ‘journey’ of tranquility at the sea and for that, guests are ensured of free flow of foods and beverages. That’s not all. What about sipping your favorite drinks while grooving to the awesome and cool music? Dip in the warm evening waters of the Andaman Sea? Yes, it’s included.


Hop on board…


There is no need to a be professional photographer when capturing beautiful moments. Grab your device, go on board the Sunset Cruise and wait for that golden moment. We did just that. Many frames, yes, but it’s worth the effort. We truly felt that tranquility, the transition from stunning turquoise sea to red golden color; yes, people were around but each was in their own characters of finding solace.


Trust us, being on board the Sunset Cruise will be a moment to remember during your trip to Langkawi: it’s a must do thing. Omit it and you will regret, missing an important segment of your trip, missing the fun of bonding times! If you are planning a trip to Langkawi, Malaysia; do spend 3 hours of your time on board the Sunset Cruise by Tropical Charters; it’s a way to complete your journey after all that ground tours, shopping for duty free items and so on.


Once you are booked on your preferred day, head to Resorts World Langkawi and walk straight into the lobby and exit via the big entrance that leads you the beautiful marina. Of course and obviously, it will be much easier if you stay at Resorts World Langkawi. It’s hard to miss seeing that sunset cruise, it’s yellow and orange in color!


Embracing and Appreciating…


Once you are on board, grab your favorite spot. If it’s taken, no worries, someone will shift to somewhere. You have 3 hours anyway and you have the liberty to move around freely, taking pictures or videos. Upload it on your preferred social media channels, make someone at home; well, a little bit jealous!


Well, if you are not that super ready for the sun, then opt for the covered top deck but please do still play with your gadgets, uploading all that great images and videos in your Instagram! Or Facebook, if you want. Or Twitter. Main objective, to tell the whole world that you are on board the awesome Sunset Cruise! And oh don’t forget that Tag #tropicalcharterslangkawi and your documentation will be forever embedded for people to see! Unless you delete it.


Or head to the bar, on the upper deck or cabin below to check out what’s in store for you for the next 3 hours! Alcohol or non alcohol beverages, they have it for you. It’s an open bar, free flow (flashing ticket is absolutely unnecessary), have as much as you wish but do save some space for dinner later. If you are one shy human being, make some gimmicks, take photos or whatever that is and the staff manning the bar will smile and say “Please, have whatever you want.”


It’s time to relax and start bonding, exchange stories and information of your Langkawi trip with friends or strangers. Enjoy the breeze, do whatever you want or sit wherever you wish so; embrace the airy environment; appreciate the beauty of Andaman Sea. Prepare for something super exciting; named as the Salt Water Jacuzzi! Strip down to your best swim attire, if you wish to be in the water. Yes, you may bring your canned drinks or whatever it is while enjoying that Jacuzzi!


While you are trying your very best to figure out the way you want to ‘dip’ in the sea, don’t forget the beautiful surrounding areas; take photos of that clear blue sea, islands included. Ask any crew on board in regard to the names of the islands, they are very informative and friendly. When you think you have done all the things you are supposed to do, there are 2 best options;


Stay silent for 5 minutes, embracing the breeze and beauty…..


Take a nap for 5 minutes or so, perhaps get tanned..


Salt Water Jacuzzi!


At the back of the Catamaran, and while it’s moving, you get to see the large net as well as a spare small boat, cruising in synchronized pattern. The net is not that any closer to a fishing net, if you do think so. It’s for that Salt Water Jacuzzi! People go into the sea and then floating on the net, enjoying the warm evening waters; while the catamaran actually moves. Wonder how things work for the Salt Water Jacuzzi? Here it is.


Feli and her assistant will be down there, waiting for the curious and curios. Their job is to ensure your safety, so there is no issue of being in danger or whatsoever. No, no sharks here otherwise I won’t live that long to actually write this story. Percentage of surviving? 200%.


One will need to adhere to the most important rule, wear that life jacket! If you have the same swimming capability as Spitz, Phelps or Thorpe, you still need to wear one. Feli will be paying full attention towards how you wear that jacket or else, a no-go into the water. She won’t tolerate even if you are wearing your gold medal you received in a swimming championship.

With her British and already Malaysian accent, Feli will give command “Put your left leg on the net and then put the right after that”. If you somehow slip or miss the net, fret not, she will ‘catch’ you! You won’t sink anyway, it’s impossible, as you have your life jacket on.


…and all you need to do after that is relax, have someone on board to take your awesome photos or videos.


If you feel like doing some stunt action, you are more than welcome to do that, under the very watchful eyes of Feli!


Do any style you want to as long as you’re holding the net! Get your canned drinks and sip it, while enjoy dipping in the sea water! That’s not all…

Credit: Tropical Charters Langkawi

Go to the front of the Catamaran and upon approval from the crew, jump into the sea, freestyle, as you wish..don’t disappear though; you won’t anyway as you have the life jacket on, remember?


Depending on how you jump, you’d probably be totally inside the water for 2-3 seconds..

IMG_2421 will be floating again..the Catamaran is moving..and you don’t want to be left behind or else it will a long swim back to the resort! No worries, Feli and her assistant are fully ready at the back to ‘catch’ you!


It’s time to do your Phelps thing..or Spitz if you insist..


..or float..and later ‘Feli‘ will ‘catch‘ you, putting you on the net again…repeat the whole thing? Why not? You are given the liberty..that I can guarantee..




Later, an array of barbecue dinner spread will be prepared by the amazing crew – fish, shrimps, chicken, beef, salads and many more; with the Satay being the most popular one, followed by Grilled Prawns and Chicken. There will be refills, again and again so no worries if you happen to be among the late diners. Yes, the crew do understand that you might be in the sea for quite some time.


The grilled items are cooked on board…right after the cruise starts..


Join in the queue and have your plate ready as the foods are absolutely yummm! Drinks? The bar is open for 3 hours, free flow for everyone.


While being in the queue for dinner, you will get to meet the Captain, Yogi! Say hi and have a conversation if you want to. He doesn’t bite…


Help yourself with the many dishes available..have each if you wish. It’s included in your ticket.


Post your food’s pic on your Instagram, make your friends jealous of your awesome Sunset Cruise.




Sunset is the main thing in the many cruise activities. People are here to view that beautiful sunset. As the sun bathed the ocean’s meek waves and the wispy clouds in a burning red, the fleeting colors of dusk began to fade away. Sunsets need no lengthy description, it’s best shown in images.






The Moon and Music: The Concoction

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So what’s with Moon and Music? As night time begins, as the moon starts showing itself, cool and funky music are being played and people starts dancing!


“The Journey Home


We initially thought that 3 hours was just too long for both of us. We were wrong. We wish we had more time on board the Sunset Cruise! When we saw Resorts World Langkawi, we knew that our fun time is going to end soon. It was an amazing experience being on board this particular Sunset Cruise. We have no doubt that we will be on board again the next time we are in Langkawi as we have realized how great the experience was. In 3 hours time, we felt that true tranquility at the sea!

Reading reviews is not that really exciting in comparison to being on board the Sunset Cruise yourself. You need to experience it yourself. If you are heading to Langkawi, Malaysia for your next vacay, contact:

Tropical Charters Sdn Bhd
5, Sunmall Complex, Jalan Telok Baru, Pantai Tengah
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Hotline: +6012-316 5466 | Off: +604-955 3407 | Fax: +604-955 4407
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Resorts World Langkawi sponsored this trip for selected media representatives. However, opinions expressed are solely our own ( and do not express the views or opinions of other parties. 


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